Sarah smiled as she opened another gift from the pile at her feet. She had finally made it, not only had she finished high school but she also had been accepted into one of the best theatrical universities in the world. She would study under the greatest masters of screen and stage and one day she might have the pleasure of performing with them.

"Oh Dad this is beautiful!" She wrapped her arms around her father as she clasped the necklace in her hand.

"Well I noticed how you were always going on about the one that one actress always wears in that movie, and when I saw this I just had to get it for you." Sarah pulled back and glared at her father.

"No you didn't!" Toby slipped behind the couch as his father looked around at him.

"Toby I told you not to tell her." Sarah laughed, her voice rising up through the whitewashed room like a sparrow song.

"Oh just hush it now, I didn't need Toby to tell me you used him as a spy. You never pay attention to what I watch." Mr. Williams put his hands to his hips and put on a childish pout as he glared at his daughter.

"Yes I do!" Now it was Toby's turn to laugh, he ran out of the reach of his father and mother and jumped up in Sarah's arms.

"Ok then who wore a necklace like this and in what movie?" Mr. Williams cringed as he racked his brain, his daughter just watched to many movies, read to many books to remember any of them.

"You know that one, the actress with the red hair. In that one movie with that one King and those weird creatures, the um…..the….oh goblins I think." Sarah stopped laughing for a moment, her mind momentarily resting on one particular person from her past.

"Those were gnomes Honey, I don't think Sarah has been very interested with goblins lately. What ever happened to that one story you used to read a lot? The Maze or Warren?" Karen searched through the wrapping papers that now littered the floor. Sarah's real graduation party had been held down in the park she used to love to play in, the entire place made up with white linen and roses. The place had looked like a fantasy.

"The Labyrinth." Sarah wrapped her arms around Toby squeezing much harder than she realized.

"Sarah! You gonna kill me!" Toby squirmed trying to get free from his sister. Sarah let go and gave her family a sweet smile. Shaking the thoughts from her mind she clasped the necklace around her neck, giggling slightly as she looked back at her father.

"Anyway Dad it doesn't matter how you knew I still love it." She hugged her father once more before looking down at the mess at her feet.

"Well looks like that is it then." Karen shook her head as she pulled up a small package from beneath a pile of papers.

"No you have one more. That's strange I don't remember this one." She shrugged her shoulders and handed the gift to Sarah. The package was small, just a little larger than the palm of her hand. It, unlike the rest of her gifts, was not wrapped in paper. No this one was simply a small wooden box, the dark wood had been carved into what looked like a winding maze.

She ran her fingers over the wood, stopping as she noticed the carved relief of a castle on the lid. Shaking she allowed her other fingers to graze across the bottom. Toby flew from his seat to catch the small card that fell from the bottom of the box. Sarah did not notice as her brother handed it to Karen. Her stepmother looking at it curiously.

"Sarah what does this mean?" She slipped the card in her hand, Sarah's eyes resting on an all to familiar image. Slowly she read the card to herself.

"My dear Sarah, how I've missed you. You don't know how boring it has been without your "particular" company. I miss our little game, don't you? Until we meet again my Beautiful Swan. Jareth." Sarah shook her head, her hands trembling just as much that she almost dropped the box.

"I-it's nothing, just a guy I know. We used to talk at school, that's all." She lied, how had Jareth known. Trembling even more she had to swallow back the lump in her throat, she knew exactly how, he had been watching her. Karen eyed her with her brow raised.

"Oh Honey why didn't you tell us you have a boyfriend?" Sarah thought should would faint right there, Boyfriend?!

"Oh no no its nothing like that!" She held her hands up in the air, the contents of the box rattling inside.

"Ok then, wherever you say. But aren't you going to open the gift?" Looking down at the box she contemplated whether to open it or not, knowing Jareth opening it could end up sending her back Underground. Gazing quickly at her family she took a step back.

"I think I will open it later, in my room. I'm tired right now, I-I think I am going to go and lie down. Call me when we are ready to leave for the restaurant." Karen nodded with a bright smirk on her face as she watched Sarah leave upstairs.

"I thought so. I knew she was too pretty not to have a boyfriend. Hm, I wonder why she has never introduced us."


Sarah sat at her vanity, her eyes staring into the mirror. Slowly she let her hair down from the high ponytail, the long chocolate locks falling over her pale skin. Picking up a tube of lipstick she slicked it on and proceeded to dab a bit of perfume on her neck and wrists.

What was she doing? She shook her head at the way she was making herself up. Yet she still worked to freshen her makeup and find a pair of earring to match her new necklace.

She sat there for the longest time, the small box off to the side. She glanced at it continuously from the corner of her eye, finally unable to resist the temptation any longer she opened it up. Her eyes clenched together in anticipation of what would happen. Slowly she opened her eyes as everything remained silent.

She looked around the room a little disappointed that she was still there, somewhere in the back of her mind, no the bottom of her heart she wanted Jareth to pull a trick and bring her to him.

Her eyes fell on the contents of the box. Her fingers lifted up a small crystal swan, the trinket delicately carved. She gasped as she just gazed at it.

"So the little duckling has become a swan." The crackling of leather could be heard from behind Sarah, without looking in the mirror she turned to find Jareth resting back against the door of her room. He smirked wickedly as he crossed over to her.

"The story goes that it was an ugly duckling that became a swan." Jareth laughed lowly as he slipped his hand under her chin, bringing her eyes up to meet his.

"Yes, but you were never an ugly duckling." Sarah felt herself start to shake again, she never believed she would see him ever again.

"W-what are you doing here Jareth? I didn't call you." He ran his free hand down her cheek and then up through her hair.

"Oh? But you were expecting me." He lifted his thumb to run it within the red hue of the lipstick. Sarah gasped and stood from her chair. She tried to back away, but her foot caught on the leg of the chair she just stood from. Jareth wrapped an arm around her back and pressed her to him tightly.

"I-I was not…." She trailed off unable to think as she felt his body react to her. She swallowed hard, her hands running up to rest on his chest. The small swan still held in one.

"Still trying to be defiant, even to your own feelings." He rested his lips on the soft lobe of her ear.

"Don't think that I don't know your feelings for me. I have watched you since you left, I have read every thing you have ever written about me. I have seen every dream." He slipped his lips down across her cheek, moving slowly so his hot breath would warm her. Sarah closed her eyes, her lips already parted in waiting. Waiting….she had been waiting a long time. She didn't realize it when she had returned from the Labyrinth, she barely realized it now, but she had been in love with Jareth for a long time. Jareth smiled as he gazed upon her full cherry lips, his own soon claiming hers.

Slowly, carefully he worked his over hers, his mouth trying to savor every bit of her he could. Sarah moaned as she pressed herself even harder into him, her own body beginning to react. Reluctantly Jareth pulled back, the smile still gracing his lips.

"But it is still too early." Sarah frowned as he ran his hands through her hair.

"Don't be so sad my little Swan, we shall have our time. But not yet." He left a small kiss on the tip of her nose.

"Not yet." He pulled back and without another word vanished. Sarah looked down at the small swan in her hand.

"I'll be waiting." She whispered into the heated air of her room, she would wait as long as it takes. This swan would spread her wings and wait till the day she could fly with him.


Author's Note: Ok well I was watching the music video for The Bonny Swans and this just came to my head, had to get it out. I don't normally write Jareth/Sarah, but guess this was good practice as I do have a full story figured out for a Jareth/Sarah. Hope this was ok, I know the ending is not really what everyone wants, sorry about that. I don't know maybe later on down the line I will turn this into a full story, but personally I think it works best as a oneshot.

Disclaimer: If I owned any of this you think I would be living in this one PIG town?! So nope don't own a freaking thing!