The Demon Shinobi of Konoha

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Summary: After the attack of the Kyuubi it was revealed who the father of the container was to the clan council to save the child's life. Now 13 years later Konoha is prospering with many strong shinobi. One of the strongest and most feared of all the Konoha ninja is about to get his own genin team to test. How will the students fair with the legendary Demon Shinobi of Konoha.

Rating: T for now. In the future might be raised if I feel the language, gore, and who knows what else becomes obsesive.

Pairings: NaruHina will be main down the line. Others may be in the story, but they won't be as focused on.

Out of Character: Naruto will be smarter and stronger, but as for how he actually acts, that will turn out more later in the story. The rest of the characters will be pretty much in character before they were heavily influenced by Naruto.And I am still debating on an OC since obviously we will be short one team member.

Length: Likely very long. Since it will be starting out at the end of the academy days with flash backs. I just want to give everyone a feel on Naruto.

How often will I update?: My main focus at the moment is on my two stories Guardian and Kitsune Memories, once they both are done I will begin to really focus on this story and the other new one I am starting at the moment. I want to get the prologue out and see the reactions people have to the story. Chapters will also likely be longer than those I have in Guardian or Kitsune Memories.

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Prologue: The Demon Shinobi of Konoha

Tap tap tap tap

That continuous tapping…

Tap tap tap tap

Did he really need just doing that?

Tap tap tap tap

Can't he just sit fucking still?

Tap tap tap tap

"Shut the hell up with the damn tapping! It's driving me crazy."

The man, his employer, looked back at him in shock.

"S-sorry…I am just a little…nervous"

Of course he was nervous. He had every reason in the world to nervous. That still didn't mean that he could drive him crazy by tapping his fingers on his desk.

The man he was guarding was known as Shinta. That's all his employer cared to tell him, and personally he didn't care anyway. Shinta was a short balding little businessman. The one thing true about any businessman today was that they are corrupt, power hungry little mongrels. And while he hated working for them, they pay well.

Money is what was most important to Shinta, money and his own life. His life was better if he had more money, thus getting money any way he could made his life better. Whether it was from cheating people, threatening them, or just plain stealing he didn't care.

He had come to find that money was a great way to help live your life and save it at the same time. If it wasn't for money he wouldn't be able to afford his small personal army, he wouldn't be able live in his well secured home, and he wouldn't be able to hire B rank missing nin to be his personal guard.

And that's why he was here. His name was Kusagi Kiro, an A rank missing nin from the Cloud. Him and his brother Shuro had run away from Cloud 3 years ago when they stole the current Raikage's personal jutsu scroll. With it they both became two of the best lightning jutsu users in the world. They started as low C rank in the bingo books of the hidden villages, but quickly worked their way up to B rank through the jobs they took and ninja they killed.

They were originally hired to kill Shinta by a man named Gatou. Apparently Gatou was in the same sort of business as Shinta, but was operating in wave country at the moment. Eventually planning to expand his operations into the fire country, Gatou needed to get rid of Shinta. A gang war was the last thing either of the two really needed. The result of that would be messy and attract too much attention from the ninja in Konoha. So instead Gatou offered him a good amount of money to just assassinate Shinta.

Would have worked too, had Shinta not offered more money to be his body guards. The offer was generous enough for them to shred their contract with Gatou and become Shinta's new top rank body guards. Besides he didn't really like the competition with Gatou's organization for jobs. He had another two A rank nins on his side that he tended to favor.

So now this is where he was, guarding this fidgety little man while his brother was off to check on the normal guards. He had to admit that he was impressed by the guards though. It had been no easy task for him and his brother to first sneak in, and now with them helping it had become even better. Today was different however, security was tighter today since they had some news he didn't want to hear.

Apparently after the assassination attempt Gatou decided the best way to deal with Shinta would be to send another shinobi after them, but this time it wouldn't be some missing nin. He had managed to find some info on Shinta's dealings and sent the info anonymously to Konoha. So now a team from Konoha was likely to come if the info was bad enough. Luckily for Shinta they had a spy in Gatou corps that had managed to get this info to him, or they would have been completely unprepared for what ever was coming.

The only thing unsettling to him was why Shinta was so worried. Kiro knew that Shinta's dealings weren't legal, but still it couldn't be bad enough that he was so nervous one would think that the Hokage was going to come personally. The most likely thing coming for him would maybe be a small team of likely 3 Chunnin, at most a decent Jounin. So what was there to worry about? They could easily handle a few Chunnin, and if a Jounin did come, then he could likely fight him one on one with moderate difficulty. Then if things got bad his brother could step in.

"Really Shinta, you don't need to be so nervous." The small man jumped a little in his seat. 'He was no where near this nervous when we came after him'. Kiro thought. "I wouldn't worry so much. Even if what you spy told us is true, then the most likely thing they would send at you is a few Chunnin or maybe a Jounin depending on what kind of info they got. So don't worry me and Shuro can easily handle some Jounin or a few Chunnin."

To his surprise Shinta didn't calm down at all. If anything the man got even more nervous when he spoke about it depending on what kind of information Konoha got their hands on. 'What could Konoha of learned to make him this nervous?' He was about to question it further until his brother opened the door and proceeded to talk in the office.

His brother walked in with a bored look on his face, as if wondering why they ever took such a simple job. His brother was much more vicious than himself and would of have likely killed Shinta for the joy of it, had Kiro not figured it a way of some easy income. Shuro just walked over to the couch lazily and sat down while propping his legs up on a small coffee table in front of him.

"So how do things look outside Shuro?" Kiro asked just for the sake of boredom. Just by seeing how Shuro was acting Kiro could easily tell nothing was going on outside.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." Shuro let out a long sigh as he leaned his head back to look at the ceiling. "Jeez I mean, I was hoping we could finally get some action. I am starting to get really bored of this job bro."

"I know what you mean." It was true after all. This job really was starting to get boring. He had been working for Shinta for a few months now and the closest thing he had come to a fight was threatening some of Shinta's clients into paying. While it was fun to intimidate some weaker people, it still gets boring after while.

"Do we even really know if Konoha is sending anybody? Or could this be some joke Gatou is pulling on us to make us look afraid."

Kiro just shrugged his shoulders in response. He guessed it could be possible that the info was all false, but that didn't mean his employer was willing to risk his life by believing it wasn't. So he would still be stuck here with his brother.

"E-even still, we should be prepared to escape."

Kiro looked over at Shinta a little annoyed. Did he doubt their abilities or something? Or did he just expect something a little too tough for them to be able to handle, if that was true, then the info must have been incredibly bad, which he highly doubted. Still it left him wondering.

"Shinta…just what did Konoha…" Kiro was interrupted by the buzzing of the speaker phone on Shinta's desk. Kiro just looked at it annoyed, while Shinta nearly fell out of his seat when it went off.

"Yes?" Shinta answered

"Shinta sir, this is Hiroshi at the front gate." The voice sounded a little panicky at whatever the reason he was calling for. Kiro and Shuro listened in carefully to the call, incase something important was going on.

"What's wrong?"

"Well sir…ah there is some guy walking towards the compound."


"Well from what I can tell from a distance. He is a Konoha nin."

Looking over at his brother he watched as a big grin over took Shuro's bored face. Same could be said about Kira himself, he had been waiting for a fight, and it looked like they sent some poor Jounin to take care of the job. Now they would get some fun.

"DON'T LET HIM INTO THE COMPOUD! DO YOU HEAR ME?!" Shinta roared over the intercom. He was sweating nervously now in fear of what might be coming.

"Y-yes sir!" With the guard cut off the line.

"Hah! Finally some action. Come on bro; let's see if we can figure out who it is from the window." Shuro leapt off of his seat on the sofa and bound towards the window. Kiro shook his head softly at his brother's antics. He was a hell of a fighter and very intimidating, but he could get as giddy as a school child when anticipation of anything.

Walking over to the window of the two story building he looked out towards the front gate. There were about 5 guards stationed there at the moment, each with various weapons and fighting techniques. As a ninja they wouldn't be rated above Genin, but there were talented plain fighters none the less. Looking down the road some to where the man the guard was talking about, however, he felt his jaw drop and eyes widen.

"It can't be…there's no way they would send him…"

He had grey spiky hair off to one side, his forehead protector covering his left eye, and a mask that covered the bottom half of his face. He was wearing the traditional clothing of a Konoha Jounin, a green combat vest, dark blue pants and long sleeve shirt, along with plated black gloves. That and he was reading a little orange book. All the signs were there.

"Copy ninja Kakashi…"

"Who is that bro?" Shuro asked. While he may have been a skilled fighter, and a bloodthirsty one at that, he had never liked to research into other ninja's. In truth it still surprised Kiro that his brother didn't know who Kakashi was. He would think that his brother would want to know the names of strong opponents for him to fight.

"That's Hatake Kakashi, also known as the famous copy ninja Kakashi. He is a high A ranked Jounin from Konoha. It's said that he has copied over a thousand different jutsu's from the opponents he has fought. So he can use any jutsu for a situation. His forehead protector is covering the famous Sharingan eye." He stated in a mixed sense of awe and fear.

'Why the fuck would they send Hatake Kakashi?' Kiro watched as Kakashi easily knocked out every guard that was running at him as he passed through the gate, not once taking his eyes off the book he was reading. The mission looked as if it was child's play to him. 'We gotta get outta here!'

"Shinta get up! Were leaving!" Kiro announced. Before he could barely make a step towards the door his brother was in front of him with a furious look in his eyes.

"What the fuck do you mean were leaving?" Shuro yelled in outrage. To his surprise the response he got was a fist to jaw from his older brother.

"That as the famous copy nin out there! He is too much of a match for us. We are leaving while we can." Kiro stated hastily as he pulled his shocked brother up from the floor. Shinta was standing right behind Kiro as he started to make his way to the door. Opening it he was shocked to see what was outside.

Outside in the long hallway that led towards Shinta's office were dozens of guards unconscious. Every single one was completely disabled and either against the ground or wall completely knocked out. This shocked the group because they never even heard the commotion of fighting while they were only in the next room.

Kiro barely managed to dodge the kunai that came flying towards his face. At the last second he moved his head to the side and it grazed along his temple until it flew past him into the room slamming in the opposite wall. At the end of the hall was an Anbu in a black cloak. Kiro just barely caught a glimpse of the mask when he slammed the door and pressed his back to it breathing heavily.

"Oh shit…" There was no denying it. They were pretty much fucked. His brother was to the side after dodging the kunai.

"What the fuck?!" Shuro yelled out in surprise looking at the kunai imbedded in the wall by Shinta's desk. Turning around he looked at the blood running down his brothers face.

Kiro had only caught a glimpse of the mask the Anbu wearing, but it was enough for him. He was wearing the Kitsune mask; only one person wore that mask. "It's the demon of Konoha."

Shuro looked at his brother in shock. "What?! Why would Konoha send him?"


Turning and looking down he noticed the confused expression on Shinta's face. Of course the little man had never heard of the demon, his name wasn't well known outside of ninja. Looking down at the small man Kiro realized that he should at least know of the person coming for him.

"According to rumor two years ago, on the anniversary of the defeat of the Kyuubi by the Yondaime of Konoha, a brand new Anbu was introduced to the ranks of Konoha. He was taken in well with the ninja there, but the villagers were a different case because he wore the mask of the Kitsune."

Kiro was reciting word for word what he knew about the man. A lot of info started spreading about him about a year and half ago after the demon took out some A rank missing nin. The underground went completely ballistic about the unknown shinobi and price was quickly put on his head. They told each other what little info they got on him from Konoha.

"He completed all of his missions efficiently and was known to have incredible power. He quickly became feared and respected in Konoha and earned his nickname from other countries shinobi as "The Demon of Konoha" because of the circumstances around his mask."

By the time he was finished Shinta looked ready to wet himself even though there was much he hadn't told him. The demon had always succeeded in his missions and if he was here then it meant only one thing. He was here to likely kill Shinta.

"Well it seems you know a lot about me."

Kuri's gaze snapped over to the desk that Shinta occupied a few minutes ago. Sitting in the chair was the demon and the kunai in the wall was gone. 'Shit' He was wearing the standard body armor of the Konoha Anbu along with the cloak. His legs were propped up on top of the desk as he stretched back in the chair with one hand behind his head and the other holding a small book in front of his face.

"Kiro and Shuro Kusagi. Two B-rank Missing nin. Wanted for theft of the Raikage's personal jutsu scrolls, murder of a number of civilians, along with the murder of a number of shinobi. Both are well known for lightning jutsu's they stole from the Raikage, but chakra capacity and taijutsu are supposed to be mediocre." Finishing the page he decided it would be a good time to close his bingo book and place it back in his pocket. "Hmm though looking at you I would say maybe mid to high C rank at best."

"What are you here for?" Shuro exploded.

Kiro almost smacked his brother on the backside of his head for asking such a stupid question. The demon only chuckled a little bit in response and cocked his head to the side as if asking if he was serious.

"What could Shinta possibly have done to make Konoha pissed off enough to send you and the copy nin!"

"Oh we volunteered for this mission. No pay."

"What? Why would do something like that?"

"You're little employer there made a deal with someone that caused us a great deal of pain."

Kiro's looked on in confusion. Who could Shinta have made a deal with to make them work without pay for revenge? This wasn't the kind of situation he wanted to end up in when he joined Shinta. His only chance was to somehow escape.


"Orochimaru…" He spoke with venom.

Kiro's eyes widened in shock along with his brothers at the utterance of the name. The legendary traitor of the leaf, Orochimaru, was the one they wanted. When the hell did Shinta make a deal with him? How could Shinta not tell him about meeting with the Snake Sannin? Of course Konoha would send them if Orochimaru was involved somehow.

"Ah it looks like you two didn't know. Oh well I still have a mission to complete so get out of the way before I force you."

Kiro knew his brother well and knew what was going to happen now. Shuro was trained to always focus on the mission, in this case protection Shinta. But worse than that was Shuro was easy to anger and hated being told what to do. Before Kiro could get him to stop Shuro leapt into action like the good mercenary he was.

Immediately he reached into his pouch and hurled three kunai at the Anbu who tried to stand up quickly. To Kiro's surprise he watched at the three kunai pierced straight into the chest of the demon and he slumped back into the chair. Kiro swallowed the lump in his throat nervously as he walked to check the body in disbelief.

"Let's get out of here!"

Kiro turned around to see his brother already in front of the door ready to escape with Shinta. Kiro was about to move also when he heard a small poof behind him. Turning around quickly he noticed smoke where the body should have been. 'A bunshin that whole time?'

Kiro spun around quickly to look at his brother, standing in front of the door, who was wearing an equal expression of shock.

Knock Knock

Kiro watched in horror as his brother turned around to face the door. When Shuro turned around there was instantly a blade coming through the door. Before he could react the sword had pierced straight through Shuro's throat. Tears welled up in his eyes as Kiro watched his brother pull away from the blade and start to choke on his own blood. Kiro got a final look in his brothers frightened eyes before Shuro fell to the ground. His brother was dead.

The door was kicked open and the Anbu walked in calmly stepping over Shuro and facing Kiro. He looked at the corpse on the ground and then back at Kiro before he spoke.

"I didn't want to kill you two; I could have brought you in peacefully if he didn't attack. Normally I would give you the option to come peacefully, but I have a feeling that you would rather stay and seek revenge for your brother."

Kiro knew he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he didn't at least try something against the killer of his brother. So solemnly he nodded his head in agreement to the demon's statement. Immediately Kiro started making seals the second after he nodded.

Lightning stated to gather in his palms as he slowly spread his arms out causing the current of electricity to stretch. The Anbu watched curiously as the lightning continued to build up and glow between his palms. After his arms finished spreading out he slowly brought them back in, straining against the power to condense the lightning till the light was almost blinding. Finally he couldn't hold it any longer and the lightning flew out horizontally like a slash in the air.

"Lightning Lash"

Kiro stared in wonder as he watched the Anbu pulled his hand out of the cloak. In his palm rested a swirling blue orb of chakra. He quickly slammed the orb of chakra into in to the lash of lightning in the air.


The two attacks struggled for only a second before the lightning broke in half and flew by him harmlessly. Kiro just looked on in shock that one of his best attacks was just beaten. Still the name of the attack nagged the back of his mind.


"While you may have been using your lightning element in that last attack, the Rasengan is a technique that uses pure chakra in its attack. Thus you're element gains no advantage or disadvantage against my attack and it becomes a pure battle of strength. In this case I have more…" He disappeared in a blur of movement.

"For what it's worth, I am sorry." Kiro heard spoken to the side of him before he felt the blade pierce through his throat.

Shinta stood in shock at watching how quickly his two best men had been dispatched. He watched as the Anbu quickly wiped the blood clean from his blade and re sheathed it before turning to Shinta himself.


Shinta turned around quickly to make a break for it. When he turned around he saw a man with a mask covering half of his face standing in front of him, his eye curved happily. He gave a slight wave to Shinta.


Shinta fainted from the shock and nearly had a heart attack.

Kakashi just scratched the back of his head while looking at the little man. The Anbu just chuckled at the antics of the Jounin as he took a scroll out of the pack that belonged to the missing nin. After words he walked over to where Kakashi was sitting on top of Shinta while reading.

"You were late."

"Ah gomen. I was just"

"Save it for someone else." Kakashi sweat dropped a little.

"So…do you think he will know anything?"

Kakashi looked up with a serious expression in his eye at the question. "Not likely, Orochimaru is too clever. But if he does know something we will be the first to find out."

"Yeah I guess so…"

"Come on lets get him out of here, he's got a date with Ibiki." The Anbu shuddered a little bit at what poor Shinta would be going through. Without another word Kakashi grabbed Shinta and threw him over his shoulder before they jumped out the window.

The demon just took one last look at the two bodies on the floor before jumping out of the window along side of Kakashi. Kakashi was waiting for him at the front gate entrance. Around him were a number of unconscious bodies on the ground from when he first came in.

"You ready?"

A single nod was all the response was all Kakashi got before they took off for Konoha at a speed most could barely see. Kakashi observed the one next to him carefully. The normally very cheerful boy was being a little to quiet and thoughtful. 'Something must be bothering him.'

"Ne, Kakashi-sempai?"

Kakashi arched his eyebrow at the honorific of respect given. Normally he would just call him some kind of pervert to get his attention.


"Do you think the old man will let me get a team this time around?"

'Ahh is it that time already?'

"Hmm this would be the age group that you would of graduated with right?"


"Well I sort of doubt he would want you to teach people you're own age…" The Anbu's head dropped some knowing Kakashi was likely right. Kakashi smirked a little bit before continuing. "But most of the clan heads children are graduating in this group; some of them might want you to teach."

He might have been wearing a mask, but Kakashi could visibly see the changes in posture the Anbu had. His spirits were picked up some by the comment. Kakashi knew how much he wanted to be a Jounin sensei to follow the foot steps of his father.

"Thanks Kakashi-sempai"

"You will do him proud Naruto."


-Konoha Hokage Tower-

'Ah finally.'

Sarutobi turned around slowly in his chair to face towards the window. It was late in the evening in Konoha, but the streets still looked busy with life. Sarutobi looked on happily as he smoked from his pipe, his paperwork for the day finally finished.

Things were going well in the village of the leaves. The people were at peace and the village was in a state of prosperity. The villagers themselves were making good money for the village economy, through both trade and agriculture. Missions were plentiful and profitable. Still though, he couldn't help but believe that the village would be doing better if the man he had chosen as his successor were still alive.


No matter how many times he would tell himself that every day it still didn't make him feel any better about what had happened. Arashi just wouldn't let Sarutobi make the sacrifice; it was his job as the Hokage of Konoha, not the job of the former Hokage. He used his own son, knowing that it would be impossible for him to ask anyone else in the village for theirs. He sacrificed his life, and basically the life for his son to lead a normal life, for the village to survive.

The night the Kyuubi attacked changed numerous opinions of how to hold in regard others. They also probably didn't realize just how much their decision had molded the future for Konoha.


Sarutobi was surprised, well maybe that wasn't the right word, shocked was more like it. Sarutobi had prepared himself mentally on his walk the council chamber, prepared to explain what had happened and how the boy was to be treated as a hero. What he received both severely cut both his respect and trust in a large number of people.

"We should kill him while we have the chance."

That's right, the council elders were asking for the child's death. He couldn't tell them whose son he was. If they knew who he was then Sarutobi knew what would happen. They would try to take advantage of him, and bring him to their side. He could become a powerful ally to any one of the clans. He had to save the child…

"He is not the demon, just a child." Sarutobi argued. He sat in the center of the large half circle table. To his sides were all of the elders and even the clan elders were here for this meeting. Directly in front of the group on the ground sat a tiny basket where the new born in question was sleeping.

"It can't be allowed to live after what it did."

Sarutobi was having difficulty with them. The elders that were non shinobi were very adamant about killing the child. He knew they feared what they didn't understand. His only hope seemed to be the few Shinobi elders not incredibly willing to kill the child. Many of them showed the same signs as the others, but some of them were keeping a cool head about the situation. One was puzzling him though.

Hyuuga Hiashi was normally one of the most vocal of persons in the council, but now he was remaining completely silent. Sarutobi knew that the man had been suffering a great deal. Hiashi and Arashi were teammates, rivals, and best friends. The reason he was more puzzled though was Hiashi's thoughtful look at young Naruto. Not once had his eyes left the child's. He just kept staring as if waiting for something.

"I still don't see why we have reason to be afraid."

Sarutobi smiled a little as he heard the response. Nara Shikaku was one of the most intelligent men he knew. The lazy Jounin and clan leader in question was currently leaning back in his chair with his arms behind the back of his head. He seemed almost bored with what was happening.

"What do you mean Shikaku!"

"What I said…he's just a child, what harm can he do?"

"He is the demon. If we don't kill him while he's weak, we may never get another chance."

"You have yet to provide adequate proof, that he is indeed the demon."

Sarutobi looked at the new voice. Aburame Shibi was one of the quietest people he had ever met, but when he spoke it was important. His clan prided themselves on their use of logic to solve situations in question. They were the ones that would always think things out before behaving irrationally. Perhaps he would be able to persuade the growing number.

"The seal is all the proof we need."

"That doesn't prove that he is indeed the demon."

"Still think of the risk"

There was a loud slap as a hand hit the table. Yamanka Inoichi was standing up now looking furious at all of the people in favor of killing the child. The clan head was young and brash, but that was exactly what was needed. "This is bullshit. There is no way Arashi would just seal the demon for us to kill an innocent child!"

"You would put such blind faith in him!?"

"I would trust Arashi with my life!"

The arguing just kept going. Neither side seemed to be making any lee way with the other group, but the group of normal elders was still larger than the group against killing him. It was looking like Sarutobi would have to tell them who the boy was and try to protect him himself.

During this time Sarutobi decided to pass the time as Hiashi was, watching the child. How they could want to kill the boy, he couldn't understand. Just looking at him it was possible to tell he was innocent. Sarutobi just watched the child sleep restlessly, the act of the seal must have taken a lot out of him. Naruto opened his eyes for the first time for only a few seconds, not really seeing anything, before falling back asleep. Sarutobi smiled a little bit at the sight, but immediately panicked when he saw Hyuuga Hiashi had risen and walked over to the basket.

"Hiashi what are you doing!" Sarutobi yelled out, worried for the child's sake. Could Hiashi possibly want revenge for his friend's life? To his relief Hiashi only stood in front of the baby.

"I have seen all the proof I need…" Hiashi spoke. Some of the people on the side of killing the demon smirked. Hiashi would of course side against the demon that had taken the life of his friend; he would be the one to kill him.

"Do it Hiashi!" "Kill it Hiashi!" "He is the reason Arashi is dead!"

Sarutobi was furious at the actions of the council. He would need to reveal who he was quickly before Hiashi killed his best friend's son. To his surprise though Hiashi turned around with an emotionless face to the council. Slowly he slipped into the famous Jyuuken stance of the Hyuuga clan, facing the council.

"I will not allow you to harm his son."

The group gasped. 'He saw Naruto's eyes and pieced it together.' Sarutobi thought. Some members seemed to piece the puzzle together easily enough after what Hiashi said. It seemed that most of them believed that the Fourth would only use his own son. Some were still confused however.

"What are you talking about Hiashi!"

"He is Arashi's son." 'And much more to the Hyuuga clan'


Hiashi glared at the councilman. "Do you really think so little of Arashi that he would take just any child to put this burden on?" The councilman in question shrank a little in his chair and started to find the surface of the table very interesting.

Sarutobi wasn't sure whether or not he wanted to thank Hiashi or strangle him for letting the fox out of the bag so to speak. Many of the other councilmen sat in a stunned silence around the circle. The shinobi understanding exactly the sacrifice made and the civilians trying to comprehend the situation.

"I still don't see the issue. He should be killed even if he is Arashi's son."

Sarutobi didn't even bother to spare Fugaku Uchiha a glance. Personally he didn't like anything about the man, what was there to like behind all the arrogance he put up. The man was even colder and more arrogant than any Hyuuga he had ever met. The head of the Uchiha clan had shown through the discussions already that he was all for killing the child.

"How can you say something like that? Do you really think Arashi would do this to kill his own son?" Inoichi retorted.

Arguing continued back and forth while Sarutobi just sat with his fingers massaging his temple. He had a feeling an argument would break out between the Hyuuga and Uchiha clans because of their past, but he had been pleasantly surprised when all Hiashi did was stand guard at young Naruto's crib in deep thought. The situation wasn't turning out at all how he had hoped. Some wounds just can't heal easily for those that have been hurt.

"We should train him." Hiashi's stoic voice once again cut through.

"What? Why?"

"If we were to train the boy to use the immense amount of power he contains, he could become very useful for our village."

"So you want to use your own best friends son as a tool." Fugaku's remarked snidely with a smirk at the Hyuuga.

"I said no such thing. In fact I say we teach him to follow in his father's footsteps. One day to become our Hokage."

"And who would train him, you? How do we know that you don't want to just turn him into your own little pawn?"

Hiashi's face never changed at the comment, but Hiashi could see the anger in his eyes. Hiashi was withstanding insult after insult from the Uchiha in hopes of saving the young child's life. It wasn't an easy thing for any Hyuuga to take an insult laying down.

"Then why not have him train with each of the clan heads?" Shikaku Nara spoke out. "I mean if you're so worried about him becoming a Hyuuga tool. Just have all of the clans train him in some way."

"How so?"

"I don't know. The Hyuuga could teach him chakra control and about his father. Akimichi could teach strength, Nara strategy…blah blah you get the deal…" Shikaku waved his hand in the air in an uncaring manner as he listed off different ways to train the boy.

All of the ninja clans were agreeing with the proposal except for Fugaku, who absolutely refused to train him, and the most of the civilians were beginning to be swayed to their way. It didn't take much more debating before the decision was final that he would be taught by the clans. He would be a boy raised to be their Hokage.

"Very well then. This is going to be a SS-class secret. No one is to know about this outside this room."

-Flashback over-

Sarutobi sighed as he puffed on his pipe. That had been twelve years ago and Naruto had already surpassed everyone's expectations. He had become and Anbu by age ten under their tutelage and by twelve he had already had a reputation known across the world.

But he wasn't the tool most had expected him to become. In almost every way he was turning out just like his father. They had the same attitude about life, same hopes, same morals. Hiashi had done his best to teach him all about his father and it had worked in the end. He understood that the village needed him and that he was their best hope for the future.

And now he had just received his third request of the night from a clan head to have Naruto lead their child as a Jounin sensei. He knew Naruto wanted to desperately become one to follow in the footsteps of his father. However there could be innumerable complications with him teaching a group his own age. They might not respect him, they might not even want to listen to him at first.

Of course Naruto was strong enough to become one, but that didn't mean he was ready for it. Sensei's held a lot of responsibility for their teams. The sensei's judged when they would take risks and protected their students from risks to great to handle. And the possible pain of losing a student could tear apart a person with as big a heart as Naruto. Sarutobi let out another puff of his pipe as he lost himself in thought.

Knock Knock

"It's open."

In walked Hyuuga Hiashi with a small smile at seeing his old friend. Sarutobi stood up immediately and met Hiashi halfway with a firm hand shake before leading him to one of the chairs before his desk.

"So what brings you here Hiashi."

"Well Hokage-sama. I have a request if you wouldn't mind."


Well that's the beginning of this story. Sorry, but you might have to wait a while for the first chapter of this story. Till then I have a vote that will greatly influence the plot of this story. With Naruto not being a genin there will be a spot open among the rookie nine. I already have two people picked out for Naruto's team, so here the vote.

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