Chapter 12

"Why do you want to know?" he snapped. How did Mai know about Gene?! He had never mentioned his brother and he was pretty sure that Lin hadn't said anything about his brother. Mai was looking at him and he could tell that she was expecting an answer but how was he supposed to tell her how much pain the name she had just uttered caused him? How was he supposed to tell her that he saw his brother's death through Gene's eyes?

"I…I don't know. There are times when I'm off guard and… the name just slipped out." she whispered softly. She looked down at her knees with her arms wrapped around her waist as she shook. She waited in silence as she felt Naru's eyes boring into her and she refused to look up to meet those eyes that she knew very well.

"Eugene Davis…was killed in a hit-and-run accident nearly a year ago. His brother, Oliver Davis, was the one that informed his family that he had been killed." Naru saw Mai's eyes widen as she recognized Oliver Davis's name. He wondered what her reaction would be if, and when, she found out that he was Oliver Davis.

"He was a medium, wasn't he?" she whispered as she looked up and Naru took a step back. Her eyes were so clear that Naru realized she knew very well what she was talking about. He just nodded and she smiled almost as though she were relieved.

"You know…the nickname for Oliver is 'Noll' and 'Naru' is almost like a heavily accented Japanese version." she suddenly whispered and Naru stopped himself from taking a step back. It felt as though someone had punched him in the gut. She was looking at him almost expectantly before she stood up and went over to the table near the door of the living room.

"Martia thought she recognized you. She found this in one of her friend's record books." Mai whispered as she handed the picture to Naru. He almost dropped it. Staring up at him were two little boys that were identical twins with black hair and blue eyes. He flipped the picture and saw two names written on the back. 'Eugene and Oliver Davis.' He could feel his breathing shorten as he continued to stare at the picture.

"She showed me the picture before you all went back to the orphanage. At first I just thought it was coincidence…after all…everyone is supposed to be a doppelganger. I just thought you had two." Mai gave Naru a guarded smile. She stood there waiting and somewhere deep inside she hoped that he would deny it but she also knew that he wouldn't be able to.

"He died when we were fifteen." he said suddenly as she had turned towards the door and readied herself to leave until he had suddenly spoken. "He was thrilled to go to Japan and wanted so much to look for our parents after he had helped the family that he had promised to help.

"Neither of us knew what had happened to our parents. He was too curious for his own good." Naru said angrily. Mai went up and stood in front of him and forcing him to meet her brown eyes.

"So you are Oliver Davis." she whispered and he nodded and it felt as though something was lifting off of his heart. Something heavy that he hadn't even known that he was carrying around. He looked into her eyes and managed a nod. She gave a small smile before reaching out and squeezing his hand.

"I hope you find his body." she whispered before she did turn away and left the room. He stared down at the picture before tucking it into the pocket of his jacket. He followed Mai out and saw her heading up the stairs. He moved after her quickly and grabbed her hand and she turned to look at him surprised.

"Mai…I'm tired of living in the past." he told her and she blinked before an understanding smile spread across her face and she nodded.

"Then I'll teach you how to live in the present. As soon as I get out of this kimono." she laughed and he nodded but there wasn't a smile on his face. She supposed that would be her first task. To get Naru to smile. She darted into her room with a bright smile on her face.

"Bye, Martia. I'm going to miss you. Call me whenever, alright?" she told the older woman and Martia nodded. Mai hugged her one last time before she went around to the back of the van where Naru was putting the rest of the equipment that they had managed to salvage from the original sight. Mai helped him and he looked at her surprised. She smiled at him.

"Can you possibly give me a hint on how to get those things you call lips to stretch into a smile?" she asked cheerfully and she saw his eyebrows shoot up before he shook his head and that normal smirk spread across his lips.

"What do you think would make me smile?" he asked and Mai blinked before she sat down in the back of the van as she thought. She looked up as Naru's shadow fell down on her and she reached up slowly and grabbed his shirt. She pulled him down so that their face was level and she studied his dark blue eyes before she leaned forward slowly and met his lips in a gentle kiss.

Naru swayed forward slightly and put his hands beside her thighs to steady himself so that he would fall. He quickly took control of the kiss as he ran his tongue along her bottom lip and her mouth opened inviting him in. He groaned before she wrapped her arms around his neck. Slowly, very slowly, her legs parted and he moved in between them allowing them to get closer before they pulled apart breathing heavily. He pushed her down so that they were lying in the back of the van, hidden from prying eyes and he leaned down for another kiss.

Mai groaned as his hands found their way up her shirt and settled on her stomach and she jerked slightly at the feel of his fingers and she felt his stiffen at the contact of her hips against his and he pulled away from her lips and she opened her eyes to look up at him curiously.

"This is not exactly the best place for us to be doing this." he told her as he moved away from her and sat up so that he was leaning against the van wall. She slowly sat up as well and patted her skirt down so that it was going the right direction and she also pulled her shirt back down where he had pushed it up.

"Then…where would you suggest?" she asked softly and he smirked before he reached out and pulled her close to him.

"My office." he whispered and her eyes widened before she watched him climb out of the van before he turned and winked at her. She climbed out of the van and watched him as they finished packing things and she wondered if she'd ever get him to smile.


Mai poured the tea into the cup and put the small cup on the saucer. She gave a small sigh before carefully taking the tea into Naru's office where he was on the phone arguing with what Mai knew to be his mother.

"Yes, mother. Mother…I gave her the day of her birthday off! Mother. Well, Madoka lied. Mother, I promise you…when you come in, Mai will be here. You can meet her then. Mother, I'm hanging up. Good-bye. Send father my love. Mother. Quit crying. Good-bye." Naru slammed the phone down and Mai shook her head before gently stroking her boss's forehead.

"Why, oh why did she decide to come and visit?" he asked softly and Mai shook her head again before leaning over and kissing him on the forehead where her fingers had been only seconds ago.

"I'm sure she is a lovely woman, Naru. You're exaggerating." Mai told him and Naru shook his head.

"Ask Gene if I'm exaggerating next time you see him." he told her and Mai laughed before she stood up and took his old tea cup out and he followed her, the new cup that she had brought ignored in the light of his problem with his mother coming to visit.

"Now, Naru, you have to be nice. This is your mother. Be polite if nothing else." Mai ordered and Naru huffed angrily and she giggled before going over and wrapping her arms around his neck and his lips turned up a fraction.

"Only for you." he told her and she smiled brightly before she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him fully on the mouth and when she pulled away he had a smile on his face. The smile that she had sworn to herself and him that she would get out of him. She could get the smile whenever she wanted but that wasn't why she got the smile. She got the smile because she liked doing the task that seduced it out of hiding.

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