Rokubi No Raiju

Chapter 1 : Four year old monster


Alone in a dark room sat a small 4 year old boy named Ron, the only source of light came the moon shining through a curtain less window, he sat on the floor huddled up against his bed with his knees up against his chest, he wore dirty and torn cloths, his dirty long blond hair covering up most of his face which in turn covered up his dirty face covered in dried tears.

He knew he had done something bad, today had been his first day at pre-k, he had spent the first few hours meeting new children his age, he had his picture taken with the rest for the class and had fallen asleep after mere moments at nap time, but it was break time when everything fell apart. Ron had noticed three boys picking on a young girl, pulling her pig-tails and stealing the ball she was playing with.

Deciding to help her Ron had tried to stand up to the bullys only to have them turn their attention to him instead. After running away for a while the bullys had cornered him near a tree and proceeded to beat him up, as he fell to the floor he remembered trying to ask his 'Imaginary friend' Rufus to save him, Ron clutched his eyes shut as the three boys continued to kick him in his sides when suddenly the air was split by a deafening crack of lightning and the pain stopped. Ron gathered his courage and looked up, the three boys whom were attacking him were now laying on the floor in awkward positions, there skin slightly darker and wisps of steam rising from them.

Rons thoughts returned to him and he tensed up as he heard slow footsteps on the stairs, his eyes raised up to watch his door in fear while clutching a small teddy bear against his chest. A few moments later the doorknob turned and the door slowly swing open revealing a man whose features were hidden in the shadows, Ron's eyes caught glimpse of a silver object in the mans hand shining in the moonlight.

The figure stepped closer to Ron and walked into the Moonlight revealing his fathers tear streaked face.

"Daddy? What are you….." Ron word were cut off as his dad pulled him into a tight hug,

"Its ok son, I promise, everything is going to be ok" his Father whispered in his ear as Ron hugged him back, but failed to notice his dad raising his free hand behind Ron holding a silver blade.

"Forgive me…." Before Ron could ask his dad what he was talking about he felt a sudden piecing pain in his back. No word could describe what Ron felt at that moment, the pain he felt was so immense he could not even scream.

"I'm s-so sorry R-Ron……. This will all be over soon…" Ron's father spluttered out, he quickly leaned back pulling the kitchen knife he held further into his son's lower back, a small pool of blood forming around them on the floor.

Ron looked up and stared at his dark ceiling, thoughts raced through his mind, why? … why did those boys at school die?… why was his dad hurting him? Suddenly he felt himself getting very tired, he slowly closed his eyes, before letting himself fall unconscious he whispered three words,

"…. Help me Rufus…."


Ron's eyes slowly flickered open, he was still in his room, slowly placing his hands on the floor he started pushing himself up to a sitting position. That's when it struck him, a rancid burning smell in the air, Ron turned towards the source and had to place a hand over his mouth to stop from vomiting, there in the middle of his room was the charred remains of his father, his skin now a very dark toasted color, the sharp blade still clutched tightly in his right hand with the plastic section completely melted and where the blade had once been silver was now coated in red.

"W-what's…. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!!!" Ron screamed into the darkness of his room before running from his room and out of his house.


One Month Later

Across the rooftops of Middleton leaped a 16 year old Kunoichi named Anko Mitarashi, she had just completed her first assignment as a Chunin and was now on her way home to the hidden village of Konoha.

She stopped for a moment to catch her breath and placed a hand on her navel as it released a loud growl,

"Aww, what do I have to do to get some Dango in this town?…..",

Just as she was about to leap to the next rooftop her attention was turned to a group of the townspeople, they were circled around something screaming different things, Anko smirked,

"A fight!!!", Anko quickly move to get a better view of the action.

After moving to a better position Anko reached into her side pouch and pulled out a packet of potatoes chips and got ready to watch the action, that's when her face was drained of all color.

The thing everyone was circled around was a small blond boy, no older than 4, being beaten by the townspeople. He was dressed in dirty rags and his face was covered in by his long dirty hair, it was obvious this boy had been on the streets for a while now. Anko listened at to the thing the people were shouting,

"Get him!!!"

"Kill him!!!"

"Kill the monster!!!"

"Don't let him get away!!!"

Anko trembled and her hand moved to cover her mouth as memories flashed in front of her, memories of how she had been treated years ago after being tossed aside by Orochimaru.

She snapped out of her daze as the boy started shouting back at the crowd,

"No, Please….. Stop!!!", he shouted as he fell to his knees and covered his head with his hands in an attempt to protect himself.

A fully grown man rose a baseball bat high above his head ready to strike the boy whom had been labeled a monster. The boy braced himself for the blow, Anko had seen enough and decided to act, in less than a second the young Kunoichi sprung from her perch atop the building drawing a Kunai in the process, she landed between the boy and the mob and with a swift movement sliced the incoming bat in half.

Ron had braced himself for the pain when he had seen the bat coming his way only to be surprised when it didn't come, he cautiously raised his head and saw a woman in a long white coat between him and the mob, that was the last thing he saw before collapsing into a deep sleep.

Anko turned her head and saw the boy sleeping behind her but turned her attention back to the crowd as they started shouting at her,

"What the hell are you doing?! Why are you protecting that thing!?!" yelled the man now holding a decapitated bat.

Anko raised her Kunai and took a defensive stance,

"What am I doing? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?! YOU'RE TRYING TO KILL A CHILD!!!!" Anko screamed at the crowd,

"You don't understand!!" a woman in the crowd yelled at Anko while pointing at the boy,

"Less than a month ago that thing killed 3 children and then later that same day he killed his own father!!!"

Anko turned to look at the sleeping boy again,

"He….. Killed 4 people?…… he's just a kid?", Anko whispered to herself.

Meanwhile the crowd saw her lack of attention and took advantage of it as they all rushed towards the sleeping boy. Anko's attention returned when the crowd were less than 2 meters away.

'Damn, I have to get the kid away from them!!!', With that thought in her head she extended her arm at the crowd,

"Senei Jashu!!" (Hidden Shadow Snake Hands)in an instant after she said the words no one understood, several snakes shot out of the sleeves of the long coat, they slivered through the middle of the mob and then parted from each other pushing half the mob into the right wall and the other half into the left wall leaving an open path through the alley, on reflex Anko grabbed the boy, tossed him over her shoulder and ran through the opening, as soon as she was clear of the alley she quickly jumped to the nearest roof and away from the murderous mob.

Konoha - 1 week later.

Anko stood at the top floor of the Hokage tower face to face with the man himself, the third Hokage.

"What were you thinking!?!" the Hokage shouted causing Anko to cringe.

"Attacking civilians and kidnapping a child!!!" in front of him sat a copy of Anko's report from her last mission,

"Hokage-sama, it is more complicated than that…." Anko proceeded to tell the Hokage the events that had transpired in America a week ago, this time from her own mouth.

"I see…" the Hokage said after she had finished "Very well, under the circumstances you shall not receive any punishment for your actions, you're dismissed"

Anko gave a short bow to her superior before turning and making her way to the door, but stopped short of reaching for the door handle,

"Hokage-Sama, what will become of the boy?"

The third looked up at Anko with a surprised yet sad look on his face,

"…. Well, thanks to the information you 'liberated' from the hospital we know that the boy's mother died in childbirth and his father was killed in a freak accident a month ago, so I have no choice…… after he has recovered from his wounds he will be sent back to America, once there he will be placed in an orphanage within his hometown"

Anko, forgetting who she was speaking to and filled with anger, spun on the spot to face the old man,

"ARE YOU HIGH!?!" at hearing this the Third Hokage's eyes shifted to his pipe for a moment.

"Umm" then he realized it was a rhetorical question.


"Then what would you suggest?" the Hokage asked her,

"Let him stay here, live in Konoha" Anko answered hastily.

The third shook his head slowly,

"We have no legal right to keep him here, he has no family here so he has to be sent to an orphanage in his hometown", as the third finished speaking Anko was stuck on one word he had said... 'family' and an idea struck her like a pile of bricks.

"Fine, then let him stay with me, let me adopt him, you did say you were going to send him to an orphanage right?" the Third looked at her with disbelief etched on his face.

"Anko be reasonable, you're only 16, you're not old enough to be a mother…." the third said, trying to reason with her,

"So let me get this straight, I'm old enough to kill people but not to have a kid?", Anko said causing the Hokage to try and sputter out a response, he found none.

"Tch, fine, I'll file the paperwork tonight…. As of midnight tonight Ronald Stoppable will be known as Ronald Mitarashi, but you had better be ready for the responsibility Anko."

Anko had a huge grin on her face as she once again turned to walk towards the door.

'I'm a mom' she thought happily.

To Be Continued…


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