Okay, so. I've tried writing a sequel before. For one of my Friends stories, but that didn't go very well. I'm trying again however. I really hope this sequel wont be a disaster, because it'll ruin the first story, don't ya think? Anyway, I hope I'm not disappointing you, because honestly, I don't know if this story will be very good. If it's a totally disaster, I'm just gonna delete it again. And one last thing… If someone is reading this, who hasn't read "Forbidden Beauty", please read that one first, otherwise you wont be able to follow this one. Deal? Kay, moving on now, don't ya think?


Bold is voiceover. Italics are actions. Regular is regular.


They have loved each other for two years…

Shows Troy and Sharpay kissing each other underneath a tree in the park.

"And this year's cutest couple is… Sharpay Evans and Troy Bolton! Now, that's no surprise…"

Everything went great, until her parents had other plans.

"Then why did it have to be me!? Why couldn't it be Ryan, who had to… entertain that Misja guy!"

"No complaints, Sharpay! I don't wanna hear a peep out of you, and you better behave!"

Shows Sharpay talking to Misja, a small smile on her face.

He had been looking forward to their vacation together…

"So… What are we planning on doing during our vacation? My parents and I are planning on heading to Hawaii, remember I told you that, right? Well… My mom asked me to … ask you if you wanted to tag along?"

"Really? As in seriously for real?"

"Yup. Really, as in seriously for real."

But all that suddenly changed

"Troy, come out of your room!"

Shows Troy lying on his bed, a sad look on his face.

"You do know you're not gonna be able to keep this up for long, don't you? They're your parents, you have to speak to them Sharpay."

"No! I'm not talking to them, ever again. They did this to me, it's all their fault!"

Shows Sharpay hugging a pillow close to her.

And their relationship was coming to an end

Shows Sharpay kissing Misja.

Shows them sitting by a table, looking through different books.


Zac Efron

Shows Troy with his head in Gabriella's lap, tears in his eyes.

"It's so unfair! How can they do this to her – to us! Don't they know how much we love each other? She can't marry him, Gabby! She can't, she's gonna be unhappy forever!"

Ashley Tisdale

Shows Sharpay holding up a wedding dress, looking sad.

Vanessa Hudgens

Shows Gabriella giving Sharpay a deep hug.

Lucas Grabeel

Shows Ryan handing Sharpay her pink cell phone.

"Try calling him again."

And introducing Chad Michael Murray as Misja

Shows Misja sitting next to Sharpay, an interesting look in his eyes.

"I'm having dinner with a beautiful lady, ain't I?"

You've read "Forbidden Beauty", but here is the sequel…

Shows Troy and Sharpay on the stage in school, dressed nicely, but they aren't looking at each other.

Forbidden Dreams

"They want me to marry him, Troy…"

So, there you have it. This is just a teaser, it'll probably be awhile before I get the first chapter up, y'know, if you want to read this. And please be honest, if you don't want to read it, I'll not put it up. Don't wanna waste my time writing something you aren't gonna read.

Tootles, Stessa ;p