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"I want more kids, too. I've been waiting for you to say something about it first, though. I want another two or three kids." Salazar smiled. Which is a rarity for him, she mostly scowls.

"Well, I don't think the two of you should have anymore kids. Look what happened the last one the two of you raised. She had an affair with one of her professors, she moved to the muggle world, moved out of England (for good?), and she's a muggle doctor. Not to mention the fact that her child is illegitimate. She was never married. You two are the worst parents ever." Rowena complained.

"While that's hardly a secret, I will let it slide so that we can finish this round." Jerry said moving away from the wall that he seemed to be holding up.

"Well, I hated the Potters'. I went to school with them. Two years ahead, in fact. They thought they could get away with everything. Especially Lily the Mudblood. I couldn't stand it. And when James became an auror, and they wouldn't even accept me into the program, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. I had Voldemort kill them. Severus told him of the prophecy, so it was either the Potter's or the Longbottoms'. He had originally chosen to eliminate the Longbottom boy, but I added my opinions into the mix. Successfully, he took out the Mudblood and the blood traitor, unfortunately, though, the boy survived." Lucius sneered.

"I should kill you for what you have done. Not only did you kill my parents, but you have harmed Draco in a may that I can never forgive!" Harry yelled.

"Harry! No! You become just like him if you do that." James said, standing from the chair that he was sitting in.

"I can't let him destroy anymore families! He destroyed ours and his own son! He needs to pay for it! Azkaban is not enough! He got out the last time that he was there!" Harry yelled.

"Harry, he will pay, just not this way. Let the ministry worry about him." Lily said, trying to convince her son to let the wizarding world deal with crimes that Lucius has committed."

"This can't go on anymore! Avada Kedavra!" Harry screamed. The jet of green streaked across the room from Harry's wand. The curse hit Lucius Malfoy square in the chest. He fell dead on the floor in an instant.

"Harry, what did you do?! You have just used an unforgivable! Do you realize that you can go to Azkaban and no one here would have anything to say against it! We all witnessed you kill Malfoy's father! You should have done what your parents told you to do and let the ministry deal with him! Now the aurors will be coming for you!" Hermione shrieked.

Jerry pulled his wand from the inside pocket of his jacket and aimed it straight at Harry.

"Harry, watch out!" Severus called, tackling Harry to the ground. Godric had pulled out his wand along with Salazar. Together, they both used to unforgivable to 'dispose' of Jerry. He, as well, dropped to the floor. Dead as a door nail.

At that moment, Mac Scorpio, commissioner of the Port Charles police department, rushed into Nikolas's office. Godric and Salazar had put their wands away and it looked as if the two had, simultaneously, died of heart attacks.

"We're going to send everyone to the hospital, even if they are not injured!" Mac said to his squad of cops.

The EMT's brought in stretchers for those, if any, who needed them. Since only Noah and Pete were injured, they were taken to G.H by the med copter. Patrick and Robin had gone with them since I had to retrieve Erin from Spencer's nursery.

Five years later…

Patrick had given in to Robin. They were married, with two children, a son. 4; a daughter, 2; and another one on the way. Robert had told Spinelli, that he was his father, and they were getting along just fine. Robert and Anna had reconciled. Again. Nikolas and Emily were married, again. Spencer had a little sister who's three.

Lily moved back to Port Charles, permanently after the downfall of Voldemort. She and Sonny now had a house full of kids; Kristina came to stay over often, Michael and Morgan were there for the summers, Harry and Hermione were there, and the two had twins, a boy and a girl, who are two. Hermione and Ron had gotten married and had a one year old son. Draco had moved in with Harry as well.

Since Ron moved to Port Charles to be with Hermione, Mrs. Weasley had no problem with letting Ginny move there as well. After she finished her studies at Hogwarts, of course. She and Dillon moved into a wing of the Quartermaine mansion.

James and Severus were touch and go sometimes. They went back and forth between here and England until Harry defeated Voldemort. Remus and Sirius…we…they were mainly in England, but came to visit…frequently.

Godric and Salazar go a surrogate and had a set of twins, a boy, 4; and a daughter, 2. Pete and Georgie fizzled out. Lulu and Spinelli were of and on and Noah and I got married. We not only have Erin, who Noah adopted, but we have two year old twins, a daughter and a son. We also have another child on the way.

Together, James, Sirius, Godric, Salazar, Harry, Draco, Ron, Hermione…Ginny…and I decided that we didn't want to send our children to England to go to Hogwarts, so, with Nikolas's help, we built another castle, like Wyndimere, and turned it into a school of magic.

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