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Brooke Davis was not your average girl. She had it all. She had popularity, beauty and money! Not to mention her perfect boyfriend Nathan Scott. He was captain of the basketball team and she was captain of the cheerleading team. They fit perfectly together. They had been together forever. Things weren't always peachy with them but they still loved each other. And that was all that mattered to them.


Brooke stretched out her arms and took one more long yarn before dragging herself out of bed. She had just had a long night of nothing but homework. She had put it off the whole week so she figured she better at least do it the day before it was due, that's when she did all of her assignments. She insisted that Nathan go home after there practice, telling him that she wouldn't get anything done with him around. He was angry at first but in the end Brooke got what she wanted like she always did. She walked over to her mirror in her bathroom and took a long awaited stare. She examined herself. "Hi beautiful", she said She took a quick shower and washed her face. She went to her huge walk-in closet and picked out a pink top with a white flaring mini skirt. "This is sure to get some stares!" She applied her make-up perfectly and took some extra time to curl her hair and find her pink hoops and white heels before heading out to school.

The stairs that she got were not missed. She smirked at herself as she strutted down the hall way.

"Brooke, wait up!" she heard her best friend Peyton yell after her.

Brooke smiled at her as she reached her, "Hey best friend "she said before taking her friend in a hug and moving towards her locker.

"Can you stop hogging all the attention?" Peyton joked with her staring at all the people that were eyeing her best friend.

Brooke laughed as she pulled out her math book, "Hey I can't help it that I'm so-

damn sexy!" her boyfriend finished wrapping his arms around her waste from behind her and kissing her neck.

She smiled and turned around to face him, giving him a proper kiss on the lips.

"Ok, that's my cue to leave," Peyton said patting her friend on the shoulder and flashing a smile at Nathan before walking off.

"I missed you last night"

"I missed you too babe I'm sorry about that, procrastination really isn't the way to go!"

He laughed, "You should take your own advice Brooke"

She elbowed him before taking his hand in hers and walking down the hall.

"So what are we doing later on" he asked her as they stopped in front of her 1st period.

"Going to your house and….playing some games" she said in her flirty voice.

"What kind of games?" he whispered in his deep wanting voice that drove her crazy.

She shivered before leaning in to him, "These kinds of games" she said before grabbing his but and giving it a squeeze.

He laughed. His girlfriend never ceased to surprise him. She looked up at him licking her lips and gave him a small flirty wave before disappearing behind the classroom door. Man he loved that girl! She knew exactly how to get under his skin. He was absolutely sure that he would not be able to concentrate today because of her; she was always on his mind. The only thing that kept him going was knowing that he'd see her at practice, and he couldn't wait to see her in those shorts. Brooke was well endowed in the upper and lower body and it had not gone unnoticed by anyone, especially Nathan. He grinned thinking about the shorts as he jogged to his 1st period.