Chapter 20.

Jareth looked at the woman sitting on his throne, finding lying on the floor kept him from hitting it again, he stayed prone. "What did you call me?"

"Daddy." She repeated.

A self satisfied smirk played at his generous mouth, and he closed his eyes knotted his fingers behind his head. "Say it again, would you darling?"

Sighing she said, "Daddy."

He opened his eyes, "That makes you," he wriggled his brows at her. "Mommy."

"So I'm told." She nodded.

He looked at her, his Sarah, sitting so regally on the throne. "Well, well."

"Pretty pleased with yourself there aren't you?" She looked about the throne room. "Well get over it, buster we've got some hard negotiating to do here."

"No, no negotiating…" He was on his feet and advancing to the throne. "I'll accept nothing less than a complete surrender."

"I was just going to say the same thing." She pulled a white leather riding crop out of nowhere it seemed. Flicking it, it cracked in the air, and Jareth raised an impressed brow.

"Not bad, for an armature." Jareth said grudgingly. He took hold of the crop, once it was yanked free of Sarah's hand he tossed it over his shoulder. "But don't make threats you won't act upon, Sarah."

She raised her boot, putting it squarely with the spike in the center of his chest. "Don't push me, Jareth. I'm pissed and I'm hormonal. That could equal homicidal as well."

Jareth removed his gloves and tossed them away as well. He placed his naked hands on her calf. "Come, come precious, we've better ways to spend our time."

"Not if you're going to think you can walk all over me, we don't." She dug the heel into his garments knowing it was an act of aggression she could not take back.

Instead of anger, lust filled the eyes of the Goblin King. "That's my girl," he growled. "Savage and vengeful." He smiled down at her. "I'd like to see a lot more of this side of you."

"Knowing you, you will." She assured him.

Jareth took hold of her ankle with a firm grip, lifted the spike from his chest and bent forward, placing her leg over his shoulder. "Sarah, don't push me, I can be cruel."

"How well I'm aware." She batted her long lashes at him. "I've first hand experience of your cruel streak."

He shook his head, "I have only toyed with you, my sweet." He bent even closer. "Now get your pretty ass off my throne."

"No." she sighed. "I like it here."

"Sarah." His voice was taking on an edge.

"Be nice." She warned.

He looked at her leg over his shoulder. "What are your terms?"

"You surrender yourself to me." She said smoothly.

"Done," he said as he turned and sat with her leg draped over his shoulder, applying soft kisses to her knee.

Sarah smiled leaned back, and said. "New rules…if mama ain't happy…"

"Aint' nobody happy." He finishes. "Don't worry mama; Daddy is going to spend forever making you happy."

Reaching forward she gabbed a handful of the long Fae hair, she pulled it back. "You'd better be thinking of some way to placate my Father! He's gonna have a terrible fit. What with me having the baby of the pervert who lives in the Wilde house, and then to top it off me marrying him."

Jareth smiled. "Why Sarah, this is so sudden…"

"Can it." She let go of his hair.

Jareth sighed. "Sarah, you said children…that means more than one where I'm from."

"Yes, means that too where I'm from."

He stood up and pulled her to her feet as well. "You planning on having multiply births?"

"No," she put her hands about his neck. "I just know one will never be enough for the Goblin King."

He lifted her off her feet. "Would it be enough for my Queen?"

"No." she admitted. "But don't you ever call me Salve again."

"No, my Queen." He strutted off with his hard earned prize in his arms. "I won't."

Sarah placed her head on his shoulders. "How long will I be yours?"

"Forever, Sarah. Until the world falls down." He began to hum to her as he carried her to his bedchamber.