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Theme #1
The Meeting

Rangiku doesn't remember much from her life. She doesn't remember being surrounded by loving, caring people. She doesn't remember having very many friends. She doesn't remember having a warm home to return to after a hard day's work.

She does remember her father, though. Even if it's just vaguely. She remembers running into a pair of welcoming arms when she returned to the shack she called shelter. She remembers the warmth spreading down to her toes while being wrapped in those arms, even after being out in the snow for hours. She remembers his smile.

She also remembers how he died so suddenly, and she remembers never feeling warmth again.

Death was different from what she expected. She expected to see the light. To be enveloped in warmth and eternal happiness. To be in her father's arms. She received something entirely different.

She was thrown into a world that was almost as bad as the last. There was no one to accompany her, no one to save her from the starvation that she almost died from. There was no one to love, or to be loved by. There were no open arms.

Rangiku remembers almost dying from hunger. She remembers passing out on the desert ground. She doesn't remember much after that.

But she does remember a young boy offering her food.

She remembers how his dark yukata contrasted with his gray hair.

She remembers his smile and his pale skin.

And she remembers what it was like to no longer be alone.

Word Count: 405

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