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Puppet from the dead: I spent the night at my friends house last night and it was totally awesome! We were prank phone calling people. It was really funny.

Yoh: So what's this one-shot about?

Hao: The pocky game. I have already read it.

Yoh: …Pocky?

Hao: Just read it otouto. -Hands brother story-

Yoh: -starts reading-

"Onii-chan, what's the pocky game?" Yoh asked his twin brother.

"It's a game played with pocky." Hao responded flipping through the channels on TV.

"I know that, but can you teach me how to play it? Please?" Yoh asked his brother again, getting in front of the TV with big watery eyes. Hao gulped. Now who can resist that? Besides, what was there to lose? It would be fun and entertaining. Hao then smirked.

"Alright then otouto, come here." Hao commanded.

Yoh walked to his brother and handed him the chocolate flavored pocky box. Hao took a piece out.

"You put one end of the pocky in your mouth and I put the other end in my mouth. If you pull away before you…uh…do the surprise of it, you lose." Hao blushed some, for he knew what was coming. Yoh just nodded.

Hao held the pocky out towards Yoh, Yoh took the one of the ends into his mouth and blinked a couple of times. Hao looked at the clueless boy in front of him and smiled, turning off the TV. Hao took his end into his mouth and bite down. Yoh seemed to get most of it now and started eating the pocky stick too. When they were down to a couple more bites Yoh blushed. 'I get it. The point is to eat it till you kiss the other person…and the other person is Hao!' Yoh mentally panicked but he took another bite. Hao took the last bite and their lips met. Hao started massaging his lips onto his twins. Yoh's eyes fluttered closed forgetting how wrong it was.

Hao licked his brothers lips, begging for an entrance. Yoh slowly opened his mouth for Hao's tongue to plunge in. Hao searched every curve in his brothers mouth, he moaned softly. Yoh could taste the sweet chocolate on his twins tongue and grabbed his shoulders. He straddled his brothers lap then they both moaned loudly as each others hard-on touched through the material of their pants. They broke apart for air.

"The make-out part we kinda added…but that's the pocky game." Hao panted.

"Yeah, but I liked that part the best." Yoh laughed and panted out. Hao smiled at his brother.

"Any other games that involve pocky?" Yoh asked, still on his brothers lap.

"Not that I know of. But we can go in my room and make up our own." Hao smirked.

"Sounds great to me onii-chan! But can we use the strawberry pocky too?" Asked Yoh. Hao nodded.

They ran into the kitchen and grabbed the strawberry pocky then raced to Hao's room. Moans and screams filled the room that night.

Puppet from the dead: Not a very good way to end it but I have school tomorrow and need to get to bed.

Yoh: I liked this story…and the pocky game.

Hao: I liked teaching you the pocky game.

Yoh: let's go play again!

Asakura twins: -Race into the kitchen-