Chapter 10-Incubus

02:00 am

He mutters while sleeping and rolls in his bed. It happens every night.
His nightmare comes in a form of green haired creature. And torturing game begins.

He had him tied in basement. On cold dark floor with arms on back and cloth in mouth to keep human from making sounds, but he was able to struggle and cry when something could would appear on his back and dig sharp claws into his back.

"Now now, Mustang. You need to get used to pain."

He was pushed on back with legs spread, but something didn't let him move now.

Then, that ice cold hand would crawl to his boxers and move under cloth, seeking for man's sensitive area. Roy's eyes shuts immediately. He was stroked and rubbed, forced to moan under cloth and gasp for air.

But when ice was gone, hot and wet mouth would take opportunity and suck his erection.

This feels good, he would admit, but it's wrong. And this creature might be a sin, which makes things worse.

He was forced to come into creature's mouth and satisfy his desires.

Then, he lost boxers and found self pinned to ground with creature on top.

Now, Roy was able to see who this creature was, and speak when cloth was removed from his mouth.


Creature's grin flashes in darkness as something hard appears on Roy's opening.

"Wha-what are you doing, Envy?!"

And with quick thrust it was in.

Mustang screams in agony and closes eyes shut, until creature pulls out.

"Man like you is a virgin? I'm surprised."

Envy shows back in while running hands over Roy's bare chest. And Roy arches back, begging in self to make this insanity come to an end.

But when Envy came hard into Mustang, he was flipped on stomach with ass lifted to sin.

"Dog of the military, isn't that right. Then you should be fucked like a dog."

And it repeats like mantra.

He was fucked from behind, hard and fast, as tears appears in eyes.


"But you like it, Mustang!"

Envy's face was next to his, and his tongue licked tears Roy poorly cried.

And his hand roams to Roy's cock to stroke it again, while thrusts quicken with more pain.


After some time, Envy was done.

He kicks Roy in back and sits next to him.

"You're selfish to keep such a perfect body to yourself, Mustang. It was fun, but maybe tomorrow I'll bring your short friend for something new."


"Hmm? So you do care about him. Bastard!"

Jealous, Envy kicks him once more in stomach and disappears.

07:00 am

Roy's eyes snaps open. He was in his bed, naked and spread with erection between legs.

"Was just a dream…"

With such thought he got up and went to work.

He was in his office that day, when he was informed about new homunculus military has captured.

And he wants to see Mustang personally.

Roy quickly marches to cell to see a shadow with long spiky hair.

"You wanted to see me, homunculus?"

"Hmm, I did."-Creature grins and turns to face shocked Colonel-"Tomorrow came quickly, didn't it Mustang?"

And Roy leaves.