"Rahhhhh Ino get out of my head!"

"Haha I got you now."

"D-did Sakura-Chan win?"

"No Naruto I don't think she did."


"Yeah she won."

"Not quite."

"Oh no Ino got her."

"I Sakura Haruno-"

"No Sakura snap out of it,you've worked so hard don't get beet by that lame Ino girl!!!"

"Haha stupid Naru-Ahhhh whats wrong with my head!"

"You can't control me InoPig!!!!!"

"What how can you have two minds?!"

"I said get out!!!!!!!!!"

"Grahhhhh Release!"

Ino shot out of Sakura's head and back into her own body.

"How...how can she still stand?!"

"Hahaha you can't beet me Ino...because the real Sakura is here!"

"Real what are you talking about?"

"I'm not that snotty little brat anymore,I'm the emotions i'v kept inside." (Inner Sakura is now the dominant mind.)

"Your that other mind aren't you!"

"Man it feels good to be out.not to mention i'm stronger then that little brat anyway."

Sakura focused her chakra and channled it so it was visable around her.

"Ah I can see her chakra."

"Woohoo go Sakura!"

The chakra was so entence that it was flowing off of her,then there was a small flicker then it happened again larger this time.

"What's going on?!"

Sakura let out a battlecry and all the chakra around her became bigger and turned pink.

"What the pink chakra?!"

"Now Ino you lose."

Sakura at blinding speed dashed forward and was behind Ino and she kicked her right in the head.

"Ahhhhh how she get so fast?!"

Sakura ran at her again and grabbed her off the ground,drug her on the floor and slammed her into the wall.

Sakura blew the hair out of her face.

"She's done I win."

Ino fell to the ground not moving.

"The match is decided...Sakura haruno is the winner!"

"Wow Sakura you did it!"

Sakura looked up at Naruto and blew him a kiss.

"Did...did she...just do what I think she did?"

Choji nudged him in his side.

"Looks like you got a girl Naruto."

Naruto scratched the back of his head and grinned.

Sakura got back up to the stands and stood beside Naruto.

"Um Sakura are you ok?"

Sakura reached over and held Naruto's hand.

"I'm fine now."

Naruto blushed, and the rest of the chuunin exams went on.