How could you?

After all the faithful service. You just throw me aside like yesterday's trash. You take everything from inside me without a word of thanks and then throw me away as if I were nothing. Traveling back and forth through time isn't as easy as it looks you know. But time and again I give up everything for you.

My life. Hell, my entire being.

And you crush me.

Why Inuyasha?

At held me close. Cherished me and protected me. Would let no other touch me. I was sacred to you. And then... you discard me.

How I hate you. And I love you. It's in my very nature to give what you desire.

Oh...How I hate being a ramen cup.

P b Ok...yeah this was just a random story which I'm sure has been done to death. But I was reading cloverx's "Watching you" and I just had to do it. /b /P