Rokubi No Raiju

Chapter 3 - Cold Reception.

The Next morning Anko walked into Ron's room at the hospital carrying a bunch of flowers, when she opened the door this time she was happy to see her adopted son was actually in the bed this time,

"Hey, how're ya feeling?"

Ron craned his head to look at the woman who had just walked into the room and smiled,

"Ok I guess, even though nobody comes when I press the 'call nurse' button… I'm still quite happy"

Anko looked down to the little remote in Ron's hand adorning a single button and then looked back up at Ron,

"Ron….. that's the button for your morphine…" she says, Ron looks down at the remote,

"……Well, that explains it…"

Anko let out a little chuckle at the situation before setting down the flowers on Ron's bedside table, Ron spoke up again,

"D-Did you mean what you said yesterday?…. Did you really adopt me?"

Anko smiled at his question,

"Yes, it was the truth….. The Hokage... Umm, the man who runs this village was going to send you back to your hometown when you got better, so I adopted you so you could stay here with me" She spoke while kneeling down to him with a smile,

"My name is Anko Mitarashi and as of midnight last night your name is Ronald Mitarashi, you can just call me Anko if you'd like…."Anko said with a hopeful voice, Ron caught onto what she really wanted and smiled.

"Mitarashi huh? Well it makes a change from Stoppable, Mom" even though it was deliberate, Ron tried to make it look like he had said 'Mom' by accident; Anko noticed this but was too busy smiling to care.

"Well, the doctors said I could take you out of the hospital today, feel like taking a walk around the village?" Anko asked, Ron nodded with a smile and got out of bed.

Twenty minutes later Ron was fully dressed in a set of black clothes his Mom had provided for him; it felt nice to finally be wearing fresh, clean clothes for once. As they walked down a large street Ron noticed a load of fast food stalls and his hand subconsciously raised to hold his empty stomach, how long had it been since he had eaten? He couldn't remember.

Anko noticed his movement and realized he hadn't eaten since he had arrived here a week ago and it was unlikely he had much to eat before then.

"Hey honey. Wanna get something to eat?" Anko asked him sweetly, she was answered by the look on Ron's face when he looked up at her with almost tearful eyes,

"I'll take that as a yes. Here's some money, get anything you want, I'll be just across the street in this bookstore, ok?" Anko passed Ron some money and in less than a second Ron was bouncing all over the street looking at all the different food stalls and practically drooling.

Anko walked into the nearby bookstore and started browsing the parenting books when she heard a strange muffled giggling coming from behind one of the bookcases. Curious, she peeked around the corner and confirmed her suspicions, standing there in his Jounin vest and wearing a black mask across his mouth and nose was her old friend Kakashi, and once again he had his nose buried in the latest Make-out Paradise book.

Sensing he was being watched, Kakashi stopped his giggling and looked up to see Anko standing in front of him,

"Anko, good to see you, when did you get back?" Kakashi asked with a surprised voice,

"Yesterday… oh, I have a surprise for you…." at these words Kakashi noticed the 'Motherhood' books tucked under her arm,

"Oh, congratulations!!!" Said Kakashi, Anko knew he was smiling under his mask by the way his cheeks raised. She was about to say thank you and tell him about Ron but was cut off when Kakashi spoke again,

"…I was wondering why you were getting fatter….." At this Anko's happiness started melting away, her teeth clenched and a small vein appeared on her forehead,

"…How far along are you? Must be a few months at least…..", Anko's left eye started to twitch,

"…Well don't worry, I'm sure you'll get your old figure back eventually….", Anko's face started turning a bright red and she glared at Kakashi with fire in her eyes.

At this point Ron walked into the shop with his mouth stuffed with something,

"Ahh, that was good, thanks Mom!!!"

Kakashi was forced to do a double take on what the boy had just said,

"…..Mom?…. Then you're not preg… oh cra!!" Kakashi's voice was cut off when Anko's fist connected with his face,

"BAKA!!!!" Screamed Anko as Kakashi flew backwards through several bookshelves and finally straight through the front display window of the shop.

Ron stared wide eyed at what had just happened when Anko turned to speak,

"So honey, did you find anything you liked to eat?"

Ron snapped out of his daze at remembering the delicious food he had just eaten,

"Yeah Mom, I found this place that had these dumplings on a stick called Dango"

Anko blanched, Dango was in fact her favorite food and in that moment she realized something,

'Oh my god, I love this kid', deciding at that moment she would raise him her own way she quickly discarded the books she had stashed under her arm and took his hand into her own,

"Come on, let's go home"

As they walked out of the shop Ron noticed that the masked man was still laying flat on his back with spirals for eyes, he remembered the man flying through several bookshelves and through the window, he turned to his mom and asked,

"Mom, can you teach me to be strong like you?"

Anko smiled, her life was about to get really interesting.


8 Years Later.


Many miles away from Konoha stood Mount Yamanuchi, many people traveled to this place to seek out the healing powers of the boiling hot springs, but this ancient mountain held another secret, the Kouzangakure, also known as the village hidden in the mountain.

At this moment two Genin were on their way back to the village, Yori Toshimiru and Fukushima Inari, they are on their way back to the village after completing a C-rank mission, usually they would have carried out their mission with their full team, but the third Genin on their team and their Jounin sensei were both indisposed with training for the upcoming Chunin exam that was to take place in Konoha in a month.

"Come on Fukushima-san, we will be late for training with X-san and Hirotaka-sensei" Yori said to her teammate.

Their recent mission was the theft of a valuable scroll, they had completed the mission with minimal difficulty, there were no rival ninja on the mission and no resistance….. Yet.

Unknown to them, a single ninja draped in white clothes stood on another peak far above them, watching their every movement with a single magnifying scope. This boy was Ron Mitarashi, Genin of Konoha, his current mission was to retrieve a scroll which way stolen by a rival ninja village, he turned and looked at the mountain behind him,

"Perfect…" he quietly muttered to himself.

He reached into his side pouch and pulled out two Kunai each with an explosive tag attached to them; with a quick swish of his wrists he embedded the kunai into the snow on his left and right. Knowing he only had a few seconds before the tags blew a hole in the mountain, he quickly jumped off the edge of the cliff he was standing on, about halfway down to the slope below him he quickly slammed his heels together causing a mechanism in his boots to activate as two boards emerged from the sole of his boots and connected to each other creating a very effective snowboard, he landed softly on the white powdery snow below him, as he started boarding down the mountain towards his targets he heard a rumble behind him indicating that the tags had detonated. With a quick glace behind himself he caught a glimpse at what he had caused, an avalanche.

Yori and Fukushima looked up just in time to see a strange white blur shooting towards them followed quickly by a small avalanche, as the blur whizzed past them it let out a very audible,

"Yoink!!!" as it grabbed both their side pouches and kept moving.

They were so preoccupied by the white clad boy that they had forgotten the avalanche, and were soon buried in it.

After getting a few hundred meters away from the ninja's he had stolen the bags from and making sure he had outrun the avalanche, he skidded his board to a stop, with a quick snap the board separated and retracted back into his boots. With that done he started searching through the pouches he had stolen on his way down the hill, he soon found what he was looking for, a single scroll sealed by a family crest, after securing the scroll inside his own pouch he felt a presence behind him, he turned and saw the two ninjas he had buried in the avalanche standing in across from him, both wet and shivering.

"Well, you two took your time, I was expecting you to get out of the snow almost immediately and come after me, after all you do live on this mountain, ha-ha"

Yori was the first to step forward to speak,

"Why did you attack us?"

Ron looked her straight in the eyes and answered truthfully,

"Your mission was to steal this scroll and my mission was to steal it back"

Fukushima in a fit of rage sprinted towards Ron reaching into his Kunai holster and pulling out a three pronged knife,


Ron smirked at the rushing shinobi, his smile was somewhere between amused and sadistic. Ron raised his right arm,

"Senei Jashu!!" (Hidden Shadow Snake Hands) suddenly several snakes emerged from Ron's sleeve and wrapped tightly around Fukushima's body and quickly slammed him hard into the ground, afterwards the snakes retracted back into Ron's sleeve and disappeared.

Yori, surprised at the easy defeat of her teammate reached into her attire and started to reach for her weapon of choice, her razor fans, she suddenly stopped when an incoming Kunai shot past her face just nipping her cheek enough to bleed, her eyes darted around franticly looking for her opponent. She suddenly froze when she felt a hand from behind her caressing the space between her cheek and her neck. It didn't feel threatening; in fact it felt somewhat arousing.

She shivers as she feels his breath on her cheek as he whisper softly to her,

"You can't beat me……"

She felt a sudden shiver up her spine as she felt his tongue lick the excess blood on her cheek,

"Mmm, tasty….. Well… see ya around cutie…."

With a sudden gust of wind he was gone.

Yori didn't even bother to look around to see if he had truly gone, she simply fell to her knees and started breathing heavily, part of her scared out of her wits and part of her trying to regain control over her hormones.

An hour later, Yori and Fukushima had made it back to the village and had reported their failure and were now standing in front to of their Jounin sensei who was also Yori's older brother Hirotaka,

"….he must have been a Chunin, possibly a Jounin, we didn't stand a chance against him" Yori finished her report,

Hirotaka looked down at his younger sister,

"Don't worry about it, right now you need to concentrate on your training for the Chunin exam, you have two weeks for training, five days for rest and then it will take another week to travel to Konoha, once we get there you'll have another two days of rest before the exam begins" with that said Hirotaka began walking away from his students,

"Hai, Hirotaka-sensei" Yori and Fukushima both chimed in, before making their way to the training area only to find their third team member already finished with his training for the day, he stood tall in a black trench coat with a yin-yang symbol stitched into the back, he had short blond hair and thin rimmed glasses he also wore his forehead-protector on the top area of his left arm over his coat, with a cool look he used two fingers to shift his glasses which had slipped down,

"You're late, I've already finished." he stated with a cool voice,

Fukushima looked quite peeved at him,

"Don't start with me today X, I am NOT in the mood" Fukushima said with a threatening tone.

X shifted his glasses up again and smirked, getting under Fukushima's skin was one of his favorite pastimes,

"Whatever, I'm done for the day, the field is all yours, I'm hitting the baths" with that said he stalked away from the group with his coat flapping out behind him, thus creating a very dramatic exit, however he was so caught up in the drama of his exit he failed to notice walking into the female baths, a few female screams later and X came flying backwards out of the baths due to the high pressure of a nosebleed. Although he had a Crazy grin on his face the whole time.

Back at the training area different thoughts were coursing through Yori and Fukushima's heads.


"Senei Jashu!!" (Hidden Shadow Snake Hands) suddenly several snakes emerged from Ron's sleeve and wrapped tightly around Fukushima's body and quickly slammed him hard into the ground, afterwards the snakes retracted back into Ron's sleeve and disappeared.


Fukushima was practicing his shuriken abilities when he thought,

"That Technique…. It was his technique….. Orochimaru-sama will wish to be informed"


She shivers as she feels his breath on her cheek as he whisper softly to her,

"You can't beat me……"

She felt a sudden shiver up her spine as she felt his tongue lick the excess blood on her cheek,

"Mmm, tasty….. Well… see ya around cutie…."

With a sudden gust of wind he was gone.


Another shiver runs down her back down to her thighs before she regained her composure, out of everything that had happened with that mystery ninja one thought kept running through her head, even though he had easily dispatched Fukushima and apparently lusted her into submission….

"….There was no intent to kill coming from him…… not even a little"

To Be Continued…


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