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A Glamour's Day

"Son… we are in grave danger of losing our property."

"What do you mean father?" Darien, (Dare-e-en) asked perplexed.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" a four-year-old boy ran into his father's office where his older brother was currently in talking to their father.

He had silver hair and amber eyes full of laughter. He was currently wearing a blue hooded jacket and baggy jean pants with white sneakers.

"Yuji! Why do you always have to wear what I'm wearing?" Darien asked picking his brother up.

"Hi Darien. I have two weeks left till my birthday!" Yuji said cutely holding up two fingers.

"I know runt." Darien said messing up Yuji's hair.

"Yuji, why don't you go back and play with your friend Kouga." Yuji's father Touga said to him smiling at him when Yuji smirked up at him.

"We're playing hide and seek and Kouga is it." Yuji said as Darien put him down.

"Well with all the ruckus your making, you're making it easier for him to find you. You better hurry up and find a better hiding place." Darien exclaimed as Yuji made a shock expression and hurried up and left out the room.

Touga sighed and ran his hand through his silver hair that his son's had inherited from him.

"Father?" Darien asked uncertain.

"I'm sorry son, you have your whole life ahead of you and here I'm about to put a burden upon your shoulders." Touga exclaimed.

"What do you mean father? If theirs anything I can do, then I'll do it." Darien exclaimed is Touga looked out the windows and leaned against his office chair.

"Son, do you remember me telling you stories about the Western Lands and the Lords that ruled over them?"

"Yes." Darien replied sitting down on a brown cushioned chair in front of his father's desk, "You said the last Lord who ruled over the Western Lands was a 'Demon Lord' named Lord Sesshomaru Taisho. You said that we were his last ancestors and that's why we are on this Western property." Darien exclaimed.

"That's right Darien, I'm glad to know that you listen to me," Touga exclaimed as Darien rolled his eyes. "There is a family named The Onigumo's. They exclaimed that they are the rightful owners of the Western Lands."

"What? That's outrages! The Taisho family has lived here for centuries!" Darien exclaimed heatedly.

"I know son. Iwao Onigumo is having his son Naraku Onigumo challenged us in a duel of death so that they can own our property." Touga exclaimed.

"Then I'll have to fight Naraku to make sure our Lands are secured." Darien exclaimed.

"The thing is son, that Naraku is skilled in swordsmanship and that's how the duel will be playing out, in swordsmanship. And we both know that you are nowhere near skilled in that area." Touga exclaimed as Darien looked down in disappointment. "He… he will also be using his demonic powers in the duel also."

Darien looked apprehensive at this.


"I know Darien. I know you are nowhere near on controlling your demonic powers. I just thought I owed it to you to understand why we must move."

"No! I wont have you do this! I can train father!" Darien said standing up out of his chair.

"Who will train you in such short notice Darien? Who would willingly train a 'demon'?" Touga asked him.

"My girlfriend's family is legendary, I'm sure that she'll know somebody who could help me train." Darien exclaimed.

"As I have yet to meet your lovely girlfriend, I doubt she would find somebody like that. She doesn't know that you are a demon, are you willing to tell her of your heritage?" Touga asked him doubtfully.

"She…she loves me. She's the type of girl that will make you way proud of your son. I'm sure she'll understand." Darien whispered.

"You don't sound so sure." Touga exclaimed.

"I'm going to be late for school father, I'll see you later." Darien replied.

"Don't forget to drop off Yuji and Kouga to preschool on your way." Touga replied as Darien shut the door behind him.

"Darien, Kouga pushed me!" Yuji exclaimed walking beside him on the sidewalk as Kouga stuck out his tongue at him.

"You pushed me first Yuji!" Kouga exclaimed.

"Did not."

"Did to."

"Did not."

"Did to."

"Did not times two!"

"Did so times three!"

"I did not!"

"You did so!"

Laughing was heard.

"You two are so cute." Kagome exclaimed coming down the stairs of her shrine. She kissed Yuji and Kouga on top of their heads.

"Hi Kagome!" Both Yuji and Kouga said together.

"Hello." Kagome said back.

"What, I don't get a kiss?" Darien asked her.

"Children are present." Kagome exclaimed smiling holding his hand as they walked their way towards the kids' preschool.

Kagome had no idea how exactly Darien 'knew' she was on her way to school. He always knew when she was around.

Kagome had just got back from the feudal era last night. It had taken hours to convince InuYasha to let her go back home to take her tests. School was almost over and she needed to past her test to get into a good college. The Shikon no Tama was not of yet put together and Naraku was not rid of the world as of yet either. Kagome needed a break anyway. She had been missing her boyfriend Darien for ages. Kagome never told InuYasha and the gang of the reincarnations of the Taisho brothers or of Kouga. Kagome knew InuYasha would be outraged that she was going out with his older brother. Well he was nothing like Sesshomaru at all. Darien actually cared about her well-being and didn't call her wench or human or bitch. He loved her.

So why could she tell the gang then? What was she afraid of? Kagome hadn't even told Darien that she was a miko or that she could go to the feudal era and back to era in the old well. Kagome felt awful that she wasn't telling Darien why she wasn't at school all the time instead of the illness excuses. He was so good to her. Now that Kagome was in the twelfth grade, she could wear ordinary clothing. Se was wearing a blue blouse and a brown cargo skirt that went just above her knees and white sneakers. Her hair had gotten longer over the years, which she distasted seeing as it reminded her of Kikyo's hairstyle. But Darien wouldn't allow her to cut it; he loved the way she looked. Kagome though put it in a long braid.

Darien smiled at her half-heartedly.

Kagome knew something was wrong then. She knew Darien probably didn't want to talk about it in front of his brother and Yuji's friend. So she waited till they dropped them off.

"You and Yuji look cute with your matching outfits." Kagome said smirking at the scowl that was on Darien's face.

"Thank you Kagome. Darien though, copied me. He has no fashion sense like I do so he copied me." Yuji exclaimed as Darien gaped at him.

"You little brat. You copied 'me' and you know it!" Darien argued with him as Yuji kept denying it.

Kagome smiled at them. If only InuYasha and Sesshomaru could have that same relationship together instead of always trying to kill each other all the time.

"Kouga, how are you doing today?" Kagome asked him noticing how Kouga looked left out of the conversation going on.

"I was doing fine till Yuji pushed me." Kouga exclaimed.

"I did not!"

"You did so!"

"Did not!"

"Did so!"

"Did not!"

"Did so!"

"Did not!"

"Don't you just love them?" Kagome asked Darien as he rolled his eyes and stopped in front of the school gates.

"Well here we are, go away now." Darien said pushing the two boys.

"Wait Darien. Do you remember what the password is to pick me up so that the teachers know that you're my brother?" Yuji asked him.

"Yes it's WacDonalds. Now get going before you're late." Darien said as Yuji hugged him before leaving.

"Bye Yuji, bye Kouga!" Kagome said waving to them.


"So… what's up Darien? What's troubling you so?" Kagome asked as they headed towards their school.

Darien sighed.

"My family is losing property of the Western Lands." Darien exclaimed as Kagome looked at him shocked.

"What? Your family owns that land, for centuries! Who would be stupid enough to try and take your family's land?" Kagome asked outraged as Darien smiled sadly at Kagome's take on the situation on his behalf.

"The Onigumo's."

Kagome's eyes got wide at this. 'Uh Oh.'

"The… the Onigumo's?" Kagome asked.

"Yes, have you heard of them?" Darien asked her curious.

"None good I assure you." Kagome replied, "What is your family going to do?"

Darien looked up at the clouds and closed his eyes before looking back at Kagome.

"The Onigumo's challenged my family in a duel of death, so I shall be facing the heir of their family, Naraku. We will be fighting till death." Darien exclaimed as Kagome despite the situation was trying to not to laugh. Which she was failing greatly as her body started to shake.

"Go ahead and laugh Kagome." Darien replied rolling his eyes as Kagome burst out laughing.

"I'm so… haha… so… sorry Darien, but the image of you trying to fight with a sword is hilarious. Your awful at swordsmanship." Kagome exclaimed wiping the tears out of her eyes.

Darien scowled and kept walking.

"You don't believe me?" Darien asked her.

"Course I believe you, but you need to train if you are to fight Naraku in a battle of death." Kagome said more seriously now as Darien looked at her skeptically.

"You are taking this quite well." Darien replied suspiciously.

'How am I suppose to answer that? Lord Sesshomaru is a skilled swordsmanship; surely it can rub off of Darien.'

"Wait a second, where are you going to train in such short notice?" Kagome asked him.

"That isn't as big as a problem." Darien exclaimed.

"What do you mean? What else is wrong?" Kagome asked perplexed.

"Naraku and I are … going to be fighting also with our demonic powers." Darien exclaimed slowly to her. 'There I said it!'

Kagome blinked at him a few times before turning her head to look at the school, which they were coming up to.

'Kami, she's not talking! She's not talking! The girl never shuts up and now she's not talking!' Darien thought panicking.

"You know what I was joking! Hahaha. Look at the time, we're going to be late!" Darien said hurriedly walking ahead of Kagome as Hojo, Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka came rushing towards Kagome.

"Kagome! How have you been?"

"Is your ailments gone?"

"Are you well enough to take tests today?"

"Come on, let's catch up with Darien." Kagome was dragged away by her friends heading inside the school.

'Kami, duh Kagome, if Sesshomaru is a demon then obviously Darien would be to.' Kagome thought to herself as she sat and took her test along with the class.

'I wonder does Darien know that I'm a miko? I don't think he does. Why did I panic like that? I keep comparing him to Sesshomaru I guess, maybe I thought he was going to act differently or something. I mean if he knows he's a demon… then surely he thinks that I'm beneath him or something.' Kagome sighed silently unaware that Darien was staring at her in his seat beside her desk. 'I'm out of my mind. I'm so over reacting. Pull it together girl.'

Darien looked back down at his paper. 'Was it a bad idea for me to tell Kagome of my heritage? Was father right? Does Kagome hate me now? Probably, I mean her whole family would have a problem with it. They're very sacred people.'

Kagome this time noticed Darien looking at her and mouthed to him to stop coping her paper while sticking out her tongue.

Darien scowled before going back to his paper, as if he would copy her. Darien looked back at her and rolled his eyes, then looked up at the clock. Darien had long ago finished his test.

"Okay, times up! Hand in your papers." The history teacher replied as the bell rung.

Kagome gathered her things together putting her hand bag over her shoulder.

"Might I suggest we eat lunch at WacDonalds today?" Darien said to her as they both handed in their papers.

"Sounds good, I sure could go for a strawberry shake." Kagome replied as they walked out the doors.

"Kagome… I hope you don't think differently of me because I'm a demon." Darien said to her as Kagome looked at him awkwardly.

"It must have taken you a lot of courage to tell me that. It makes me feel even worse seeing as theirs a lot of things I haven't told you myself." Kagome exclaimed as they started walking outside.

"What do you mean?" Darien asked. 'What could Kagome hide from me? She's perfect.'

"You're not going to like it." Kagome muttered.

"Theirs nothing you can say that wouldn't make me love you less." Darien said reassuringly to her squeezing her hand as Kagome looked doubtful.

"I know where you can get trained and where you can learn how to use your demonic powers better." Kagome exclaimed, "But it wont be easy,"

"I don't care, I would do anything to help my family." Darien exclaimed as Kagome looked down at the ground as they kept walking.

"Good, because tomorrow morning you're going to be trained. I want you to make sure you bring at least two sets of clothing, anything that your bag will let you fit in. Meet me at my shrine tomorrow morning and I'll explain more to you, I just can't explain here where we can be overheard." Kagome explained as Darien smiled happily.

"This is great Kagome!" Darien said hugging her. 'You won't be saying that tomorrow.' Kagome thought to herself.


Kagome, still in her school clothes jumped down the well to the feudal era.

Kagome landed on the bottom of the well and stretched her hand out to the ivory that were hanging down the well. Before Kagome could get a good grip InuYasha had grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

"What are you doing her so early? I thought you had your stupid tests to take." InuYasha exclaimed bring Kagome out of the well and onto the grass.

"Wait a second," InuYasha started sniffing Kagome as she blushed, "You smell like somebody familiar." InuYasha exclaimed as Kagome made some space between them.

"Kagome?" InuYasha asked nervous at Kagome's behavior when she wouldn't look at him.

"InuYasha, you know I care about you a lot don't you?" Kagome whispered to him as InuYasha twitched his ears.

"Are you leaving me Kagome?" InuYasha asked sadly staring at her uncertain.

"No InuYasha, not while the Shikon Jewel still in pieces and Naraku still out there doing evil deeds. I… I've been keeping secrets from you and it's not fair to my boyfriend." Kagome whispered waiting for InuYasha's reaction.

"WHAT?" InuYasha yelled mouth slacked.

"Wake everybody up why don't you!" Kagome snapped at him.

"Who is he? I'll kill him! It's that Hobo isn't it?" InuYasha asked extending his claws.

"InuYasha! Calm yourself!"

InuYasha was seething.

"You had your chance with me and you chose Kikyo over me did you not?" Kagome asked him as InuYasha scowled and folded his arms together looking away from her.

"So you cheat on me." InuYasha exclaimed.

"You brainless moron! You cheated on 'me'! What am I even saying? We were and never had been girlfriend and boyfriend. You were too wrapped up with Kikyo for that to even happen. I'm nobody's fool InuYasha, you were just using me because I looked like Kikyo to you!" Kagome exclaimed angrily.

"That's not true!" InuYasha yelled stomping his foot.

Kagome stared at him for a while before turning her back on him and back to the well.

"Where are you going?" InuYasha asked grabbing her wrist while turning her around.

"Let me go InuYasha!" Kagome snapped at him as he let go of her wrist.

"You 'are' leaving me aren't you?" InuYasha whispered to her.

Kagome let a single tear fall down her eyes before wiping her eyes.

"I wanted to ask for your help on something very important, but obviously you don't want to hear it." Kagome exclaimed as more tears came down from her eyes.

"What are you trying to tell me Kagome?" InuYasha asked her softly.

"My boyfriend Darien needs to train, and their aren't any demons around in my era to help him. He's not very good at fighting, he tries to avoid it as much as possible, and he's a real klutz at swordsmanship. He's… he's also your brother's reincarnation." Kagome whispered.

"No." InuYasha said walking away, heading back to Kaeda's. "No way."


"What Kagome? You want me to help train my brother's reincarnation? Are you crazy? Have you lost every fiber of your mind? No! Even worse is that you're going out with him!"

"Fine! Then you really are losing me InuYasha! I'm never 'ever' coming back! You can believe that." Kagome exclaimed not really meaning it as InuYasha stopped in his tracks.

"…Then good riddance." InuYasha said facing her.

Kagome cried harder at this walking up to him.

"What are you-?"

Kagome held onto InuYasha's necklace making it glow pink before ripping it off of him.

"I'm relieving you of me. You won't have to deal with me anymore. I'm no good to you." Kagome exclaimed as InuYasha stood their shocked as Kagome jumped down the well.

InuYasha stared at the black beads on the ground some of it still attached to the string. Tears silently came down from InuYasha's eyes of the thought of losing Kagome foever.

Kagome landed back down the well still crying, upset with herself and the whole situation. Kagome slowly started to climb up the ladder that was up against the bricked wall so she could get out the well. On the third step though her hand touched somebody else's.

"Darien?" Kagome asked shocked as he pulled her out and hugged her.

"Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?" Darien asked her concerned wiping the tears away from her eyes. "Do you want me to carry you to your home?"

"N-no. I'm okay. What are you doing here?" Kagome asked him as Darien frowned at her.

"I told my father that I would be training tomorrow and that I was going to be meeting you at your shrine and he suggested that I pack early and meet you tonight." Darien exclaimed checking her for wounds. "What were you doing down the well? Why are you crying?" Darien asked her kissing her on the lips.