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By ChoppingBoard

Chapter 3 – Greeneyed Monster Part 2

Rin immediately ran to her room after walking Takeshi to the gate.

"…if I died at every glare he gave me the whole morning, I would've had my eternal slumber more than 50 times. If that is possible..."

Takeshi's words still reverberated in her mind. However, she wasn't really sure how she felt. She was just getting to know her servant. Also, she didn't know if Takeshi told the truth. Why am I being bothered by that? She rested herself on her bed and even closed her eyes to relax but was interrupted by a knock at her door. "Who is it?"

"It's Shuichi."

She smiled when she heard her servant's voice. Did I just smile? What is going on? And when did he start getting cozy with his other name? She was getting confused because of the events that day. Nevertheless, she still opened her door and smiled, setting aside her troubles.

Unfortunately, the day still had a lot of things to offer to her.


Archer was not alone when he went to her room after all.

"Yu…ki?" she couldn't barely speak because her cousin jumped and embraced her tightly. She looked at Archer who just staring at them. "Whh..what….a..are…y..you..d..doing..here?"

"Well, I just wanted to see if my cousin's ok and wanted to give you the invitation to the party personally."


Yuki immediately withdrew her arms from her cousin. "Sorry about that, but I really really missed you."

Rin looked at the girl opposite her. She was the same age as she was and also was vibrant and energetic. She had a darker mane than Rin's and had green eyes. "Did you come here alone?"

"Yup." She replied happily. Yuki moved closer to Rin to manage a whisper. "Who's he anyway?" she slightly rolled her eyes towards the guy behind her.

Rin then glanced at her servant and murmured a reply to her cousin, "my neighbor Shuichi."

"Yes, I know that already. He introduced himself a while ago. I mean, aren't you two lovers or something?"

Rin was reminded again of what her morning visitor told her about Shuichi being jealous and all. She immediately shook the idea off but still blushed at the idea. "No, of course not!"

"Just checking, it's pretty unusual to have a handsome guy answer your door you know. I guess he's another fish in the sea and I want to be a prolific fisher." Yuki pulled away and winked at her cousin.

She couldn't believe what her cousin told her. "N..no!" she now regretted what she said when Yuki looked back at her.

"Something wrong?" Archer was starting to get worried with all the speaking in a low voice.

"You wanted to say something Rin?" Yuki gazed at her cousin.

"N..nothing." Why am I stuttering like this? And getting agitated with what she said?

"I'm hungry Rin, do you have something to eat?"

"In the kitchen."

"Ok then, let's go cutie." She slid her arm on Archer's, pulled him towards her and started to walk.

This girl seems to be very much like Rin. This is a very long day and she had just arrived. It was still early but Archer was already tired, very much can be attributed to the morning encounter with Takeshi.

What is she doing?! Why is she groping Archer?! And why isn't he even saying anything? Doesn't he want to protest? "Wait!"

"Yes?" Yuki stopped and glanced at her cousin but still haven't let go of Archer.

Archer also glimpsed at his master but did not show any expression.

He's not protesting. And what did I have to say? 'You can't touch him!' What am I thinking? She was really furious but didn't know the right words to say and if she had the right to claim her servant. After being motionless for a few moments, she immediately was able to say, "N..nothing. Just make yourself comfortable."

"Sure thing!" the two then strolled their way to the hallway to go the kitchen.

That was just stupid. I don't have a right to prevent someone from groping my servant. And she certainly didn't need to tell her cousin to make herself comfortable. She was already making herself comfortable, and if she weren't, she should braise herself for more troubles.


In the kitchen table, Yuki sat beside Archer who sat across Rin. They were drinking tea now, as they already finished eating their snack.

"So… how long have you been together?"

Archer and Rin couldn't help but choke at the guest's question.

"Did I say something wrong?"

"You know, Shuichi is my neighbor. Don't pummel him with this kind of questions."

"What's wrong with that? Ok, I'll rephrase my question. How long have you been coming over here?" she directed her question to Archer.

"Uh…. Um… just started a few days ago." He wasn't really lying. He was just summoned a few days ago and technically was staying at Rin's house.

"Really? And I even thought I had a chance with you…." Yuki pouted her lips to her dismay.

"Yuki…" Rin shot her cousin with an angry glare.

Yuki hid herself at Archer's back and placed her arms around his neck. "Save me, my prince!"

Argh. The nerve. "Go back to your seat, I'm not going to kill you." She sat down properly and sipped some tea.

"I think I'll stay like this for a while. This is comfortable." Yuki didn't move an inch from her position and smiled at her cousin.

"Uh... I think you should sit down." Archer wasn't really enjoying the speech battle royale she was witnessing from the two girls. He couldn't just dematerialize now…

"Oh yeah! Your invitations!" Yuki reached to the insides of her bag to take out two invitations for the party. "I've just decided that I'm inviting Shuichi to the party."

What?! Rin and Archer thought in unison. They were both shocked that they can't even say anything.

"Well, I certainly want to have a dance with Shuichi. Besides, you've been keeping him to yourself Rin." Yuki certainly knew what makes the two feel flushed.



"Actions speak louder than words you know. Both of you certainly look like fresh red tomatoes. And Rin, I won't be stealing your boyfriend anytime soon."


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