HAPPY AWE DAY ALL!!!! Well for those of you seeing it today.


Will sat across the dinner table from his wife watching her slowly spread butter across a fresh hot bun. Elizabeth looked up from the bread noticing her husband's loving gaze and smiled.

Typical newlywed behavior.

"Elizabeth, can you pass the peas?" He asked.

She didn't respond.

"Liz, peas please?"

Still, nothing.


Elizabeth put down her butter knife and looked her husband in the eye, she couldn't help but smile.

"Oh, forgive me." Will finally said. "Mrs. Turner, can you pass the peas please?"

"Why certainly Mr. Turner" she laughed and obeyed.

Mrs. Turner was her new name, and she could never imagine being called anything else again.


This was an actual drabble! I finally wrote an actual drabble! HAHA. Okay seeing as how AWE is 11 hours away, this is the last drabble I'm going to write before the film. Even though the point was to pass the time, and it worked, I think I'll continue because I had way too much fun with this to stop. So yeah I just want to say congrats to all you Willabeth shippers out there for making it through some hard times after DMC. Stay strong guys, AWE is here and now it's our time to shine!