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Shuffling Contingency: Roadblocks In Relationships


It turns out that Anna's father had lied to her for her whole life, all thirteen years of it.

Her mother wasn't dead.

In fact, she was very much so alive and quite near. She lived in New Orleans for the years of Anna's life. She didn't die in a fatal car crash on her way home one night. No, she had taken that car and run off from Anna's father, Owen. And to top it off, she had even wanted to take Anna with her.

Owen wouldn't have it. He had winged a friend of his, a judge, into giving him complete custody. To top it off, there was a court order that Priscilla could not come within five hundred feet of her baby girl. So instead Anna had been stuck with her father, who had become an alcoholic at his wife's desertion and her aunt, Carrie, who was a strong believer in the old disciplinary ways.

The day that a beautiful blonde haired woman showed up on their doorstep was the best day of Anna's life.

Not only had she found out she had a mother, but she found out that she would be getting away from her unsatisfactory home life. Not to mention out of Caldecott County. She liked the small southern town, but at times it was a little trying. Like the fact that the town always turned against her whenever she had attempted to run away. Sure, sweet little Anna had problems, lets all ban together to return her to her loving father and aunt.

Needless to say they had all been a little oblivious.

Though recently she had been preparing for another break, and this time it would have worked. She had discovered that she was special. She could render someone unconscious with a touch. But it had come to a large price to discover this. The first boy she kissed was left comatose.

Doctors couldn't find any marks upon him and chalked it up to a cerebral aneurysm, even though the even was extremely rare and he had displayed no symptoms previously to indicate it. Anna knew the truth though. She had seen first hand the way his skin had been lined with dark veins. And then she had seen things that only Cody would have seen and known things that only he knew. It was terrifying and yet opened up numerous doors of possibilities to her.

Such as the next time she was 'caught' in a running attempt she could leave a nice body trail. Eventually there would be no one left to come get her before she was far enough away to stay gone. That had changed when her mother arrived on their doorstep. It was luck really, because Anna planned to leave in a few days.

"You're beautiful," she had whispered in a honeyed southern tone. She was exactly what she imagined her mother to be like, even better really.

Her mother had informed Owen that she would be taking Anna back with her to New Orleans to live with her new husband and his family and that there was nothing he could no about it. He tried too. Not that he cared terribly for Anna, it's just he wanted to hurt Priscilla in the only way he could, by keeping her child from her. Apparently, as luck would have it, Priscilla's new husband was extremely influential and even the judge could do nothing about it.

So Anna was off to New Orleans.

She had always wanted to visit there; it was a dream come true. Granted it was extremely awkward between her mother and herself at first. But they worked through that to a point of comfort. Really ice cream was the food of bonding after years of non-communication. They even loved the same flavor. Definitely related.

Anna had underestimated her mother's new husband though. Sure, she knew he was influential, but she didn't expect him to live in a mansion. Somehow she thought a quaint two story house with one or two other siblings would suffice. Instead, she found herself immersed in a gigantic family all crammed within the confides of that monstrosity. It was bliss.

Jean-Luc was a total gentleman. Having lost his wife years previously, he had never expected to remarry but had met Priscilla, who had lived in the city for a great amount of time by that point, and the two had hit it off. It was somewhere around that time that her mother had finally spilled the beans about why she hadn't already been married off and having children. Apparently a few boxes of tissues had been used after that simply inquiry. Not to mention a hit from the resident motherly figure, Tante Mattie.

Already, Anna loved the stocky woman. She was the right combination of strict and tenderness that everyone should have in them. She would teach you how to do something just as easily as scowl at you for not doing it correctly. Not to mention she kept the numerous hordes of LeBeau boys away from Anna enough so that she could breath. Honestly, the amount of males in that house was stifling. Anna was sure she'd grow to enjoy it, but she needed time to adjust.

Of course, meeting Henri's girlfriend Mercy helped out tremendously. At least she knew there would be a girl around for a majority of the time. And that all the boys acted the same around Mercy, albeit a little reserved since she was already taken for. Plus, they knew the girl didn't resist hitting any of them.

It was after one of Mattie's encouragement of the males away from her that Anna ran into, who would become, her favorite LeBeau.


Still not grasping the location of everything in the vast house, she had taken to exploring a little bit ever day, to make sure she knew where it all was. Problem was that she seemed to get lost more often than not. Most times she would walk down a hallway muttering under her breath directions to find her way backwards. She even considered string once, but that left too many opportunities for the boys to mess with her.

Rounding the corner, she had her head down to look at the carpet pattern below her feet. With that being the case, she didn't see a person in front of her until it was too late, if at all. The force of the collision sent them both reeling and ending up on the floor together. Two hands were locked around her upper arms to ensure that she didn't get hurt, but as a by product, made it sure that she was lying on the stranger's chest.

Looking up she noticed unusual red on black eyes staring at her in confusion. It was then that she looked at the rest of the face to see a very handsome, very masculine face. He seemed to be a few years older than her. No more than two she would wager. She realized the compromising situation she was in. Placing her hands on his chest, she applied pressure to show that she wanted to get up; his hands willingly allowed her that action, although they did linger.

Sitting back on her haunches, she blushed and looked at her lap, shyly placing a piece of hair behind her ear. "Ah'm sorry. Ah wasn't paying attention to where Ah was going."

The boy lifted himself up to a sitting position and grinned at her. It was more of a smirk really. "S'no problem chére."

There was a silence between the two of them while they both snuck glances at one another. Well, in truth Anna was the only one sneaking. The boy was blatantly obvious about his gaze and interest. Biting her lip slightly, Anna twisted her hands trying to think of what to do next.

Reaching a conclusion, she looked up and smiled, holding out her hand. "Hi. Ah'm Anna."

He grasped her gloved hand and placed a kiss on it. "De name's Remy. Pleased t' meet y' Anna."

"Likewise," she uttered somewhat breathlessly. Was it right for this to be happening to her? Sure, she felt something like this before Cody was about to kiss her, but this wasn't anywhere near that. She had only just knocked into Remy.

"Remy's not seen y' around here before. Don't tell 'im a fille as belle as y' is here to see one of his cousins," Remy seemed almost unhappy at the possibility of that being the case, though he hid it well behind a playful grin.

She blushed again, despite not wanting too. "No, Ah wouldn't visit them on purpose, yet. Ah'm still adjusted. My momma just got married, so she brought me here to live with them."

"Well, dat's a relief at least," Remy smirked after seeing her blush again. "Remy didn't want t' have t' steal another girl from his cousins."

"And what makes ya think Ah can be stolen?"

He smirked again. "Chére, y' haven't released m' hand yet. Dere's obviously something between us. We're already halfway dere dis way."

"Ah beg your pardon Mister…Mister… What's your last name?"


"Of course it is," Almost everyone in this house's surname was LeBeau. Herself included now it seems. "Well, Mister LeBeau, Ah will have you know that Ah am not that easily won. And as for my hand, you haven't released it either."

"Dat's obvious, Anna. Remy don't want to," somehow his smirk made his whole demeanor seem more carefree. It suited him, even though she wanted to wipe it off of his face, preferably with a punch. She could easily grow to love and hate that lopsided expression.

Exasperated, she threw her remaining hand in the air with a frustrated sigh. Seeing the boy across from her grin once more she flung herself backwards unto the carpeted ground. She hoped that maybe he wouldn't see how her face had flushed with his comment. He probably had though. It occurred to her then that they were sitting in the middle of the hallway, holding hands and she barely knew him.

That was positively mortifying, and thrilling at the same time.

Noticing that Anna wasn't going to say anything else, Remy decided to provide his portion of the conversation. "So, y' said y'r mere just married someone here. Who'd she marry?"

Presently her hand was covering her face, so her answer came out extremely muffled. But Remy could still discern the jist of it. "She got hitched to a guy named Jean-Luc. He seems decent, better than my daddy anyway. What about you? Who ya belong ta?"

When he didn't answer, Anna got a little worried that she had said something she shouldn't have. Maybe Remy's family had bad blood with Jean-Luc? Then she felt his hand go slack against her own. Pushing herself up with the use of her elbows, she stared into a completely foreign boy from the one she had met a few minutes ago.

He was pallid against his tanned skin, unique eyes wide and blinking, several times. His gaze was fixed upon her and unmoving. She waved a hand in front of his face with no results. Instead she squeezed the hand that limply held her own. That seemed to work. It was too bad; she'd had the urge to tweak his nose out of sheer spite.

Remy shook his head and offered a weak smile.

"What is it? Why'd ya go all spacey all of a sudden?" She looked down at her appearance for a moment trying to assess the problem. "Do Ah have somethin' on me? Maybe on my nose? Ah always get dirt in the same spot…"

Running a hand through his hair, Remy grimaced. "Non, s'not dat. Well, chére, um…Anna. As it turns out Jean-Luc is m' père."

Anna laughed. That just couldn't be possible. She had met all of Jean-Luc's family already. "You're joking." Seeing as how Remy's expression didn't change in the least, she started to get worried. "You're joking, right?"

"Non, Remy's bein' serious."

"If you're Jean-Luc's son how come Ah haven't met you until now?" There, she had him trapped. He was just pulling her leg. Obviously he was a LeBeau of some sort as all the boys seemed to do that, frequently. Pranksters the lot of them, she thought scathingly. Hopefully it would be a phase they grew out of.

The old grin came back a little. "Remy was off getting a little help wit' his…eccentricities."

"So you were gettin' someone to tutor you in how to speak properly?"

"Jamais. Tante already been tryin' dat for years," he smirked, back into a banter with her. Then he looked at her again and his smirk fell. "S' a shame dat we're related now."

"And why's that?" Anna was disappointed to find out Remy was her step brother. She thought Jean-Luc's other son would be more like Henri. She liked Henri; he was more serious than any of the other boys. It prompted her to believe that the others would grow up eventually too. She was however a little suspicious about Remy's statement.

He laughed at her slight defense, especially since it was followed with crossing her one arm across her chest. "Well, Remy t'inks y'r one belle fille and we could have très fun together if we weren't related."

Anna's eyes widened as she grasped what he was insinuating. She quickly withdrew her gloved hand from his and let it accompany her other, to guard herself. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the auburn haired boy before her. He laughed at her outrage.

She turned her back on him and they sat in a semblance of silence, every once in awhile though, Remy would chuckle or Anna would make an annoyed noise, though neither bothered to leave the other's company. Something kept them drawn to one another. It was just a feeling, but it was enough. Eventually Anna did turn around again, once she believed Remy to have learned his lesson.

"Y' know, Remy's technically adopted," He offered her a look, to which she reciprocated with a glare.

Apparently the boy was not a fast learner.

Author's Note: This is just a little something I need for random collection of one-shots. I'm making this into a series of sorts, except for the fact that none of the installments will be remotely related to each other unless specified. If anyone has a suggestion for one, I'm open to them. I've got quite a few ideas already lined up though incase.