Author's Note: I don't have much to say, other than this little idea stuck with me so I thought I'd try it out on you, the reader. Let me know what you think so far, but please, I'm not flame-proof. Constructive criticism is welcome, but this wasn't intended as a deep piece of fiction, I'll warn you now.

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Labyrinth. Any other characters and locations mentioned were created by me, but since none of them are especially glamorous, I doubt anyone will care.

Sarah lived her life on the edge of goodbye. Like anyone who was waiting for something better to come along, her world was organized in such a way that she could leave it at a moment's notice. In the seven years following her adventure rescuing Toby she had finished school, gotten a job, and cut most of her ties to reality along the way. Despite all the clutter that had flooded her room at fifteen, things she thought at the time that she couldn't live without, now her apartment was almost Spartan, as if she had never bothered to unpack. Her father had pointed out during one of their rare visits that he almost expected her to be gone one day, with no trace she had ever been there at all.
"What are you waiting for?" he had asked.
Sarah had merely smiled and quoted one of her favorite poems, "I guess I'm waiting for a rebirth of wonder." He hadn't understood.
She knew what she was doing, even if she wouldn't admit to herself why she was doing it. She held a job that covered her rent, working for a local magazine. Her work was good, but not especially noticeable, her position secure, but not vital. She had decided long before graduating that her work was of very little importance to her. Likewise, her co-workers liked her, but no one felt close to her. That bond was reserved for her brother and the few friends she intended to be a part of her life forever: those she had made in the Labyrinth.
True to her word, whenever she needed Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus she called - even for no reason at all. They too had noticed her change over the years, but since she didn't seem unhappy they didn't mention it. Nor did they mention the number of men she went through at a surprising rate. Didymus had suggested they bring it up once, but Hoggle had quickly vetoed the idea.
"That's between her and the King. When they's ready to face each other, they will."

It's hard to sweep someone off their feet after they've waltzed with a Goblin King, and many men had found themselves in the discard pile of Sarah's life. While most men felt she was everything they ever wanted, she found them all lacking. She pitied them mostly, but an active sex drive and the belief that the one man she wanted didn't want her kept her searching and generally crushing everyone that got in the way.