A fantastic restart

Layla never brake her routine. As always, she was giving her best in the training room. Bars, trapezes, she was practicing everything. However, Sora once more was late to her training with Layla, who agreed to do it with her. Sora still was her proud, but she was beeing disappointed with those constant irresponsibilities.

- Good morning, miss Layla. Sorry I'm late! – said Sora, entering in the room – I had to…

- Next time I come here and you don't appear in time – said Layla, interrupting – you won't do anything in the next presentation, even not having any ideas for the next show yet at the moment, and we'll have our practicing over. Did you understand, Sora? – she finish saying it while jumped from the net to the ground and get closer to Sora.

- Y-Yes, Miss Layla, I did... – Sora answered, upset. "I might need to kill Fool, Mia and Ken later, for making me arrive late", she thought.

In the middle of the corridor, when Layla and Sora stopped the training to eat something, Yuri came to them, showing lots of newspapers and magazines.

- In all the first pages, they're saying the same thing – he said – Read it.

- Ok... – Layla nodded. She started to read one of them:


Since the fans discovered that Layla Hamilton has returned to Kaleido star, they're asking for the same thing: they want both, Layla and Sora Naegino, current star of Kaleido Star, to make true, for the second time, the Ultimate Illusion, technique with the hardest level of acrobatics, which almost no one made it. Will they be ready to accept this challenge, or the fans will have to stop asking this "favor"?

- Ridiculous, isn't it? As if it'd be easy to do something like that in a hurry – Yuri commented, after some time.

- It's hard to take the idea of repeating this maneuver... It was incredible the last time, but... It'd be difficult to do it again... – Sora said –

- And they'll have it again –Layla suddenly interrupted.

- What?! – Yuri and Sora turned to her at the same time.

- If my public wants the legendary maneuver, then I'll give it to them. I'm here to entertain and give the best that I have to them, after all.

- Layla, you can't do that in a sudden. What about your arm?! – Yuri said nervously.

- It is fine, Yuri. – Layla answered

- No, it's not! Have you forgotten you can't force it? And I'll say more: just forcing it with something that caused your problem?

- Let's talk with Kalos, Sora – said Layla, ignoring Yuri, which let him a little bit mad. Even tho, he followed them silently.

- Layla, are you serious? – Kalos asked, after he listened carefully to Layla's words – instead the problem with you arm, we still need to create a presentation in which the Legendary Maneuver fits, and that's not easy. And I haven't said yet that, as it's a official show, it'll be, at least, two presentations all weeks, for a whole season, 2 or 3 months.

- That's what the public wants, that's what I'm going to do – she said – call everyone present to the training room. I'll announce to them what we'll do. Then I'll talk to Mia about the story.

Kalos looked at her as never had done before, sighted and nodded.

- Well then – he pressed the microphone's button – Attention to all the cast and producers of Kaleido Stage, go now to the training room for a meeting.

- Thank you – Layla said.

While they walked to the training room, Sora asked:

- Miss Layla, are you sure that's a good idea? I'm worried with you...

- Sora, you should already know better than anyone else that I'd accept what the public asked me for. And, as you're agreed, I don't know why you are asking me this.

- Yes... I should already know that... – Sora nodded.

When she arrived to the room, Sora noticed a crowd of everyone in Kaleido, most of them commenting about that situation. Layla stared in front of everyone else and waited until all of them were there. After that, she started talking:

- The reason why I called you all here is to talk about the new presentation – she said, giving a pause and proceeding – the public of Kaleido Star chose it, actually. It'll involve the Ultimate Illusion once more, done by Sora and I.

There was a huge noise in the room. All of them made the same questions as Kalos and Yuri. Layla, spite of that, continued with her speech.

- SO - she said louder, which made all of people shut up – now on, I want you to train hard for the next hunch, it doesn't matter if you still don't have your roles.

- Mia? – Layla called for her.

- Yes, miss Layla? – Mia answered, getting closer to her.

- I'd like you to create a new spectacle involving the legendary maneuver and the rest of our cast. Can you do it?

- B-but... How about you?

- Can you do it, yes or no? If you need help, we have the directors and the other producers in Kaleido, but I guess that will not be necessary. Am I wrong?

- No, you're not. I'll do the show as your wish.

- Agreed then. I'd like to have a formed story until the next week. Canyou do it?

- I'll do my best!

- I know you will, Mia. – Layla gave her a gentle smile - Sora?

- Y-yes? – Layla called her in a sudden, which made Sora freeze for an instant.

- I'll be waiting for you here, at 8. Don't be late – she said, giving her back to Sora.

- Right! I'll be there before that, miss Layla!