Together Alone

It was raining hard outside, depleting all light into its denseness. A single light bulb illuminated the room and its radiance only made the outside seem darker. Such darkness only added to the feeling of solitary privacy for the two who were confined within. The wind tapped the windows and rustled trees, chilling those unfortunate few who prowled the night streets. So dense, so cold, one could scream and there would be probably not one person who would be able to distinguish it from the whistling winds.

"Wait," a girl hushed. She knew her face was turning red. "I'm happy that you're back but we can't…"

"Don't worry, just relax," the boy smirked and drew his lips closer to hers.

"But what if my people find out about this…I mean you're..." the girl glanced away.

"Don't worry about it, we're adults."

"Technically, we're still not!"

"God intended for humans to do begin their procreation from age 13. We're way past that."


The boy's lips pressed against hers. Her eyes widened but soon gave in and closed. When they separated again, she could barely manage her breath. This time, she made her move to him and their lips made contact again as he leaned back and the two landed on the bed. His hand slid down the back of her dress, unzipping the collar and revealing her skin, little by little. For if it was not for the necessity of air, their lips would have never came apart.

"Oh Martha!"

"Oh Kreg!"

The TV echoed in the large living room and flashed upon the two figures on the couch; head leaned against each other, Ryoma with his mouth hanging down in a snore and Sakuno smiling in her dreams.

The End.

AN: Now I wonder, how many people did I manage to fool with a summary like that? Also, how many people thought this was going to be a hentai fic? Haha, I'm sorry if it didn't turn out the way some of you may have hoped.