Here I go again chasing after some helpless- oh who am I kidding! Dean and Sam are beginning to get on my last nerve! I mean how is Monte Rio still Los Angeles? That's like in the middle of fucking nowhere and they need my help but how am I supposed to help them with this? This is an eight-hour drive!

If I were honest- which I won't- I'd say I was more than a little scared of what I was getting into. Last time it hadn't been so hot-. Jesus, that's a bad choice of words right there. As if being on fire were a normal everyday thing and maybe it was for that Fantastic4 guy! He might want to spend the rest of his life on fire but I certainly didn't.

Gods above, Como quisiera ahorcarlos!!

I don't have a clue as to what they're hunting and this wisp thing; I didn't even know where to begin researching that! I barely knew what it was.


They barely made it out of their scrape and from what Dean said it didn't sound like they were having fun. I had fun, though. Yeah, hearing Dean ask for my help? That was priceless then again he was in pain. I hoped I'd be able to help him with that.

I had no idea what or how he'd been hurt but one thing I knew for sure, this wasn't going to be a short weekend. I made sure to pack for this including the food; somehow I doubted they'd had enough of home cooking. I had a few surprises for them as well, little things I'd had enough time to put together considering what Sam was able to tell me before Dean got his hands on the phone.

Still, why couldn't they just stay out of trouble? I mean it's not that difficult.


Hi there, this is my 2nd attempt at a Supernatural adventure using the same characters as before so if you get confused about some of the things they're doing or can do you should read the first one. 'Tag Along' Of course we all know I don't own any of the Supernatural characters but it wouldn't be so bad if I could have Jensen Ackles all to myself… oh, well there's always day dreams. So here's a list of all the spanish I will be using in the fic. Figured I'd be nice and translate… enjoy and leave a review. You know you wanna!

Como quisiera ahorcarlos! – How I'd love to strangle them!