Title: Kyuubi Laughed
Series: Naruto
Prompt: Word #15 from 15minutefic on Livejournal.
Author Notes: Darkish, AU. Future fic. Unbeta'd.

Kyuubi paced in his prison. Within the boy, Kyuubi had far more freedom of movement than any would ever suspect.

He watched. He waited.

When that man thing had sealed him in this boy, this squalling boy, Kyuubi had been consumed with rage. How dare one of the powerless rats do this to him? He was Kyuubi! The greatest of the demons. When his rage had passed instead into solemn contemplation he brooded on how to get free.

He was startled to discover years had passed. The first idea he had of how long was when the brat called upon his power for the first time. He got a taste of freedom then, and went back to considering his plans of escape. Kyuubi was learned - how not after so many years of living? - and he prodded and poked at the edges of his seal.

It was in the sixteenth year of his captivity that he found the weakness. The brat had killed the dark haired traitor/brother with his power and in the swirling mess of it all - blood, chakra, the brat's grief - Kyuubi had looked down, at just the right angle, and spotted something that was out of place.

Lips drawn back in a snarl he studied the seals, the delicate seeming marks that held him fast inside the body of an ordinary brat. There. One seal was missing. He laughed. One seal out of so many was hardly enough for him to break free immediately, but it was enough for him to reclaim his freedom eventually.

Kyuubi could be patient. Kyuubi could wait - he was immortal.

The next years were spent prodding, always prodding, at that particular place. When the brat, his brat? Kyuubi wondered at times, if he could claim him, as the brat had no other parents after protecting him so often – after all, if the brat died before Kyuubi made his way free then Kyuubi would die.

Kyuubi had no intentions of dying. Not now, not ever.

Well, the brat - not so much a brat anymore with a mate and whelps of his own - he'd give him and his pack a painless death. It was the least he could do in recompense for the brat not dying on him. Even if that had only come about thanks to Kyuubi's chakra.

Kyuubi could be generous. Besides this brat, his brat, he thought almost fondly, hadn't been the one to seal him. He had not chosen to be a prison for the mighty Kyuubi.

It wasn't until the twenty-seventh year of captivity that the seal was weak enough. Tongue lolling out in vulpine amusement, Kyuubi settled back on his haunches and waited, always waiting, for his brat to call upon his chakra once more.

Then he'd get his revenge.

Kyuubi would not be sealed forever. The little man things wouldn't know what hit them.

Kyuubi laughed.

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