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Edward goes hunting, so he's going to be absent for 2 days. Mike uses this as the perfect time to make a move on Bella. Edward comes back a day early. What will he think of Mike's flirting? How will Jessica take advantage of this situation? FUNNY! One-shot

I walked into class in a noticeably dreadful mood. Possibly in a worse mood than yesterday. Edward went hunting with Alice for two days. Today was day two, and I was getting lonelier and more depressed each hour. Seeing as Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett have already graduated, that left me with none of my lovable vampire friends.

I grudgingly sat through every class in a miserable mood. People didn't bother asking what was wrong, already knowing the answer. My mood yesterday must have tipped off Eric and Tyler to leave me alone today, so I didn't speak to anyone in any of my first few classes.

I made my way to the cafeteria without Jessica at my side. She would usually walk with me – for the popularity rather than friendship – but even she had known to stay away. Yesterday I had scowled at her when she had escorted me to lunch.

I didn't really want to go to lunch. All I would do is listen to Jessica's gossiping and receive hateful glares from Lauren. I really hate when Edward has to hunt.

I looked towards the lunch table when I entered through the double doors. Most of the people were either seated, or in line for food. I guess I had walked slower than normal because of my gloomy state. At least I didn't trip.

I took my seat at my old lunch table, except closer to my "friends" than usual. I was too unhappy to eat, so I sat next to Jessica rather than getting into line. I hoped that she hadn't heard anything she found interesting, or she wouldn't be able to resist from telling me. I wasn't in any mood to listen to her rambling.

Jessica, Angela, Lauren and Ben were already seated in that order. That left me with no one to my left.

Then I saw Mike. He had a tray of food – a massive amount I might add – and a huge grin on his face. What is he so happy about?

Oh no! Mike took the empty seat beside me. So that's what he's so happy about. Great, first I have to live through not seeing Edward for two days, and now I have to deal with Mike!

"I got you some food." Mike said in a disgustingly cheerful voice.

"I'm not hungry." I said in a rather acidic tone. Maybe that would tip him off that I am not interested.

"Oh, okay. Do you think you'll be hungry tomorrow night?" He looked at me timidly, and I looked back at him with fury in my eyes.

"No. Not unless Edward plans on taking me out." I cannot believe he just asked me out. He knows I have a boyfriend! What was he thinking?

"Oh, well you want to see a movie then?" What was it with this damned persistence?

"Mike. I'm not interested. I don't want to see a movie with you either." Just as he opened his mouth – to ask me out again, no doubt – his eyes darted to the cafeteria entrance, and his lower lip trembled in fear.

He seemed to look very afraid, but then he put his arm around my shoulder. What the hell was he thinking?

I turned around so I could look at the doorway and find the source of his horror. To my extreme pleasure, and Mikes extreme dread, Edward was walking towards me. His eyes were black even though he had just gone hunting. Uh-oh, someone heard Mikes thoughts… But the fact that Mike had put his arm around me after seeing Edward walk into the cafeteria was kind of odd. I think he's getting a little too full of himself.

Edward was moving swiftly and gracefully, clearly livid. I would have felt sorry for Mike if I didn't hate him so much.

"Umm… Bella, what hell is this?" I could tell he was trying very hard to keep himself from shouting the words at me.

"It isn't what you think." I said, sliding out from under Mike's arm and standing up.

"Oh it isn't? Then what exactly is it?" He said, looking at only me. I was almost afraid, but then he winked at me slyly. I was sure no one else had seen it – it was so fast I had barely caught it. Oh, this was going to be fun.

"I don't know. I was… I just really like Mike. I couldn't resist the temptation – so what? Sue me." As if on cue, Mike stood up and put his arm around my waist.

"See Cullen? I'm the one she wants." He said confidently with a smug smile on his face. It was really uncomfortable to have his arm around my waist, but I had to keep it there or Edward and I wouldn't fool anyone.

"Bella, how could you?" He said in a pained voice, with the same pain shown on his face. Edward's a very good actor.

"It's okay Edward!" Jessica said, jumping out of her seat. "I'll love you. I'll always love you. We don't need them." She shot Mike and I a dirty look. It very difficult to refrain from rolling on the floor laughing, but I kept my face serious.

"See Edward? Everything's working out perfectly!" I then turned to Mike and leaned in to kiss him. Just before his lips touched mine I turned and walked back to Edward and grabbed his hand in mine. I looked at Mike and smiled. "Puh-lease Mike. Like I would leave Edward for you. Get it through your head. I don't like you. Not in the least."

I reached up onto my tip-toes, and Edward leaned down. We kissed, just to add the cherry on top of the sundae.

"See Newton? I'm the one she wants." Edward and I turned away swiftly walking out of the cafeteria – laughing the whole time.

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