I've decided to do Tokka drabbles/oneshots for every letter of the alphabet... possibly excluding weird letters like X, where no matter what long and complicated word I used, it wouldn't fit quite right. :D This chapter was updated September 2011 to fix some minor formatting issues.

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01. A


It was a bleak and rainy day at the Southern Water Tribe, the kind of day Sokka usually slept all the way through. Rain tended to make him sleepy, but it kept Toph awake with its constant motion. She didn't mind the irregular pitter-patter of the raindrops on the ground; she had long ago grown accustomed to it and actually found it relaxing. Still, it made her restless, and Toph was never able to sleep when she was restless.

Aang and Katara had conveniently found "some important top-secret business" to attend to - and, although they had made a big show of bringing a myriad of scrolls with various political proposals into Katara's hut, Toph was the first (and possibly only) one to know when they kicked the scrolls aside and headed straight for her bedroom.

Toph had learned a lot from Aang and Katara's surreptitious affairs. But, unfortunately, with Aang and Katara gone, she had very little to do. She had decided hours ago to focus her energy on the other occupant of the room - which, of course, kept the warrior awake as well.

"Sokka?" she asked for at least the twelfth time.

"Yes, Toph?"

"You've been sharpening your boomerang for twenty minutes now. I don't think it's gonna get much sharper."

"Whatever." The warrior rolled his eyes and continued his task, too tired to be fazed by the interruption.



"I'm bored."

Sokka shot her a glare that she couldn't see. She could only tell that his head had turned, and that his sarcastic voice held an edgy note of impatience when he said, "Shut up, Toph."

She found it sexier than she should have.



"I've found some entertainment."

"Great." He went back to sharpening his weapon.

"Wanna know what it is?"

"Not really."

"Well, I'm telling you anyway."

"Whatever," he deadpanned. Does she ever shut up?

"It's annoying you."

Like I didn't know that already. "Oh, nice. Thanks."

"You're welcome." The blind girl hesitated, if only just a teensy bit, before quietly adding, "Sokka?"

"WHAT?" the warrior shouted, his patience wearing thin.

"I... I think... I..."

"Spit it out already," he prompted her, trying to come off as nonchalant but portraying a little bit of interest in what she had to say.

"Ihaveacrushonyou," she rushed, almost inaudibly.

"What was that?" Sokka asked, genuinely confused.

"Nothing, moron. If you don't bother to listen the first time, I don't bother to repeat it." She sighed. "Just go back to sharpening your stupid boomerang."

But she couldn't help but notice that the corners of his mouth curved slightly upward, as if he were trying to suppress a smile.


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