My friend and me were talking about all these Naruto parodies and we decided to do this fan fiction but we don't own Naruto which kinda sucks and we're not getting paid which also sucks… ok well here you go!

So one day Tenten was walking around Konohana for some reason when Jiraiya staggered around the corner with sake in his hand.

"Oh my God Bob the Builder!" Jiraiya exclaimed.

"Who? Me?" Tenten wondered.

"You! You ruined my childhood. You and your demon machines! I'll kill you!" Jiraiya then makes one of his symbols that makes the giant toad appear (yes while Jiraiya is drunk he can mistake Tenten for Bob the Builder but he can make a perfect symbol) the giant toad appears.

"Go giant toad eat Bob the Builder" he slurs while pointing at Tenten.

"Nooooooo get away from me you yucky toad my name is Tenten not Bob the Builder!!!" Tenten screamed in her defense. But its too late Tenten was engulfed by the toad.

Jiraiya fell down drunk and was rushed to the hospital by his giant toad and was in the hospital for many days.

But about Tenten… about an hour after the giant toad ate her he spit her up and now Tenten has an unusual fear of all amphibians.

Don't worry that's not it there will be much more much much more so hope you enjoy the… RANDOM NARUTO PARODYS!!!!