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This is disgusting. Mike is all over Bella. She has a boyfriend!! Mike is mine. She needs to back off. What happened to her and her perfect, gorgeous, dreamy Mr. Cullen? Well I suppose if Bella and Mike are together, than I could be with Edward. Sure I would be his rebound, but that's just fine with me. I could make him see that I'm the one he has always wanted.

Yeah, that would be perfectly alright with me. There is no way Mike could compete with Edward. He speaks so sweetly, and is such a gentleman. And boy is he hot!

"No. Not unless Edward plans on taking me out." I heard Bella answer coldly to Mike. I hadn't been paying much attention to their conversation, but it was pretty obvious Mike asked her out to dinner. Ha, Mike, you don't have a chance. Don't you see she doesn't like you? I'm right here, forget Bella.

I could feel the smile beginning to form on my face. This was perfect. If Bella chose to stay with Edward, Mike would finally go out with me! If Bella chose Mike, then Edward would finally go out with me! There was no way I could lose! (A/N: just thought I would point out how incredibly desperate jess is. Haha.)

With my sudden revelation, I stopped being angry and jealous and tuned back into the conversation.

"Mike. I'm not interested. I don't want to go to the movies with you either." Bella kept her voice icy, which was unlike her. She was usually casual about her obvious-to-me hatred of Mike.

Then, something I wouldn't have expected in a million-zillion years happened. Mike snaked his arm around Bella's shoulder! He seemed slightly hesitant – and scared, but I wasn't sure why. He was probably anticipating Bella getting ticked off, taking his arm off of her, and then snapping it in two.

Instead, Bella also noticed how Mike's face had dropped and followed his gaze to the doorway. I turned too, and saw Mr. Hotty-pants himself. One look at him and I was frozen stiff in my seat. He looked severely pissed off.

Eddie-poo made his way over to our table quickly and gracefully. His expression was one of fury and hate. I felt bad for whoever got the worst of his wrath.

"Umm…Bella, what the hell is this?" His voice was tight, like he was trying to keep himself from exploding. His hands where balled into tight fists. Wait – the most gorgeous person to ever walk the planet is standing two feet away from me and I'm watching his hands! I lifted my head so I could stare at his perfect features. I felt my jaw dropped and mentally willed myself to refrain from drooling.

I droned out Bella's words, only listening for the melody of Edward. Whenever he would open his mouth I could hear him uttering my name in his smooth voice. Jessica…Jessica. I sighed dreamily. Drool. Oops.

I snapped back into reality before anyone could notice the saliva that had slowly trickled down my face. Thankfully, all eyes were on Bella and Edward.

"It isn't what you think." Bella defended, while standing up. Mike's arm fell beside him.

"Oh it isn't? Then what exactly is it?" He was staring at her so intensely, and she looked like she was about to collapse in a fearful, nervous puddle.

"I don't know. I was… I just really like Mike. I couldn't resist the temptation – so what? Sue me."

Mike jumped up from his seat, placing his arm around Bella's waist.

What the hell is going on! Bella liked Mike all along? Were they having a secret affair?! Oh this gossip was so juicy.

"See Cullen? I'm the one she wants." Mike's smile widened, and I could practically see his ego growing with it.

What Edward said next almost broke my heart. My poor, sweet, hot, sexy… I mean poor Edward shouldn't ever be this sad. "Bella, how could you?"

This was my chance. Whoopie!! Edward was finally mine. "It's okay Edward!" I piped in, jumping up from my seat. "I'll love you. I'll always love you. We don't need them." I gave both of them the meanest glare I could manage, even though I was full of pure bliss right now. I discretely reached for Edward's hand, but he pulled it out of my reach. He must not have noticed I had wanted to hold it. Edward is soooo gorgeous. He's going to be my prince. Prince Edward. Very catchy. Princess Jessica. I sighed happily. I knew that I would get my happily ever after – and it couldn't be more perfect! I wonder if we'll get a castle. Oh, I hope it's like the one in Cinderella. Maybe we could even live in the one in Magic Kingdom! Then we'd even become famous. Famous, rich, pretty, and madly in love… yes happily ever after indeed.

"See Edward? Everything's working out perfectly!" Bella's voice rang with happiness, bringing me back to reality. And for once, I didn't want to rip out all of her hair and slap her across the face. Bella was right – everything was going great!

Then, something even more dramatic than when Mike put his arm around Bella happened. Bella leaned in to kiss Mike! A kiss to seal the deal.

Their lips got closer and closer and then – Bella turned away! What?! Bella retracted from the kiss, skipped merrily over to myself and my new hottie boyfriend. She grabbed for his hand, and he let her have it! My jaw dropped and I could tell my eyes were wide. Scratch the part where I said I didn't want to rip out her hair and slap her – let me at her!

After a sickening moment of Bella and Edward staring into each others eyes, Bella turned back to Mike. "Puh-lease Mike. Like I would leave Edward for you. Get it through your head. I don't like you. Not in the least."

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, Bella went on her toes, and Edward – MY EDWARD – leaned down and kissed her. GAG! I can't believe I ever wanted to kiss him after his lips had been on hers! Gross!

"See Newton, I'm the one she wants." Edward said mockingly after they broke from their kiss. Then they exited the cafeteria together – and that's when the cafeteria burst into laughter.

Mike and I just stared at each other for a moment. Both of our faces consisted of dropped jaws, wide eyes and shocked expressions.

After the shock wore off the embarrassment kicked in. The entire cafeteria was laughing at us! I was going to be the gossip of the school – oh my god! (A/N: how do you like it Jessica?) I saw Mike's eyes darting around the cafeteria – searching for some way out. But there wasn't any. Kids were crowded in one doorway looking after a stumbling-with-laughter Bella. The other door way was blocked with the intention to keep Mike and I locked in here for their amusement.

Why is this happening to me? I'm popular and I'm pretty! I'm not allowed to be embarrassed! There's a law about it somewhere, I'm sure!

I forced myself to keep from crying. Mainly because I didn't want to look like a cry baby, but I also didn't want to ruin my make-up.

I saw Mike slowly making his way to a more secluded corner of the cafeteria and followed him – eager to elude the crowds of my laughing peers. I kept my head low and realized that I had stupidly forgotten my jacket back at my table leaving my hair as the only way to cover my reddened face.

I wish Mike wasn't moving so slowly. The crowds of pointing and laughing kids seemed to grow the slower we went.

When we finally made it to our destination I realized where it was. The geek corner. Eww. All of the students around me where wearing glasses and had acne! Gross! Ewww eww eww! I went to run away when I stopped myself. I weighed my options. Have to hang around –shudder – nerds, or continue to get laughed at by the entire student body. I walked back to the corner.

We stayed in the corner together for the remained of lunch. We didn't speak a word to each other – both too ashamed and embarrassed to speak. Eventually, some kids started approaching us making jokes.

"Hey Jessica, I think my girlfriends leaving me. Want to hang out sometime? We don't need anybody else." A boy said with fake sincerity.

"Hey Newton, you take hints like vending machines take checks. You don't." Some nearby people over heard and laughed at him. I would have been thankful that it hadn't been me, but any attention to Mike brought attention to me.

Lunch continued on in the same manner. It got so bad that Mike and I both turned to face the corners hoping to distance ourselves from the humility.

This was all Bella's fault. It was Bella's fault that I was the new laughing stock of our entire school. It was her fault that Eddie isn't going out with me. I hate Bella.

My newly enhanced hatred for Bella seemed to keep me from crying my eyes out. Mike was just staring at the corner for the most part. Occasionally he would bury his hands in his pocket and mutter something unintelligible.

Then the bell rang. I ran for my life. I had to get out of here! It was madness in there!

I ran to my table and quickly scooped up my jacket. I put it on, and pulled the hood as far down my face as I cold manage. It didn't do a lot of good. People still recognized me like I was wearing a sign reading "Jessica, the new laughing stock," in bright flashing lights.

I stalked out, and noticed Bella and my prince laughing in his car. I shot them the dirtiest, most evil look – glare – I had ever given. AND THEN THEY LAUGHED! This is not funny. I walked fast, not looking behind me once. I ran into the closest bathroom, and that's where I devised my plan to win Edward back.