The Leader of the Colonies-Part 2

The Leader of the Colonies-Part 2

Wufei stood on a hill, holding a bouquet of roses, carnations, lilies, iris and other flowers. Bending down, he laid them on her grave site, "Happy Birthday, Merian," he said solemnly, "Did you think I would forget?" he never felt so close to her until now, and now, she is gone. "I'm sorry for all the times I said you were weak. I'm sorry for the way I treated you, Merian, I'm sorry," Wufei felt his heart beat faster and faster. His breathing wavered as he tried to find the words. He swallowed and began to talk again, "You were the strong one. I was weak, and because of you, I became strong," a tear came down his eye but he didn't wipe it, "I pilot Nataku," he murmured, "but you piloted me." He leaned closer to her tombstone. As he let the rest of his tears fall, he could of sworn he heard Merian's voice. "Merian?"

But it wasn't Merian he heard, this voice was low and laughing. "Well, what have we here?"

Wufei got up from his knees and turned to see three young men, two of them in street clothes and the other in a suit, not a military uniform, something like what a member of the Mafia would wear. It was a really tasteful suit, a jet black and a red tie. He even had a boutonniere on it, a red rose.

"Who are you?" Wufei demanded, "Oz?"

"No," the man in the suit answered.

"White Fang?"

"No, out of guesses, young man?" the well dressed man asked with a cruel smile.

"Well, whoever you are," Wufei said with a sneered, "You're in my way!"

"Get him!" the man ordered his men.

The stocky men in street clothes laughed as they stepped toward Wufei, cracking their knuckles. Wufei made a laugh of his own and motioned to them to come closer (these guys don't know what they're getting themselves into!). As one of the men threw a punch at Wufei, he dodged it effortlessly, like swatting a fly, while grabbing his wrist to throw him over the shoulder and into the other two creeps. They grunted and stood up. One of them tried to run away, but the well dressed man stopped him.

"You're going to let yourself lose to a man younger than you?" he growled.

"Just because I'm young, doesn't' mean I'm weak!" Wufei shouted leaping to kick him in the face, "Keeya!"

The man winced and doubled over as Wufei kicked him and his two goons. They didn't want to stay and get their faces rearranged, so they left. The well dressed man wiped the blood from his lip. "Come back here, you cowards!"

"You're the coward!" Wufei grunted, his hands slanted in a knife-like position. He raised him to strike him in the neck, but the other man, whoever he was, knocked his hand away painfully and punched Wufei in the face, twice. He pushed Wufei backward. Wufe came to his feet and picked up his sword. "I'm going to get you!" Wufei growled, swinging his sword.

"Think again!" the man pulled out a pistol, "I got you!" as he began to pull the trigger, Wufei heard another gunshot as he threw his sword toward his attacker. His attacker was shot between the shoulder blades and Wufei's sword went through his heart like butter.

"You're hard to find, Wufei Chang."

"Sally Po?"

He looked up to see Sally Po holding a gun. She wasn't in her usual uniform. Instead she wore Chinese women attire, a black Chinese shirt with gold roses on it and a black skirt that came down to her knees. She wore black high heals and her braided pony tails were replaced with a bun. She smiled warmly, "I thought that was your gundam I saw."

Wufei was unable to smile as warmly. He just wiped the blood from is nose an dlip. He spat it on the ground, "thanks," he mumbled. He went to th e slain man's body to pull out his sword that fallen on his stomach, so Wufei had to kick him over to remove his sword, "but I had him."

"You don't have to thank me, Wufei," Sally said, "but you're welcome."

"What are you doing here, Sally?" Wufei asked.

"Looking for you," she replied.

"Well, you found me," he mumbled, wiping the sword on the grass to remove blood.

"Why are you here, Wufei?" she asked the same question, but in a kinder tone. She took a step closer and put the gun in a holster around her ankle.

Wufei nodded toward Merian's grave, "her."

"Her?" she raised an eyebrow then walked to the grave and put her hands on her knees as she bent over. She could smell the flowres Wufei laid against the tombstone. "Merian Chang…You're sister?" she presumed.

"My wife," he corrected gently.

"Wife?" she turned her head and stepped toward him, "I didn't know you were married!"

"It was an arranged marriage. I was young."

"How did she die?" she asked in concern.

"She was killed in the war," he explained. He felt so odd talking to somebody about this, even Sally. "While defending our colony."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"It wasn't your fault. It happened a long time ago. Merian was like that."

"Did you love her?" Sally asked.

"I was young," he said softly and thoughtfully. How was he supposed to know?

"But did you love her?" she persisted gently.

"I honestly don't know," he explained, "we both began to start to like each other when she died."

"I shouldn't have asked you all this," she mumbled, feeling a bit embarrassed..

"Don't worry about it," he turned around so his back was facing her and he didn't want her to see the confused look on his face.

"So, your friend is going lead the colonies?" she asked, quickly changing the subject.

"Quatre, yes." He stayed still.

"Think he can do it?"

"I'm sure he can."

"Good," Sally murmured, coming up behind him. "Are you going back to Earth now?"

"Yes," he looked over his shoulder, "I did what I came here to do and must return to Earth."

"Want to go together?" she asked.

Wufei forced a smile and he gave a slight nod. He picked a rose from the bouquet on Merian's grave and gave it to Sally. "Let's go home." They walked down the hill, his hand clasped in hers.


Quatre stood before a mirror wondering who the person in the mirror was. He wore the kind of attire Zecks and Treize used to wear. He pulled on white cotton gloves and looked at himself, still amazed that he came this far. His vest was navy blue, the cape black. The boots were black leather and he had a rapier (ever seen the movie The Princess Bride?) on his left side. He was impressed with his looks, but not with his emotions. "Why am I doing this?" he asked himself.

"Knock, Knock!" Iria said, opening the door a little, "well, don't you look handsome! You remind me of Father." She wore formal black dress with a gold necklace and white silky gloves.

"Please don't say that, Iria," he said with a shy smile, "I'm a bit…"


He nodded.

"I understand, hey your collar's twisted," she reached her hand toward it, "let me fix it for you. There you are." She turned him back to the mirror. "I'm very proud of you, Quatre."

"Me too," Victor said, "come with me please." He led them outside and they were walking down the street. Strange, there was nobody in sight, no cars, no people walking, nothing. "Forgive me, Iria."

"Victor, what's the matter?" Iria asked. "Forgive you for what?"

"Quatre, I need you to do me a favor," Victor reached behind his back, pulled out a gun and aimed it at Quatre's chest, "declare war agaisnt Earth."

"What?!" Iria and Quatre gasped in unision.

"Victor are you out of your mind?" Iria demanded, "Quatre can't do that!"

"He's going to have to if he wants peace!" Victor argued, "do it!"

"That won't bring peace!" Quatre said, "you asked me here to bring peace and now you're asking me to declare war?"

"It's the only way!"

"I knew you were up to something." Quatre grunted, "you used Iria to get to me, didn't you?"

"Just do it!" Victor shouted.

"No! I won't do it!" Quatre shouted back, pointing his finger to himself. "I will decide when to have a war!"

"I don't want to shoot you Quatre," Victor groaned, "but I will if I have to! Just do it, it's the only way!"


"Then so be it!" he began to pull the trigger, but Iria pushed Quatre out of the way and took the shot herself. She fell to her knees, she was shot in the chest and grabbed where she was shot. "Iria!" Quatre shouted, "no!" He touched her wound and looked at his gloves, "No blood?"

She winced, closed her eyes to breathe and forced herself up. "I'm fine, Quatre. I'm a doctor and I'm always prepared."

"You're not hurt!" he said, astonished.

"I'm wearing a bullet proof vest," she explained, "it's not that safe here, you know." She grimaced, even though the shot didn't kill her, it did give her quite a blow and a bruise.

"Iria, I'm, I-I," Victor stuttered.

"You would have shot her anyway!" Quatre growled. "What's the matter with you?"

Why you cowardly little…." He raised his gun at Quatre's forehead and as he pulled the trigger, Iria covered Quatre again, just as Dorothy came driving up in her pink car (isn't it a limo?), heading toward Victor.

"Oh my God!" Quatre shouted, grabbing Iria and jumping out of the way.

"What the Hell?" Victor mumbled, turning around, "Oh shit!!!"

Dorothy hit Victor, hard. He fell on her hood and she was going about 75 miles an hour. Her hands were tight around the wheel, so tight, that her knuckles were white, her teeth were gritted together, so close together that she could smash them and her foot was so firm on the accelerator, like her foot was glued to the pedal. She took him about 30 and slammed her breaks, throwing Victor into a brick wall of a building. His body smashed in the wall, face first, he slid down the wall and rolled over, dead, showing his ghastly, mutilated face. Many of his bones were broken and he was bloody all over.

Dorothy stayed sitting behind the wheel, catching her breath, wondering what she did and why she did it. She stepped out and gasped when she saw what she had done. She walked up closer to Victor's dead body. "I did this," she whispered. The scene was ugly, revolting and horrifying, but she couldn't take her eyes off if it. She should have taken Quatre's words more carefully. Maybe she should have just distracted Victor a little instead of killing him. Looking at the body, she remember what Quatre said about war. He was right, it is terrible.

She flinched when she felt his hand on her shoulder. He turned her around, "Dorothy, what are you doing here?"

"I-I," she stammered, looking back at Victor's body. Iria was kneeling over him.

"Don't look at it," he turned her back around. "Look at me."

"His face, his face…"

"Listen to me, Dorothy, it's okay," he said calmly, "tell me why you are here. Don't think about it."

She swallowed, "Quatre, I just needed to tell you something."

"Well, what is it?"

"Quatre, I…." She found it impossible to say and thought of something else, "Duo and Hilde are getting married next week."

"That's nice, but you came all the way here just to tell me that?" he asked.

She bit her lip as tears formed her eyes, "Quatre, I owe you an apology. I'm sorry for the way I acted before you left, how I've always acted."

"Don't be, I understand how you feel," he said.

"And I want to thank you for being kind to me, even when I tried to kill you."

"You're welcome," he said with a smile.

"I didn't say goodbye," she mumbled.

"It's okay, Dorothy," he said, wiping the tear from her cheek with his thumb. "You were angry."

"Still doesn't give me any right," she said, breathing heavily.

He took her hand and placed it over his heart, "what done is done."

She nodded and swallowed, "I know." Her lip trembled and her shoulders began to shake. "I'm sorry…" she turned around and covered her mouth while she sank to her knees.

Quatre kneeled behind her, turned her around and wrapped his arms around her, "Hey, just let it out," he murmured, "I'm here for you." He let her cry on his shoulder until she was finished. He stroke his fingers through her long hair while he talked to her. "It's all right."

She sighed and pulled back when she started feeling better. She wiped the tears from her eyes, "I'm sorry you have to see me this way."

"Don't be sorry, you needed a good cry," he murmured kindly, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear. "Listen, I have to give a speech in a bout 5 minutes, will you stay and watch me?"

"Of course, I'll be there." She said with a nod. "I wouldn't miss it."


"About 5 minutes ago, former White Fang member, Victor Manglo asked, no, demanded me to bring peace to these colonies by declaring war against Earth and it almost cost my life." Quatre announced to the 200 people in the auditorium, to everyone on the colonies and everyone on the Earth. "But I resisted. War isn't the way. If we really need to fight, I will be the one to say so." He told them and then he pointed to Iria, who was sitting in the front row, when she saw that he was pointing to her, she stood up. "see this woman? She's my sister and if it hadn't been for her, I wouldn't standing here right now….and if she wasn't wearing a bullet proof vest, she wouldn't be either! I was almost killed a few minutes ago, and again I was saved by another woman special to me." He pointed to Dorothy, who was sitting by Iria, she stood up too, but not as proudly as Iria. "As a gundam pilot, my ultimate goal was always to bring peace. I will achieve that goal." He looked up to the Magunacs in the back, "those men in the back, they are my best friends. I knew them ever since I was a boy and still, they do treat me like a boy every once in a while," he joked. "This is all what peace is about…friends. I didn't know I'd make friends with the Magunacs, but I did. I ended up leading them and now, I'm going to lead you."

Everyone in the large room, all over earth and space, watched him with great hopes for peace. Everyone in the room stood up and clapped. Those who had swords held them up and Quatre raised up his own sword, "together, we will have peace, everyone of us!"

Quatre knew that he had got more than he ever bargained for, but he was after all, a Winner.