This is a co-written fic between me and Willgurl4. She wrote the even numbered chaps and I wrote the odd and we betaed in vice-versa. Just FYI. So, here's the first chap.

"Daddy!" Parker wailed, his hands shaking as he clasped them over his ears. It was too loud. Deafening

"Parker! Just stay down!" Booth yelled over the noise. He crouched low near the window wanting desperately to protect his son, but unable to move across the room without risking being hit.

Gunfire ripped through the air, shattering the windows and Booth ducked to cover his head from the shards of flying glass.

The bombardment had started what seemed like hours ago, when Booth got up to turn off the movie Parker was watching before bed. And now here he was, who knows how long later, bullets whizzing by his ears as he fought to protect his home from an unknown threat.

The pillow beside Parker burst, fluff and feathers flying every which direction away from the bullet that had pierced it. The sound of his shrill cry made Booth's neck hair stand on end.

Frightened, Parker started to get up, wanting nothing more than to be safe in his father's arms.

"No Parker stay down!" Booth motioned to Parker to stay down, before he quickly leaned up and fired a few rounds out into the darkness.

"But Daddy!" His voice wavered and he stood, entirely visible and out in the open, frozen with confusion.

Booth was about to yell to him again when his son was suddenly pulled back to the floor and relief washed over him when as Brennan, whom Booth had thought was unconscious, pulled Parker to safety near the opposite wall.

His relief turned to bone chilling fear though, when he saw the blood rapidly staining her shirt and skin.

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