The Leader of the Colonies

The Leader of the Colonies Part-1

The Gundam Pilots were all twenty-four years old. Heero and Relena were about to be married.. Heero and Relena were going to be the leaders of the Sanc Kingdom. Relena was surprised to be queen again, but with Heero by her side, she had no fear. However, Heero was a bit nervous. He was only used to being a gundam pilot.

The brave five Gundam Pilots were enjoying a walk down town. "Listen Heero, if you really don't want to become king, I'll gladly take your place!" Duo chuckled, putting his arm around Heero's neck in a friendly manner.

"Thanks, Duo, I'll keep that in mind."

They stopped by a store, where a bunch of Televisions were sold, one of then aired the news, "the colonies won't stop. Those who came to build new lives in the colonies can't get them because others are in their way, trying to form a war. Is there anyone out there that could stop them so there will be peace in outer space?" the reporter pleaded, "someone to make a difference, someone to…"

Unable to hear another world, Quatre turned the T.V off, but he felt like slamming his fist into it. "I'm sick of hearing about the colonies," he moaned.

"Me too," Trowa agreed.

"I don't even like outer space!" Duo muttered, "the moon looks like it's about to swallow everything whole!"

"But a leader for the colonies is really important," Heero said. "And I think that the leader should be one of us."

"Are you serious?" Wufei demanded warily.

"I'm a gundam pilot and I'll be leader of the world," Heero explained, "which is a good reason that a gundam pilot should lead the colonies."

"But who?" Trowa asked, looking at each of his comrades.

They were silent for awhile and then Quatre's cell phone began to ring, "Oh, the Magunacs probably want more vodka," he joked as he pulled it out, "Yes? What is it Rashid?"

"Master Quatre," Rashid announced, "I'm sorry to bother you but there is someone here for you. The man is anxious to speak with you."

"Thanks Rashid, I'm on my way," Quatre said. He turned his cell phone off, "come on, guys."

When Quatre and the others reached the Magunac mansion, Rashid led him into an office and the others waited outside in the lobby. Quatre stood in the middle of the room as Rashid stood next to the door inside the room. A man turned around in the desk chair and smiled at Quatre.

"Who are you?" Quatre demanded, with the feeling he saw him before, somewhere.

"It's very nice to finally meet you, Quatre Rabera Winner," the man stood up and reached for his hand, "I'm Victor Manglo. I was a former White Fang member."

"White Fang?" Quatre gasped.

"Former White Fang member, mind you," Victor said politely. "I come with good news."

"What would that be?" Quatre asked, shaking his hand.

"I'm marrying your sister," he said.


"Hi Quatre," Iria said. She came out of the connecting room and smiled pleasantly. "It's so good to see you again!"

"I thought you were on the colonies?!" Quatre shouted, hugging his older sister.

"We came her to give you the news," she explained, "won't you walk me down the aisle since that Father isn't with us anymore?"

"Of course I will," he laughed. "You came all the way from outer space just to ask me that?"

"No, Quatre," Victor said, "there's another reason why I came here, Quatre, I want you to be the leader for the colonies."


"Yes, Quatre," Iria said with a smile, "you're who the colonies have been asking for."

"But, Iria, I can't do it, I just can't!" Quatre protested, "I don't have what it takes!" (Now where have we heard that one before?)

"You do too," Victor said, "you're perfect for the position. The colonies want you. You're smart, you were a gundam pilot and your father was a very important man in outer space."

"Quatre, Father would be very proud of you," Iria said eagerly. "Please say yes. The colonies need you. Who else could fit the position as perfect as you?"

"But Uriah, I don't like outer space. You know that!" he said, "remember when Father died? I tried to destroy all the colonies! I almost killed Trowa, another gundam pilot!"

"That was a long time ago, Quatre," she cooed, "and you didn't mean it. It was an accident."

Quatre was silent for awhile. He gave it some thought. Maybe I should go for it, Iria's right, Father would be proud. "When do I need to leave?" he asked.

"As soon as possible," Victor replied.

"I might need to talk it over with my friends" Quatre sighed, "and Heero's getting married tomorrow. Can't I at least stay until he and Relena are married?"

"Why, of course!" Iria said. "You can leave the day after they are married. Maybe you should talk it over with your friends."

"Well, we should be going now," Victor said, "let us know before the day is over."

"Here's the hotel that we are staying at, Quatre," Uriah said, writing down the number on a piece of paper, "we'll be waiting."

"I will, thank you for coming by," Quatre said with a smile, he sat behind the desk and motioned to Rashid to open the door for them. The other gundam pilots were listening in on the conversation and they all yelled as they fell into the room as Rashid opened the door.

"Oh, uh, hi!" Duo muttered nervously, "hey Rashid, how's it going?" He laughed stupidly and got up, "we all tripped over that rug over there."

Trowa stood up and brushed himself up, feeling like he was about to laugh. Heero and Wufei shook their heads as they came to their feet, wishing they could just die right now.

Uriah and Victor brushed by them, trying to keep from laughing. "Goodbye, Quatre," Uriah said.

"Master Quatre wants to talk to you," Rashid told the others.

"Who were those two people?" Heero demanded.

"My sister Uriah and her fiancé, Victor Manglo," he replied, "Victor was a former White Fang member."

"What was he doing here?" Duo groaned, "he didn't take any of your money, did he?"

"No, Duo," Quatre shook his head, "he only asked me to become the leader of the colonies. I wanted to talk to you guys before I went ahead with it." Quatre stood up and held palm up, "what do you think I should do?"

The others were unable to answer, but the all muttered nonsense to each other. Quatre couldn't make out most of the words.

"Well, guys, what should I do?" Quatre asked again.

Heero cleared his throat, "if any of us five can do it, that person is you. I should stay here."

"Yes, Quatre, you're the best person for the job," Duo agreed, "nobody else here can do it but you."

"I didn't like outer space that much either," Trowa sighed.

"You're stronger than you think Quatre," Wufei persisted, "as a gundam pilot, you have to try to bring peace and justice to the colonies."

"You really think I should go for it?" Quatre asked, surprised at what they said.

They nodded, "why not?" Duo said, "think of it Quatre, you'll be more than just a gundam pilot, you'll be like, 'king' of outer space!"

"King, huh?" Quatre murmured, rubbing his chin, "well, you talked me into it. I might as well just try my best."

"So, when will you go into outer space?" Wufei asked.

"The day after tomorrow."

"I'll go with you," Wufei said, "there's something I want to do on my home colony."

"Sure," Quatre nodded.

"Hey, I think we better have a little party guys!" Duo shouted, "What do you think? Heero's getting married tomorrow, Quatre's becoming king of space, let's go celebrate, what'd ya say?"

"I'm in for it!" Quatre said, "Let me just inform Victor and Uriah and we can go on our way."


Soon after Relena and Heero's wedding, Quatre went to the music room to start playing his piano. He knew he'd have a piano on the colonies, he could have all the pianos and violins he wanted, but he wanted to play just one more time before going out to outer space again. It helped release the stress he had and it always made him think he could do anything.

Waving a fencing sword, Dorothy came barging in. She didn't look happy at all, "Quatre is it true? You're going to outer space?"

"Yes, Dorothy, I am," he kept his eyes on the keys. He didn't want to look at her.

"I can't believe it, you're actually going through with it?!" she demanded. "But why? You don't even like outer space!"

"I have to, Dorothy," Quatre explained, "the colonies need a leader and I am the best person to go. I already talked about this with the others and I am leaving tomorrow."

"You didn't talk to me about it!" she murmured roughly, her hand on her chest.

Quatre couldn't believe what Dorothy was saying to him. It almost made him laugh, "Dorothy, what does it matter if I talk to you or not? It's my decision, isn't it?"

"How are you supposed to bring peace in the colonies anyway?" she demanded. "Are you going to declare war?"

"No, not unless it is necessary," he explained. "You haven't changed much, Dorothy Catalonia. Do you still think war is beatiful and amazing as you used to?"

"Of course I do, Quatre!" she shouted, "I've always thought war as beautiful and I can't even believe you're going through with this! I should have just finished you on Libra when I had the chance. I cried that day, that was a mistake."

"You've been carrying all this baggage for years," he said, stopping to play and turn around. "I don't think it was a mistake. You probably needed to cry."

Dorothy didn't know how to speak to him after that. She just stood there, silent and looking at her sword. What if Quatre's right? She thought. Her thoughts were broken when Quatre resumed playing, but this time the rhythm was different. It sounded sad, like he was making the piano cry.

"If you let yourself cry, you'll feel a lot better," he insinsted, "like when it rains in the desert. It can't be hot and sunny always. It has to rain at least sometime."

"You've been in the desert too long, Quatre Rabera Winner," Dorothy muttered, holding back her tears. The song was making her cry, but she really didn't want to. She sniffed and stood back. "I can't let you go, Quatre. What go anyway? There's no point! You should just stay here. Peace in the colonies can't be gained, can't even be gained here on Earth. It's pointless, Quatre, utterly pointless!"

"That's not true!" Quatre disagreed with a shout. "You cant' believe that, Dorothy!" he banged the keys stood up and put his hands on her shoulders. He shook her back and forth, "listen to me. War isn't all that beautiful, I really don't like it. Sure, I like victory, but it isn't as glamorous as you think it is. It's terrible, it's bloodstained hands, torment, separated families, lost families. It's death and hate and pain! War is very, very bad! Unless you've seen war in the eyes of a gundam pilot, you don't know what war really is like!"

"I've heard enough!" Dorothy screamed, pulling out of his grasp, "Quatre Rabera Winner, I hate you!!!" she grunted and raised her arm and cut Quatre across the arm. Part of her wanted to finish them then and there, but she knew that Quatre was also a skilled swordsmen. She thought maybe she should only let him bleed a little. She really didn't want to kill him, but she couldn't stand to hear him talk about war like that.

Quatre gasped, grabbed his arm and leaned against the piano, "Dorothy, why?"

"You'll live," she muttered cruelly, "if you really want to go, Quatre. Go ahead, but this was just a warning. Maybe in outers pace you won't get so lucky." She threw her sword on the ground and ran off.

"Dorothy, wait!" Quatre called, but she had already gone. "Goodbye, Dorothy Catalonia."


Quatre and Wufei were about to leave Earth. They said goodbye to their friends in a large park. Quatre wasn't suprirsed that Dorothy didn't come to say goodbye, but Wufei wondered where Sally was. But what did it matter, he was only going to his colony and back to Earth, but still, where was Sally?

"Well, Quatre, good luck," Relena said, taking his hand.

"Thank you, Relena," Quatre said, giving her hand a light squeeze.

"I'm sorry that Dorothy was unable to come," Relena said, but she was also a bit angered that Dorothy didn't come to see him leave. What was wrong with her?

"You don't need to apologize for her, your majesty," Quatre felt odd saying majesty, "I understand why she didn't come."

"If I can lead Earth, you can lead outer space," Heero said, in an effort to give Quatre some thought.

"You can do it, Quatre," Duo said, elbowing him, "but be careful, don't get killed or anything."

"Duo!" Hilde gasped, pushing him slightly, then she turned her gaze to Quatre, "he's just kidding, Quatre."

"I know he is," Quatre said with a smile.

"Take care," Hilde quickly gave him a hug and Duo shook his hand.

"Kick some ass, man!" Duo said encouragingly.

"Uh, yeah, you bet!" Quatre mumbled.

"You can do it, Quatre," Trowa told him. "Just remember, a gundam pilot doesn't give up."

"I'll remember," Quatre said, shaking hands. "Thanks, Trowa."

"Let's get going," Wufei urged.

"See you when you return, Wufei," Duo said.

Quatre and Wufei entered their gundams and left, just as Dorothy came driving up to the scene, "oh damn, I'm too late!" she muttered, but go out of the car and ran up. "Quatre, wait!"

"You're a bit too late," Duo said, stating the obvious.

"I never got to say goodbye," she whispered, looking at her feet.

"Dorothy, why weren't you here when he was leaving?" Relena asked.

"I'm not sure," she muttered.

Relena looked at Heero for a moment, then took his arm, "come on, let's go."

Duo and Hilde walked by Dorothy like she was homeless. Dorothy sank to her knees and cried out when Trowa came up behind her and touched her shoulder. "Are you all right?"

"Trowa, I thought you left with the others," she mumbled.

"Here, let me help you to your car, Quatre's gone," he bent down to wrap her arm around his shoulder and led her to her car, but she stopped before they reached it.

"I've been a real jerk to Quatre," Dorothy admitted, "I wish there was something I could do."

"There is," Trowa said. "Just go follow him into outer space."

"N-no, I-I can't!" she stammered, "to outer space?"

"If you want to see Quatre bad enough, you have to go to outer space to see him," he explained. "I'll even lend you Heavyarms if you want."


"I'm kidding, Dorothy," he said with a smile, "I already lent Heavyarms to Heero and one time is enough."

"Oh," she mumbled. "I can take my car, right?"

"If you can find a shuttle big enough to carry it, sure," he said with a nod.

"Oh, but I can't," she protested, "it took a lot for me just to come here, I don't think I can even face Quatre after the way I acted."

"Listen to me for a moment," he persisted, "if you really want to see Quatre again, just remember how kind he was to you. You remember, don't you?"

She was silent.

Trowa took her by the shoulders and shook her gently, "well, do you?"


"Just remember the kindness he showed you," he suggested, "and then come to me if you if you can't tell him how you feel." He left her next to the car, remembering the kindness Quatre showed him when they first met.


Quatre and Wufei were in the middle of outer space, going to their destination. "Wufei, do you think I'm doing the right thing?" Quatre asked, his hands loose around the joysticks.

"You're not backing out now are you?" Wufei said, answering his question with another question, "don't be weak."

"Yeah, you're right, Wufei," Quatre murmured, "I guess I'm just nervous. Quatre kept his eyes forward so he didn't have to see the Earth behind him.

When the time came where they had to go separate paths, they each said a quick goodbye and they went to their own different destinations. Quatre went to L1 and Wufei went to L5.