Kim Possible: Origins of Evil

It was a beautiful evening in Middleton. The moon shone brightly in the sky above the town.

Of course, few were aware of what was currently taking place at the nearby "Romano and Friedle Laboratory"…

A beautiful woman had appeared on the top of the building, she took one look around at the inside of the building through the glass covered window at the top. Her claws sharpened on her glove and she carefully cut open a small piece of the window.

Now all she to worry about was the alarm. She leapt down and landed ever so gracefully on her feet. Taking a moment to brush her long black hair back, she then returned to concentrating on the matter at hand.

Her name was Shego. No one would probably guess that underneath her beautiful exterior was a deadly persona. Though she had once fought crime, she steadily found herself growing fascinated with evil and this eventually led to her turning to a life a of crime.

She could easily be identified in her green and black costume, the same outfit she had worn when she was a member of Team Go along with her brothers. Her hands ignited with a strange type of green energy. No one could truly explain how but when a multicolored comet crashed into a tree house from space it somehow gave Shego and her brothers their powers.

She gave the signal and what one could first mistake for a flying saucer on first glance (just without the top part) descended into the room. It was Shego's employer, who she was the "sidekick" of. His name was Dr. Drakken.

That wasn't always his name. He began life as a man named Drew Lipsky, starting out as an ordinary man living an ordinary life. But society can corrupt a man…

After a lifetime of being mocked, teased and ignored, Drew Lipsky disappeared from the world and returned years later under the new name of "Dr. Drakken". He could easily be identified by his not-so-ordinary blue skin. He was a scientific genius and he attempts to use that genius to take revenge on the world that scorned him and conquer it.

Drakken stepped out of the ship.

"All right, let's just get this generator of yours and get out of here. What do you need it for again?" asked Shego.

Drakken sighed. "How many times do I have to say these things to you Shego?"

"Maybe when you start making more sense than usual?" Shego replied, full of wit.

Drakken gave a small glare. "Perhaps I will when you start showing a little more support and a little less sarcasm!"

Shego slyly smiled. "Not likely."

Drakken growled. "Well… this generator is just the first piece in my new plot to take over the world."

Shego sighed. "Yep, some old typical Dr. D. Always stealing instead of inventing his own generator."

Drakken growled again. "I call it outsourcing Shego! OUTSOURCING! How many times do I have to say it?!"

Shego simply rolled her eyes.

"Well… whatever. Now let's just take it and go before…"

"Your ever so persistent arch-nemesis appears and stops you once again? Yeah, admit it, Drakken that's what you were SO going to say."

Drakken and Shego turned and looked and standing in the moonlight was the teen superhero, Kim Possible, her long red hair waving in the wind.

"Kim Possible!" Drakken shouted. "Can't we ever go one job WITHOUT you showing up?"

Kim smiled and descended on the rope. "Sorry Drakken. It's my job to stop you."

Drakken growled. "SHEGO!!!"

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Shego said and leapt at Kim, her arms igniting.

Kim stood her ground and quickly grabbed Shego's arms and flung her into the wall.

Shego let out a small yell and hit the wall.

Kim looked up to the ceiling. "Any time now Ron."

"Coming Kim!"

With that a short, blonde hair teenage boy descended into the room, his name was Ron Stoppable. The sidekick to Kim and now boyfriend, they were nearly identifiable in terms of clothing with the only major difference being that Kim's shirt exposed her midriff.

"Damn you Kim Possible!" Drakken shouted in anger. "You and your little sidekick have interfered with my plans for the last time!"

"Yeah, classic villain banter there Drakken." Kim responded. "Come on, we're archenemies, we're supposed to fight."

Indeed, Kim and Drakken had been archenemies since their first meeting which involved Kim getting a nano-tick stuck on her nose that could've exploded at any time. This nano-tick, of course, was made by Drakken.

"Hmm… you have a point there." Drakken agreed.

While she was talking to Drakken, however, Kim had forgotten about Shego.

"Ooh, you'll PAY for that one, Kimmie!" shouted Shego in anger, having just recovered.

Kim had no time to react before Shego pounced, taking them both the floor. This wasn't uncommon for almost every time Kim and Drakken met, for Kim was sure she'd have to face Shego in combat.

It was during this time that Drakken took the opportunity to pick up the generator. While most generators were generally huge in size, this one was considerably small, well… small enough for Drakken to be able to carry it.

Kim dodged several of Shego's energy blasts and gave the villain a hard kick to the chest.

"KP!" Ron shouted, unsure of what he should do.

"Don't worry about me Ron!" Kim said, somewhat urgently. "You stop Drakken! I'll take care of Shego!"

Ron let out a small nod and started to head towards Drakken, but at that moment, Kim had let her guard down, enabling Shego to leap upon Kim and get her pinned to the floor.

Kim struggled. "Damn you… Shego."

Shego laughed. "Sorry princess, but your weak little arms can't get out of this grip."

Shego placed one hand over Kim's mouth. "Now then, I'll just blast your little head off, Kimmie. Not the most epic way to finally kill you but… eh, who cares?"

"Mmmm! Mmmpphh! MMMMPPHH!" shouted Kim, her yells blocked by Shego's hand, she was trying desperately to break out of Shego's grip.

Drakken was about to place the generator in his ship, Ron approached him, but he heard Kim's muffled shouts and turned to see Shego on the verge of finishing Kim off.

"KIM!!! NO!" shouted Ron, horrified.

Now he was at a crossroads. Should he stop Drakken and keep him from escaping… or should he save his girlfriend from Shego? While Kim probably could fend Shego off on her own he didn't know if he should take that chance. He had little time to convey his thoughts. He had to choose…

Shego grinned. This was it. Her hand that was over Kim's mouth started to ignite, but just before she could finish… she felt someone tackle her from the side, freeing Kim from her grip.

"No one messes with my girlfriend!" Ron shouted.

Shego frowned and kicked Ron off. "Please, like I'm scared of YOU." she said, sarcastically.

Ron landed near Kim, and just as Shego stood up to continue the fight, Drakken was ready.

"Don't bother Shego! We have what we came for! Let's go!" Drakken climbed into the pilot seat.

"Oh well. Next time, Kimmie." Shego leaped into the passenger seat and before Kim and Ron could do anything; the two villains soared out of the ceiling and away into the night.

Kim gasped. "Damn it…" she stood up.

"Kim, I'm sorry…. I know you told me to get Drakken but I saw Shego about to finish you and well…I panicked." Ron bowed his head. "I'm sorry."

"What? No, Ron, don't be." Kim smiled. "It was… cute."

"But…" Ron started.

"Ron… don't worry. Drakken might've gotten away but we'll get him next time."

"I mean, I probably could've gotten out of my own, but I would've done the same thing if I was in your position."

Kim took out her communicator which she used to call Wade, her website manager and filled Kim in on missions. "Wade, Drakken stole some kind of generator. Know why he would take it?"

Wade typed a few keystrokes on his computer. "Hmm, I'm not sure, Kim. This new type of generator was designed to gather electrons and create a new type of medical laser. I can't see how this would help in world conquest."

"Hmm, yeah, but then again, Drakken's an evil genius, let us know if you find anymore info Wade." said Kim.

"Can do." replied Wade.


Drakken's Lair

"Now then, with this first piece of equipment, I can start building my new super weapon!" Drakken gloating, in typical villain fashion.

Shego sighed as she filed her nails. "Again? Can't you do something a LITTLE more original than that?"

"…shut it, Shego. You haven't even heard the rest of the plan yet!"

"I already know that it's pretty cliché."

Drakken growled. "You know Shego. It would be nice if once, JUST ONCE, you could say… 'What's the next target, Dr. Drakken?' or 'You'll conquer the world this time!'"

"Eh. That's not my style, Dr. D. Sorry." Shego smiled subtly.

Drakken growled. "Anyway… I'm gonna just continue gloating about my plan as usual."

"Go ahead. I'm just gonna ignore you as usual."

"What…? Grr… AGGGHH! You are NO help Shego!"

"What are you talking about? I'm the best help you've got."

"…I meant in a supportive role."

"What do you mean? I support you all the time. I fight Possible for you and you do whatever it is you need to do…"

"…NO! Not in that sense!"

"In what other sense are you talking about?"

"I… I… you know… talking… supportive?"

Shego raised her eyebrow. "Huh?"

"As in… in your words, you could be supportive…"

"Oh… well, eh. Maybe you'll get lucky."

Before Drakken could reply, his cell phone rang. "Hold on." He answered it.

Shego could hear a woman's voice from the phone and could tell by Drakken's expression that it was his overbearing and embarrassing mother, who had no idea that her son was an evil mastermind.

"Um, mother, I'm a little busy right now…. Yes, I know… yes, I'm doing quite fine. The radio show is coming along well… uh, sorry… mother, going through a tunnel right now… signal's breaking up…." He quickly hung up and sighed.

"Aww, how could you be so cruel? Your mommy REALLY wanted to talk to you." Shego smirked.

"Grr… well, she's… she's embarrassing…"

"You know, why don't you tell your mother that you're evil… that would get her off your back really quickly?"

Drakken sighed and said quietly. "She… wouldn't understand… nobody understands…"

Shego looked slightly surprised. "Well, if she doesn't understand… then what about your father? You know… you've never mentioned your father…"

As soon as Shego finished that sentence, something happened that she didn't expect… Drakken got furious. VERY furious.

"Don't you ever EVER mention my father to me again!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!!!"

Shego fell out of her chair in surprise and shock. "…whoa, looks like I touched a nerve. What's your deal, huh?"

Drakken paused. "Uh… nothing. Never mind, forget I said that. I'll just go now."

With that, Drakken left, but Shego noticed a strange sadness across his face…


Middleton High School… Cheerleading Practice

The Middleton cheerleaders had just perfected another new cheer led by Kim, their captain.

"Well, that was a good job, girls." Kim said, wiping away some sweat. "Yeah, we'll blow everyone away at the big game Saturday."

One of the girls scoffed. "If I was captain, I'd come up with a better cheer than this retarded crap."

Kim scowled at this girl. Drakken may have been her archenemy in her life as a superhero and Shego her rival, but in her life as an ordinary teenager, her archrival was Bonnie Rockweller. They had known each other since they were young children; their rivalry had always been present.

"I'd like to see you come up with a better cheer B." Kim replied.

"I probably could K. Much less get a better boyfriend." Bonnie replied with a slightly wicked smile.

Kim let out a small gasp. "How did Ron get into this?!"

Bonnie scoffed. "Hey, if you're the Captain, why are you dating some loser like him?"

"He is no loser Bonnie!" Kim responded angrily, almost ready to attack her.

Bonnie scoffed again. "Oh really? His whole attitude, his stupidity, his antics… all say otherwise."

It was at that moment that Ron entered the room. "Hey KP! Ready to hit Bueno Nacho?"

"I'll be along in a minute Ron." Kim smiled sweetly as Ron started to walk out.

"Oh yeah sure. Go to Bueno Nacho like usual. Can't he be a little more original?" Bonnie crossed her arms and smirked.

Kim stuttered. "W-well, he loves Nacos… what else can I say?"

"Face it K. He's the worst and most unoriginal boyfriend in history."

Unbeknownst to Kim, Ron had heard every word Bonnie was saying.


Bueno Nacho

As Kim prepared to eat, she noticed Ron appeared uptight.

"Ron, what's the matter?" she asked.

"Huh? Oh n-nothing." Ron stuttered. "Just… um, watching Rufus eat… yep, that's what I'm doing!"

Rufus, Ron's pet naked mole rat just continued to bite into one of Ron's nachos.

"Oooo-kay. So, what do you want to do tomorrow?" Kim asked.

"Uh… whatever you want to do KP. I mean, you know, something original and all that…"

"…Ron, did you hear what Bonnie said?" asked Kim, looking slightly sad.

"What? No! No! What about Bonnie? I didn't hear anything about me being unoriginal and the worst boyfriend in history… oops."

"Ron… you're NOT the worst boyfriend in history."

"Well, I… it's just… I mean… maybe if I had stopped Drakken and known that you could've handled Shego… maybe they'd both be in jail."

"Oh, Ron… you're…" before Kim could continue, her communicator beeped, she answered. "What's the sitch, Wade?"

"Drakken's on his way to a new laboratory in the mountains. I'll send you the coordinates."

"Thanks Wade. You see Ron? We'll have this all sorted out in no time." said Kim, smiling. "Let's go."


So things seemed normal… Drakken had conducted another evil scheme; Kim was on her way to stop him, but neither of them knew what truly awaited them… for they were being watched by one man… this man knew everything about them. About their pasts, about their conflicts, about their sidekicks Ron and Shego, everything… and he was about to strike out. No one was prepared for this…

"Ah, Dr. Drakken… you've proven yourself to be nothing more than an incompetent failure!!! Well, you'll soon pay… oh yes, you'll pay DEARLY. I've been watching you for all these years, you always had the chance to put away that wretched girl time and time again! But you always proceeded to make a fool of yourself. A true conqueror would never be so… so… STUPID!!! I see your weakness and soon… very soon… it will come back to haunt you. And it will be your ruin."


Well, this concludes Chapter 1. A couple of questions have come up. Why did Drakken get so upset when Shego brought up the subject of his father? Who is this mysterious man who is so angry with Drakken? Many secrets about our favorite blue-skinned villain are about to be revealed… and nothing will ever be the same for anyone.

Just a note, this won't really be a D/S fanfic… but you can forward to some… moments is all I'll say, but yeah, Kim/Ron fans should find plenty of stuff to like. (I hope anyway… heh heh) Hope you enjoyed it.