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Chapter Eighteen


12 Days Ago...

She could not fight any longer. Her arms grew weak, she was running out of arrows, and still there were demons attacking her. Their number did not seem to lessen. Oh, if Inu Yasha only would come and save her instead of worrying about that silly girl!

Kikyo had been attacked by several powerful youkai; some of them infused with the power of at least one shard of the shikon no tama. Obviously it was a trap set by Naraku to kill her she assumed.

During the fight she somehow got separated from the others, Sango and Miroku had flew off with that demon cat Kilala, InuYasha had ran ahead when he heard the loud explosion, and Kikyo was left alone, being chased by some of the youkai, she fled into the woods, hoping they would not follow her. But they did. They had trapped her in a small clearing in the woods and now she was fighting for her life, literally, she was getting weak by the second and her souls was dissipating.

Already Kikyo was remembering her last conversation that she had had with her sister Kaede:

"What ye are doing is wrong, Kikyo. I think that your greed for InuYasha has blinded you." It was Kaede sounding madder than she had ever heard her.

"That girl doesn't belong here; either way, this is not her time, not even her world." Kikyo replied.

"Lest ye not forget that it is not your time either. You were brought back by witchcraft, and even given a new soul from it. How long will that last Kikyo? A borrowed soul can't burn forever, and when that fire goes out suddenly will InuYasha know why? No because you haven't told him. My sister Kikyo would never have kept something like that a secret from someone she loved." Kaede sounded disgusted.


Out of the corner of her eye she saw him, Naraku, approaching her. With a desperate cry she shot her last arrow at him. The tainted arrow hit the demon full-force but it had no effect on him, he merrily laughed cruelly as he kept walking towards Kikyo. Kikyo cried in anger as she turned, facing the other demons that were now encircling her. There came even more and she had no arrows left.

She took a few steps back, till her back hit a tree. She could not run away.

"Kikyo, you don't seem too happy to see me dear." Naraku said in a delighted voice as if they were having a pleasant conversation about the weather.

Kikyo sneered at him. "Should I be?"

Naraku had a sly smirk on his face. "Now Kikyo I can't let you slip away from me. You have something that I need."

"And what is that?" Kikyo asked narrowing her eyes at him.

Naraku came up towards her making Kikyo shiver in disgust. "A part of Kagome's soul." With that Naraku aimed his tentacles through Kikyo's heart or would be her heart if she actually had one and ripped the bright pink glowing orb out of Kikyo's body as she turned to dust.

"I'm sure the world is glad to rid the world of that bitch." Naraku laughed evilly absorbing the one part of Kagome's soul into his body.

"A trade shall be in order, Kagome's soul for the other half of the jewel shards, but first, first I have to find out how to control Kagome, her soul is the key. I will have the jewel shards in no time." Naraku smirked looking down at the last essences of Kikyo.

"Thanks for keeping it safe for me." Narkau was gone in swirling purple wind.

10 Days Ago....

"Kagome's gone, can't find any shards now..." InuYasha mumbled, stomping over the hill, Sango, Miroku and Shippo following.

InuYasha had finally went to retrieve Sango and Miroku whom had took residents at a nearby village since they couldn't get threw the barriers of the Western Lands. Kikyo was nowhere to be seen and InuYasha didn't see at all to concerned about it. Shippo had volunteered to join InuYasha on the trip to find Sango and Miroku.

"InuYasha, Kagome is just training!" Miroku told him, swishing his staff around to make a jingly noise.

"Miroku, will you stop that! It's annoying!" InuYasha took the staff and whacked him on the head with it.

"Can I say anything without making you angry?" Miroku asked, rubbing his head.

"No." InuYasha said stomping away.

"InuYasha, Naraku is already strong. He has all these very strong demons working for him, you could get really hurt if you just run into battle without thinking! We need Kagome to get stronger, if not for herself than for everybody else." Shippo protested.

"I don't just rush into battle without thinking, you runt. I use a very good strategy!" Inuyasha told him.

"And that strategy is?" Sango asked raising her eyebrow.

"Well.. Umm.."

"You don't have one." Sango rolled her eyes.

"I do too! I just.. can't think of it at the moment.."

"Right. Well, I'm going back to Kagome." Shippo bounced back to the other direction of the mansion.

"So was it Naraku that attacked InuYasha?" Miroku questioned once Shippo was out of ear shot.

InuYasha tensed at Miroku words. "Feh, he's no longer here. I don't have no idea what Naraku was trying to pull, but he almost killed Kagome in the process." InuYasha said angered.

"Is she-"

"She's fine," InuYasha interrupted Sango, "she got patched up, but it was mostly Kagome's miko powers that did the most healing."

"So Kagome is getting stronger?" Miroku said more to himself than to the others.

"Kagome has always been strong, she just didn't know how to obtain it."

"Where did you come from?" Miroku asked looking down his shoulder at the flea.

"I came with Kouga. I don't think he minded the free ride." Myoga told him.

"Myoga! Where the hell have you been?" InuYasha asked irritated marching up towards Miroku to stare down at Myoga.

"Well theirs a reason why I have come, very important." Myoga paused.

"Well don't just sit there, tell me." InuYasha said stomping his feet.

"Ah…InuYasha, the formal ball will be approaching soon and-"

"Feh! As if! Those formal balls are for pure bloods only, I've never attended one." InuYasha said sourly.

"Master InuYasha, let me finish! It has come time for the lord of the castle to also… choose his mate and-"

"I feel sorry for the bastard that has to be mates with Sesshomaru-"

"InuYasha, let me finish!" Myoga interrupted annoyed with the hanyou.

"Then hurry up! I ain't got all day!"

"Lord Touga, before he died had already arranged a mate for you, just as he did Lord Sesshomaru, but his mate died a while back, anyway, you can't get out of it, you InuYasha have been bounded to this girl since birth."


"Who is it?" Miroku asked quite interested.

"I'm not sure, but I do believe Lord Sesshomaru knows." Myoga replied.


Both Sango and Miroku shared a smirk.

9 Days Ago

"Naraku wants Kagome instead of Kikyo now?" Kagura asked Kanna confused.

"Naraku has already rid of Kikyo, he wants to control Kagome so that he can get the other half of the shinkon jewel that Kagome possess around her neck."

"Why doesn't he just take it from her? The girl isn't that powerful, just another human."

"Naraku doesn't seem to think so."

8 Days Ago

"Kagome put up a barrier, defend yourself." Sesshomaru said and lunged at her. Kagome stumbled back, caught off guard, but regained her balance and use her purification powers to put up a bright pink barrier. A few days ago she would have been dead, but she had learned to expect anything, especially from Sesshomaru.

"What are you doing? Have you gone crazy?" She said to Sesshomaru drained by just putting up a small barrier.

"No I am not crazy, I am proving a point. You have to learn to control your powers and to not to just depend on your miko powers, but also on your sword Ginkagia or you will be utterly destroyed, we all will. I can teach you how, but you must feel it within you." Sesshomaru replied raising his sword.

"Draw out your sword, and calm yourself, half the problem is that your always in a hurry. You must collect yourself, as you do when firing an arrow. Draw yourself in, compose yourself. The world only moves as fast as you view it. Something is only too fast to see if you don't look at it. Quiet your thoughts, listen and feel what is around you."

Kagome heard somebody calling her name. She desperately tried to focus her eyes and when she finally could she was looking straight into the almost concerned eyes of Sesshomaru. He was holding her in his arms tightly cradling her head in the crook of his elbow.

She tried to sit up but her head spun and her body refused to respond.

"Stay still." Sesshomaru commanded. Kagome let her head fall back.

"I'm fine." Kagome mumble out quietly.

"No you're not...I have been pushing you too hard."

"I need you to." She said quietly. She looked so frail compared to the robust miko he knew. Sesshomaru had almost forgotten that she was human, that her body was frail in comparison to his.

Sesshomaru looked down at the miko who's eyes were on him. She looked somewhere between shocked and dazed.

"Why are you holding me?" She asked.

"Apparently saving you from collapse." He said flatly.

Now Tokyo Japan...

The following day was very crucial. It was 11:30am on a Saturday morning, both Kagome and Darien were exhausted from yesterdays events with Yuji's party and everything. That kid was so exhausting! But he was just way to cute to ignore! Kagome, Darien, and Kenshin were supposed to be back at the Feudal Era by dawn. Oops.

Kagome put on her green baggy cargo jean pants with her white hooded jacket over her white sleeveless t-shirt. She was wearing the exact same clothes she had wore when she first brought Darien to the Feudal Era.

"Darien?" Kagome called as she was tying her white sneakers, sitting on the edge of Darien's bed.

"Yea Kags?" Darien asked brushing his teeth from the half open bathroom door that was joined across the room.

"Have you decided what we should do? I mean we only have, well you have till tomorrow morning to fight Onigumo and Sesshomaru said you had to be at the ball tonight. Well technically we were suppose to be back at the Feudal Era now, but we over slept-" Kagome made a high pitched scream clutching his chest

"Kagome!" Darien was at her side in half a second, leaning over her form, terrified. "Kagome, what's wrong?"

Kagome gasped trying to catch her breath. "Some...thing...wrong. I...I... can't...breathe." at Kagome's words the jewel shards around her neck turned a tainted black. She felt as though she was being split in two.

"What's going on?" Touga asked hurrying into Darien's room followed by Kenshin whom had a very worried look on his face.

Kagome was breathing heavily, her face twisting in pain at every breath.

"Kagome?" Darien asked putting his hands on her shoulders.

Kagome's body became stiff for a few seconds before relaxing again. Slowly Kagome raised her head up smirking as she looked up at Darien's face, eyes pure black.

"Kagome isn't here anymore." with those words Kagome pushed her hands forward blasting Darien away with tainted purification powers knocking him against the wall, making a huge dent in the process.

"Hurts doesn't it? Especially now that it's tainted." Kagome smirked in triumph at Darien's pained face as he slid down the wall, clutching his abdomen.

"Kagome, this isn't you! You have to fight it!" Kenshin said as Touga positioned himself ready to fight Kagome, fury was in his eyes.

Kagome smiled evilly and stood up off of Darien's bed, slowly walking up to Kenshin as he nervously stood his ground.

"K-Kagome." Darien said in pain with clutched teeth as he slowly gathered himself up off the floor.

"Stay where you are Darien!" Kenshin said urgently as Touga made a move to try to knock Kagome out while she was distracted, but she had saw it coming and raised her left hand in the air and blasted Touga threw the wall to the next room with her tainted purification powers.

"Father!" Darien yelled distraught. "You evil twisted son of a bitch, get out Kagome!"

"Tsk tsk tsk... he should have known better. Now... Uncle Kenshin-"

"Don't call me that, you- you're not my niece." Kenshin said clenching his fist. Kagome just smirked as she started to glow a tainted mixture of black and purple.

"Now that hurt my feelings." Kagome said grabbing Kenshin's wrists. Kenshin made a straggled yell as Kagome's hand was burning him. You could see smoke forming from underneath her hands, scaring Kenshin's wrist.

"Stop it!" Darien yelled staggering towards them, breathing heavily, there was black ooze coming out from his wound at his abdomen. Darien was in so much agony, he felt totally drained and useless.

Kagome gave him a dull stare, than flashed him a very creepy smile. "Bye bye Darien. Have fun with that poison, you'll last about two or three minutes or so as it eats away at your blood, dissipating your demonic powers, leaving you as useless as a mortal." Pulling Kenshin towards her in harsh manner, they were gone in a swirl of black and purple smoke.

"Kagome." Darien whispered weakly coughing out blood as he heard his fathers guards finally coming to his aid, a little to late.

To Be Continued...

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