Through the following years both Jareth and Sarah fought for the freedom of Uland and its people. Not long after the first battle Sarah was crowned Goblin Queen and little Caron acknowledged as their daughter. Though the latter having taken longer to convince the Council.

It had been a year into their marriage when it was discovered Sarah was pregnant. The child was a daughter aptly named Saoirse, and the heir to the Goblin Throne. She would be the first of many children born to the couple.

James who had previously decided to remain Underground had continued as Sarah's personal knight for ten years after his release from his oath bond. Though eventually he resigned his post and became the bound consort of Jareth's aunt, Queen Leda of Sol. In the years that ensued the couple gave birth to a set of twin boys, Aonghus and Ardghal.

Sir Bricriu after mourning the loss of Jean continued his post as Head Knight fighting ruthlessly beside his king and queen finally finding his death at the hands of the enemy some one hundred years into the great war.

His body now rests alongside his Love, Lady Jean. His hand outstretched to rest over hers.

Toby kept his promise to Jareth and returned mere weeks after the death of his father thirty years later, his mother having died when he was sixteen after a failed pregnancy.

He took up arms fighting to rid the Underground of every last Sister, the Labyrinth's magic still flowing through his body. After a whirlwind romance Toby married Jareth's daughter Caron ensuring that the Council would be unable to deny her right to rule one of Uland's provinces. The two having only one child, a boy by the name of Daelalus.

It took two centuries before all traces of the Sisters were eradicated from the Underground and another century before Uland was fully restored. Once both Jareth and Sarah took their places rightfully on the Goblin and High Uland thrones the last bit of the prophecy revealed itself when one morning the royal family woke to twenty unicorns grazing in the Queen's Garden.

Following the return of the keepers of the Labyrinth other creatures who had been hiding for over three thousand years revealed themselves reclaiming their rightful home within the walls of Uland.

Though it took many lives and over so many years Queen Sarah of Uland, Goblin Queen and Guardian of the Labyrinth kept her promise to her husband. Once all was said and done she wept a tear for each and every last soul who died for their freedom.

Their deaths had not been in vain.


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Anything And Everything: Takes place fifty years into the war with the Sisters, Sarah and Jareth have to deal with the weight of the war and their children. A Oneshot sequel to The Crystal Swan.

Beautiful In His Eyes: Takes place thirty years after Toby left, he returns to fight beliving he will most likely die, instead he falls in love Jareth's Daughter by Cat. A spinoff sequel to Crystal Swan. Toby/OC

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