Background: This has been sitting around for awhile (like many other not posted/ready-to-be-posted fics in my SGA file). It was just an idea I had, although I am not all that familiar with the last few seasons of SG-1…I found myself wondering what if Jack and Sam had a big wedding, and Elizabeth and John, among others, were invited? What if there was a huge party afterward? What would the aftermath be?

The Stories: Since I've also begun to focus on Vala and Cam in this context (and I couldn't decide which category a combination of both SGA and SG1 would belong) I've decided to present this exploration (aka me playing with characters) as two companion pieces. Both will be in the exact same uni and are under the same title, one centering on John and Elizabeth (and hence posted in SGA) the other Vala/Cam (within SG1 category). Reading the companion will not be necessary to enjoy either of the stories, but is highly recommended :-)

Uni Info: I don't plan either fics to make specific references to episodes, but sometimes it occurs when you're writing no matter your intention. As mentioned earlier, I am not awfully familiar with the last few seasons of SG1 (although quite intimate with seasons 1-7). Also, I have only seen up through season two of Atlantis (although love it). Just so you know where I'm coming from.

Sorry for taking so much time to explain myself, please read on, enjoy!


The Morning After Is Never Easy

Jack O'Neill studied the figures sleeping soundly on the couch. The man and woman were lying on their sides, facing one another. Her green dress, the same one she had adorned the previous day had shifted, scrunched up around her middle enough to raise the side-slit to her waist. It fell open, revealing the creamy skin of her hip and leg. He followed the attractive exposed flesh up from her ankle along her leg that wrapped around the man's to where the material again covered her body. The man's arm was gently resting just above her naked hip, in the curve of her waist, his hand flexed and pressed against the small of her back. He couldn't make out where the man's other hand lay, besides that it disappeared under her placid body. Her bare arms were folded in between the pair, the fingers of one hand falling delicately against her companion's stubble-covered jaw. Their heads lay on the same pillow, foreheads pressed tenderly together, noses almost brushing against one another, breathing each other's breathe. And he couldn't help but note the looks of pure contentment upon their faces, the corners of their mouths turned up in partial smiles. These were people at peace.

"Rise and Shine!" He shouted, only slightly regretting the disruption of the tranquil moment, for he was certain the pair rarely, if ever, felt that much serenity. He banged the metal spoon against the bottom of the pot. Both items had been precisely chosen for their volume-creating capabilities. "Breakfast's on!"

Jack enjoyed the scene that unfolded before him immensely. He didn't stifle the laugh as he watched Colonel Sheppard start awake, lose his balance on the outer edge of the small sofa, and crash to the floor with a groan.

Turning his attention to the other side of the room, Jack spotted General Landry, who opened his eyes wide, and looking as refreshed as ever, whipped off the blanket that had been covering him and practically jumped out of the chair he had been sleeping in. Jack made a note of the fact that his clothes didn't even appear to have a wrinkle marring them, despite the festivities of the day before.

"Great! What's for breakfast?" Landry asked, probably the only one who could or would be chipper after a night like the previous.

"Cart-Sam's making eggs," Jack supplied, catching and correcting the no longer appropriate habit. Now that she was his wife, he shouldn't be calling her by her last name anymore. At least she insisted that it wasn't quite right, although she had continually let the odd 'sir' slip throughout their personal relationship. "And there's coffee."

"Excellent!" he said exuberantly, clasping his hands together before pausing and giving Jack a questioning look. Jack held out an open arm and hand to his left, indicating the direction the other general should take and inviting him to do so first.

Jack turned to follow but paused as he noticed Dr. Elizabeth Weir yawn and stretch, perched on the edge of the couch. She rose to her feet and pulled at her dress until it was straight and adequately covering her creamy skin again, although severely rumpled. She glanced down and seemingly unphased, stepped over the body of John Sheppard still lying pathetically on his back upon the floor, while simultaneously asking "Did I hear that there's coffee?"

"Yes. This way," Jack answered inviting her to go in ahead of him.

A/N: What will happen next? Will Sam be able to provide enough coffee for the hungover guests or will there be an uprising? Will John be able to pull himself together and off from the cold, hard floor?

A/N2: Apologies for brevity of first part. Will try harder…