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A handsome young police officer pushed a squeaking gurney down the completely silent hallways, a small, proud smile on his red lips.

On the gurney was a young woman covered by a white blanket. She was headed towards the morgue. The tragic product of suicide. She'd stabbed herself. According to the report she'd bled to death. Her dead body had been found in some bushes by a jogger. Such a shame two because she was quite lovely.

The cop reached the morgue and pushed the gurney threw the swinging double doors and rolled the young woman's body up with two other dead bodies. The morgue did not have the same effect it does on other people as it did on the young cop; his sharp eyes scanned the cold room quickly. He'd been here plenty of times. After all he was a cop.

He slid the blanket down revealing her face and shoulders the color of death, orange-red hair pressed neatly under her head, a nearly healed bruise on her jaw. The cop smiled leaned down and pressed his lips against her cold ones. Then straightened his back and slid out of the morgue completely undetected. If you had asked anyone they would have claimed to never even had seen that young cop. Even though several people had looked directly into his eyes.

Stepping out into the cloudy Ipswich day Chase Collins was extremely pleased with himself. For in the morning they would find the body of a 16 year old Josephine Rivers; they would inform her family and Spencer of the tragic death of the 16 year old. The students at Spencer, even the ones that had barely known her, would mourn the lose. And legally she would be dead. No normal human being would ever search for her again. For she is dead. And that was how it was suppose to be.


"Reid" someone was shaking the slender blonds shoulder; with a groan Reid opened his eyes to stare straight up into Tyler's big brown ones. The boy had a shine in his eyes that basically read something-is-horribly-wrong. Reid tightened up waiting for Tyler to speak. But the boy didn't.

He sat up grabbing her book before it hit the ground, closed it and set it down next to him. "What's wrong Baby Boy?" Reid asked trying to force himself to be considerate. But he was both tired and irritated. He also had a cramp in his neck from laying on it wrong.

"Well," Tyler stepped away from him fiddling with a book that slid between his hands and clattered to the ground. Irritation was welling in Reid. "Reid," Tyler began again "someone found the body of a 16 year old girl left in a bush; her neck was slit," Tyler swallowed hard "Pogue and Caleb went to identify the body while you were sleeping. Its her Reid." Tyler's voice cracked when he tried to keep himself from crying on the last word.

Reid felt his whole body freeze up. He'd been so sure, for a few hours he'd reassured himself that she was alive. He didn't want to believe it but in the end what else was he supposed to believe? Chase was heartless, letting her die would have been the only option for him.

Reid let the notebook fall out of hands, it had belonged to a girl that he had loved dearly. She was dead now. He heard Tyler take a few steps forward, watched as he bent down scooped the notebook up and cradled it.

"Tyler why did I have to love her if she was just going to die?" He asked not necessarily to Tyler; even though he used his name.

Tyler gave a long sigh plopping down next to his best friend. He could feel the broken heart emanating from him. He truly loved her. Tyler blinked back tears fiercely. This was probably going to be the only moment in their entire life where it was okay to act a little gay so he put his arm around Reid and gave him a hug.

"I don't know," Tyler whispered "I just don't know that Reid. But she knew you loved her for the time you knew her that's all you can ever give someone I guess" Reid let out a shaky breath obviously trying not to cry.

"Sometimes I don't get you" Reid said making them both chuckle "we must look like thirteen year old girls holding each other like this" they both laughed then sobered instantly. Finally Tyler let him go leaned back and just let the tears come. Reid on the other hand leaned forward his shoulders shaking violently as the reality truly set it.

I love you Joce. His chest felt as if it had a sharp pain in the middle of it. At the same time his heart felt so hallowed, where she used to be there was only emptiness.

Now he knew what she must have been going threw all of those days she had struggled to hold on a little bit longer. The intense loneliness she must have felt. Folding his hands he leaned his head against them.

He was beyond being embarrassed about crying in public. He had just lost what felt like everything to him. Why couldn't he have just kept her close to him instead of letting Chase even touch her.

Reliving that moment he released something. She did it because of me sorrow ripped threw him. If we had never met…

"No!" Tyler exclaimed quite angrily between his tears "Reid how you could ever think something like that? If she hadn't of met us she would have died without ever being happy"

Reid's shoulders shook violently again. He's right.


Slowly I opened my eyes to feel my body pressed against Logan's chest, he was holding me bridal style. My head was pressed against his shoulder I could hear his steady heartbeat thumping its rhythm as perfectly as a clock. "Your crying" Was all he said his auburn eyes staring down into mine "bad dream?"

I frowned deeply, I couldn't really remember. "I'm not sure" I whispered feeling tired when he suddenly started walking forward; our bodies swaying together. Halve heartedly I noted that we were once again back at his apartment. He gently set me down on the sofa then sat down next to me.

"Your not sure or you don't remember?" Logan asked almost musing.

"I'm sure you could find out for me if you wanted to" I murmured kind of irritated with him.

He nodded his head "to true, to true" he said to himself. "I've been sort of watching your friends back in Ipswich and I noticed that your dreams and what's happening back there are startlingly similar. Its like you have a twin connection with the blonde or something"

"Twin connection?" I asked raising my eyebrow, it sounded like something a superstitious old hag would say. But then again with all I've been threw I could not honestly say that I would not completely believe what ever he said.

"Well about two hundred years ago a group of psychic's, like myself, got together and began studying twins. And some very close siblings." he watched me as if to make sure that I was following. I nodded my head so he continued "what they noticed was that they almost seemed to be able to read each others minds subconsciously. Resulting in being able to speak the exact same sentences at the exact same time; or more detailed things like dreaming about the precise thing their twin or sibling were doing at the time of their dreaming, it was all extremely fascinating…or at least I thought so."

"So how do siblings relate to me and one of the Sons? Are you saying that one of us is a bastard child or something?" It wouldn't have surprised me if it was true but still…

"No, when they decided to take the studying a bit further and watch truly close couples they found that sometimes the same things would happen, mostly just the dreams would happen though. But the dreams would often be forgotten" he said it quickly then studied my face waiting for a reaction.

"Your quite the knowledgeable one aren't' you?" I murmured sarcastically.

"I don't even know how I know that" he said brightly grinning like it was something to be proud of. I stared at him for a few seconds before deciding that his sanity was in fact not in question. If anything it was my sanity that needed to be questioned. How could I possibly decide that it was alright to be sitting in a room with a telepath.

Logan stood up and walked towards the kitchen. I watched him; swiveling in my seat. "You know Chase only wants to use you right?" he called over his shoulder without even looking at me. I felt a chill go right to my heart.

"You're the one holding me hostage" I grumbled back.

"Well you could decide to just get up and walk away. How far you'd get all depends on your will power. You could crawl when the spell makes you freeze…" his suggestion was so light hearted that I wasn't even sure he was kidding. He glanced over his should his golden hair falling into the auburn eyes, they looked very serious and distant for a change.

"What is it?" I asked standing up slowly.

He blinked and smiled "nothing" was his curt reply.

"You heard something didn't you?" he walked back into the living room and gazed down into my eyes.

"Nope." I bit down hard on my lip and shook my head, his eyes were lying.

"Can you send me to them?"

"What?!" his startled eyes flew down to meet mine and he basically fell over "no I can't send you to them! I'm not a freaking teleport." He folded his arms across his chest and looked away from me.

"Not that way, I mean…let me talk to him. Just for a moment. I need to-" I shook my head and sat back down on the couch, "never mind. Just pretend I didn't say anything."

Suddenly Logan was sitting down next to me he wasn't looking at me but out the window. He kept opening and shutting his mouth, his hands were in constant motion. Finally he turned and look at me.

"You miss him don't you?" I nodded my head, he smiled a rather sad smile and looked at the floor. "I can do something," He said it tensely, "but if we do then our minds will be melded just for a few seconds you can talk to the blonde, but probably only for a couple minutes."

"Thank you Logan," I whispered. He took my hands in his and our foreheads touched, he closed his eyes I did the same. The oddest sensation flew through my body and when I opened my eyes I knew I wasn't really opening my eyes. I was in his mind. Logan was looking at me, but it wasn't really him, he reached out and our fingers brushed; suddenly we were melding together, his lips gently touched mine for the slightest of moments before I felt myself being thrown.

I could see Reid; he was sleeping. "Reid?" I asked an echo greeted my words. His eyes slowly opened and he looked around a confused expression on his face. "Reid," I repeated excitement bubbling in me.

"Josh?" he said quietly his eyes searching for me.

"Don't be scared…I want to tell you so much right now. But I don't have a lot of time-"

"How is this possible? Your dead" his eyes met mine and he began to walk towards me but I took a step back warning him.

"I'm not dead, I don't know what Chase did but I'm fine. That damn curse is keeping me by a guy named Logan," I wanted to continue but I felt a tugging on my entire body. I reached towards him he did the same rushing forward but I was already fading out of the room.

"I love you Jose" he yelled.

I couldn't reply I was no longer in the room. A blur of color brought me back to a colorless place Logan was pulling away from me; our minds were separating. And suddenly I was back in my own body a searing pain in my temples was making me scream, I clutched my head trying to make it go away. I feel to the floor my body shaking horribly.

"Josephine!" Logan was yelling kneeling over me and keeping my head still, "I'm so sorry" he was saying. I wanted to ask him for what but darkness took me first.

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