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Not written in the same personal monologue style of the original Outsiders. There are more personal narrations. Story starts from when that Soc who was drowning Ponyboy dropped him, but for a different reason.

(What would happen if Johnny wasn't fast enough with that blade?)


I suddenly felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. I flew backward and into the fountain, hitting my head hard. I tried getting up, to face the Socs, but I was forced back onto the ground by a sharp strike to my stomach. I felt myself being lifted off the ground. I tried opening my eyes but they were blurred, I couldn't see or fight back. I took hit after hit, repeatedly to my stomach and face, then something hard connected with the back of my head and I passed out cold.

When I came to I was in a dark room. I could hear water dripping somewhere. I saw a small window at the top of the room. Where was I? Who was I? I wondered about this then saw someone, a few feet away from me. He had long hair that was sweeping across his face. He was lying doubled up and unconscious. I got up and went over to him. I wasn't sure where we were, or who we were, but shook him awake just the same. Maybe he knew. He was really messed up. There were cuts and bruises on his face. He opened his eyes and looked at me. He looked around and sat up.

"Ponyboy, where are we?"

Ponyboy? Was that my name? Oh well, take it or leave it. I shook my head.

"No idea."

Just then the door opened. There were three guys standing there. I don't know why, but there was something I didn't like about these guys. They were dressed in red madras and their hair was combed back real nicely with no hair grease. But their eyes were cold, hard, and mean. One with black hair came in and that kid with me moved back. I followed him. He seemed to know what he was doing. His eyes were fearful, which meant that I should have been terrified. At least this kid knew who he was . . . The black haired guy told one of the guys next to him to take that kid. He tried to get away but they got him. He was keeping as straight a face as possible, though his eyes looked panicked.

I was sitting there against the wall for a while. I was racking my brain trying to remember anything and wondering what was happening to that other kid. I could hear screaming from through the walls. Finally, the door swung open again. That kid was thrown into the room. He was covered in blood and there were all sorts of new bruises on his body. One of the guys came forward for me. I backed away. They caught me and carried me out of there. They brought me to a larger room and they . . . they . . .

Darry narration

Ponyboy's been missing for five days. This is all my fault. Why did I have to get so angry? Why did I hit him? I asked the guys and they said they hadn't seen Johnny either. I'd bet anything they're together. I just wish they would come back , . . I'm awful sorry. I've just been sort of sulking through the days. I can't have lost Ponyboy. Not him and mom and dad. I can't have lost them all. I think about it and I cry in spite of myself.

Although this hasn't been any easier on Sodapop. He asked Sandy to marry him this week too. She moved to Florida right after. But only because she's pregnant with a kid that might not be his. He's cried every night since. Both Sandy and Ponyboy in the same week. I've tried to get him to stay hopeful.

"We'll find him." I'd say. Though after the eighth day I stopped fully believing it myself . . .

Shepard came by one night, after Ponyboy had been missing for ten days and said he might have a lead.

"The Socs that, so kindly, jumped me told me to give you a message." He said in that deep voice; deep for an eighteen year old anyway. "They said they took the two kid greasers you're looking for and that a rumble was being called. No particular reason. I guess they're just bored. Anyway, they gave me an address to meet them at. My guess is they've got Pony and Johnny somewhere there. We could check, if that helps. We don't have to meet them for a few days though."

I nodded. "Thanks, Tim." He left. I was in the kitchen, having a cigarette and some beer. Soda was upstairs, bawling his eyes out. I would tell him what Tim said later.

Sodapop narrative

Darry said he's got a lead on where Ponyboy is. I sure am tired, but I just can't sleep. Not until we find Ponyboy. Darry kept pushing me to bed. No matter how hard I fought him I would still end up getting a few hours worth. All this crying's making me tired too. I can't help it though. Just so much lost already; Mom, Dad, Sandy . . . I don't want to have to add Ponyboy to that list. Me and Darry told the boys what Tim had said and they said they were all coming to find them. The Shepard gang was coming too, just in case those Socs were planning on jumping the greasers who came for Pony and Johnny.

They had been gone for twelve days now. The address Tim got from them was an old abandoned warehouse. We looked around cautiously before entering. There were five Socs waiting for us when we got inside. You could tell from the way they were standing that they weren't there to discuss a war council. A few of them came at us. It seemed to me like one of those movies with no plot and a lot of fighting, though there wasn't much fighting, we had them down quick. Anyway, while the Shepard gang went ahead beating those Socs to a bloody pulp our outfit continued through the place.

We stopped at every door. Finally we reached a small boiler room. We went inside and didn't see anything for a second. We were about to move on then Darry noticed something on the ground. It was Johnny. He was on the floor, his face covered in blood, out cold. I told Darry to pick him up. I thought I saw something move in the corner. I looked again and saw Ponyboy sitting there, obviously scared. I moved forward to him. He was shivering and sweating. His eyes were wide with panic and he started whimpering when he saw me. He tried to crawl away from me but he went right into a corner. When he realized there was no where to go he started crying. What had they done to him? He was dirty and his clothes were ripped. His face and body were covered with bruises and cuts. He had lost a lot of weight. It looked like they hadn't fed him at all. His face was cut and bruised so badly that I could barely tell it was him. He cried even more when I picked him up. Me and Darry went outside the room. The guys were relieved to see that we'd found them but kept quiet, noticing their conditions; Ponyboy, bawling his eyes out and Johnny unconscious in Darry's arms. Dally looked especially upset by that.

While we went back through the hallways Steve stopped us at a door he thought was the exit. He opened the door, looked inside, and his face turned white. He closed the door quickly.

"What was in there?" I asked, surprised by his behavior.

"You don't want to know," he said, shaking his head.

"I think I do," I said in the toughest voice I could manage right then.

Steve opened the door. I suddenly couldn't breathe. I felt like I was about to throw up. Darry, seeing the look on my face, looked into the room. There was blood all over. There were all kinds of weapons; blades and chains and pool-sticks. Steve closed the door.

"Still think you wanted to see?" He asked, in an sad voice.

We moved on and finally got out of that place. Ponyboy had stopped crying and was looking at me as if we'd never met before.

"Mom . . . ?" He asked in a weak voice. The poor kid was really messed up. I figured I should answer him. He probably didn't know what was coming off.

"Be quiet, baby, we're going home." I said in a light, gentle voice, close to the one mom used with him.

He nodded feebly and closed his eyes. "Okay . . ." and he fell asleep.


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