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The Mountain Dew:

(Bella's PoV)

"Edward, what is Jasper doing?" I asked my boyfriend.

"I really don't know, Bella. And some how I don't want to." Jasper was almost bouncing. No joke. Bouncing. Since I clearly wasn't going to get an answer out of Edward I went to ask Alice.

"Alice, what's Jasper doing?" I asked her. She turned to me, her golden eyes sparkling.

"He drank a can of Mountain Dew."

My jaw almost dropped to the floor, "Mountain Dew?!? You've got to be kidding me! Shouldn't he be throwing up instead of... bouncing?"

Alice thought about that, "I think so... Who cares any ways? It's funny to watch." She said, clearly in one of her eviler moods. I decided to run away before I got a makeover. Or roped into going to the mall.

(Jaspers PoV)

I couldn't believe how fun this was! I mean one can of soda and I feel like I could run forever! It was like Mountain Dew was magical! Wonderful! Amazing! Fantastic! AWESOME! I shook my head, why was I thinking this? It's completely illogical, not to mention stupi... OH LOOK A TENNIS BALL!

(Bella's PoV)

Jasper had picked up a tennis ball and was now bouncing it. Up and down. Up and down. I started to feel motion sick.Then he threw it and ran after it, returning five seconds later with it in his hand, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Rosalie had also been watching this, after about ten minutes she shook her head and walked past me towards the house. I could have sworn I heard her say, "Stupid confederate soldier."

Jasper was now throwing the ball up in the air and catching before it hit the ground.

Carlisle drove up in his Mercedes, and when Jasper bounced the ball again it went up and came down...

(Carlisle's PoV)


"JASPER WHITLOCK HALE! What are you doing!" I asked, normally I don't yell but in this case...

Jasper was talking like he was on some form of speed, "OKsotherewasthisMountainDewanditwaspretttty! IjusthadtodrinkitandnowI'mhiper! It'sfun!"

I raised my eyebrow and Bella walked over, "He said that he drank a can of Mountain Dew, and that's why he's hyper."

"Thank you, Bella I heard what he said. Jasper go to your room, don't come out until the Mountain Dew wears off. Understand?"

Jasper nodded his head so fast that it almost looked like it would fall off. He ran into the house and I heard a door slam. Music started blasting, and I could've sworn that he was singing...

Now to fix the car.

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