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Author's Note: What I know about the Justice League, I know from the Cartoon Network shows. I don't read the comic books or watch the other programs. I know this is a terrible failing on my part, but please keep it in mind when you read my work.


Prologue: Sniper in the Shrubs

He emerged from the dark and dank grounds of Arkham Asylum after dropping off some new inmates. It had been a long two weeks of investigating and foiling a huge criminal conspiracy in Gotham. The danger has passed. The guilty were punished. Batman had once again protected his city, but he was tired and worn. He was victorious and he was angry. The evil of man was too much.

Then he saw her. She was standing just a few feet from the Batmobile, clearly waiting for him. She was dirty and scraped – signs of her own recent mission – but to him, Wonder Woman was a pristine angel. A goddess of goodness standing strong against wickedness in all its forms.

She smiled warmly when she saw him. He walked to her, focusing on nothing but her. He said nothing to her; rather he grabbed her and kissed her, passionately and with a hunger that surprised them both. But for one moment, Batman wanted to touch the light and love and power that she possessed.

She had come to him unbidden at his moment of need. For that, she deserved his love and devotion and what he had to give, she already possessed.

When their lips parted, she let him hold her for several moments. Then, without a word, they both got into the Batmobile and drove away. The evening would be for them to share both the joy and ramifications of their recent victories.

It was a sign of how much impact the recent case had on Batman that he never sensed the man in the shrubs taking photos of their every move.