It's Not Over

Summary: Slight AU. "He came to me for protection, but I did not give it." While Achilles is on one of his nature escapes, he gets news that he is going to have to take in one of his few remaining relatives. When he takes his young cousin, Patroclus, hunting to get more comfortable with him, tragedy strikes when the same men who killed his parents injure the young boy. Achilles wants revenge, but he also has to keep his cousin alive…

Disclaimer: I do not own Achilles, Odysseus, or Patroclus (darn it), but I do own the evil soldiers!

A/N: Hey! This is my third Troy story, so I hope you enjoy it. This was supposed to be a one-shot, but I'm telling you now that it's going to be more than that. I had to divide it up. But, all that means is that it's going to be a longer story! Anyway, it's named after the song "It's Not Over" by Daughtry, so if you know it, think of that song when you read this. If not, that's okay. You don't need to know it to enjoy it! A special shout-out to Halofin17 for this one. Halo, I just want to thank you for being my friend and giving me the chance to get to know you more. It means a lot to me, and I'm glad you're having as much fun as I am. Thanks a lot! Good luck on your stories! Anyway, this is to everyone now, enjoy!

Achilles sighed as he set his book down, running his hand through his long blond hair nervously. Patroclus, a ten-year-old boy who was his cousin that he had never met before, was going to arrive at any minute. He hadn't heard much about why the boy was coming to stay with him, but he was very anxious. He wasn't too much older than Patroclus, and he had never taken care of a child before.

He jumped slightly when the flap doors of his tent were pushed aside, and Odysseus, his friend from Ithaca, entered. A young boy with blond hair that was similar to Achilles' came in behind him, his eyes looking everywhere except at Achilles. This must have been his cousin.

"Thank you for bringing him, Odysseus." Achilles said, getting to his feet to stand next to him. "I appreciate your assistance."

"It is my pleasure, Achilles." Odysseus replied. "You are my friend after all." He then looked down on the young boy who was sticking close to him. "Come, Patroclus. Say hello to your cousin."

The boy slowly raised his eyes to look at Achilles, but he only merely nodded before looking away again. Odysseus knelt down next to him so that he could look him in the eyes. "Patroclus, why don't you step outside for a moment?" he asked. "I'll be with you shortly."

Patroclus looked up at him with scared, helpless eyes, then dropped his gaze as he looked down at the ground. He slowly turned around and walked outside of the tent, letting the flaps close behind him. Achilles sighed as he turned to his friend. "Wonderful. He doesn't talk?" he said.

"You must understand, Achilles," Odysseus muttered as he got to his feet, "he has just come from a very traumatizing experience."

Achilles looked at him curiously. "What happened?" he asked. "I haven't heard much about the situation. All I know is that I'm supposed to take him in."

"A few days ago, a small group of soldiers attacked the small village where Patroclus lived, killing his parents. No one knows where they were from." Odysseus answered gravely. "I happened to be in the area at the time, and I took the boy with me since I knew his parents well. He couldn't stay there. We traveled toward you, since you're his only remaining relative. You're the only one he could go to."

Achilles was silent. If he had known what had happened to the child, he would have been more kind to him when he had first walked in… Odysseus sighed. "I will leave you two to be acquainted."

The man from Ithaca walked out of the tent with Achilles behind him. They found Patroclus sitting in the grass a few feet away, holding a fluffy flower absentmindedly in his hand. A sudden wind came, and the fluffs floated off, mingling with his golden hair as it flew back behind him. The ten-year-old looked up when he heard them approaching. Odysseus knelt down next to him and placed a sturdy hand on his shoulder. "I have to leave now, Patroclus." he told him. "Do not fear. You will be safe here with your cousin, Achilles."

Patroclus looked past him at the other blond haired man, who smiled kindly at him. The young boy's deep blue eyes immediately went back to Odysseus when he stood up. "I will speak with you soon, Achilles." the man said. "I wish you the best of luck."

Before he could walk away from them, Patroclus got to his feet and grabbed his hand, hoping that he wouldn't leave. "Patroclus, it is all right." Odysseus muttered, gently prying the boy's hand off his. "I will speak with you soon also. But for now, stay with Achilles. He will protect you."

Reluctantly, Patroclus watched as Odysseus left them, then slowly walked over to the man that was left with him. Achilles watched silently as the boy approached him, then gasped when his deep blue eyes met with his own. There was so much fear in those wide, innocent eyes, and yet, there was so much hatred; hatred for the men that had killed his parents. Achilles feared those eyes.

He didn't know what to say as he looked down at the child. He was so young, and he had gone through an event that he had never experienced before. What was there to say?

Patroclus sighed and looked away from him, walking around him and entering the tent. Achilles followed, watching as the boy looked around at the small tent blankly. "Are you hungry?" he asked. "You can come with me to hunt for food if you would like."

The young boy shook his head as he sat down on the ground. Achilles sighed, running his hand through his long hair again. How could he take care of this child if he didn't speak to him? "You'll sleep over there." Achilles told him, pointing to the far end of the tent where a few blankets and a small pillow had been placed. Patroclus nodded, not saying a word.

Achilles bent down and picked up the bow that was lying by his feet. "I am going out to hunt for us anyway." he muttered. "Are you sure that you do not want to come?"

Again, he got the same response; a mere shake of the head. Achilles sighed. "All right. I will return soon."

The blond man left the tent, not looking back. Patroclus watched him, then got to his feet and walked over to where Achilles had said he was going to be sleeping. He laid down facing the tent wall, feeling exhausted from the days of traveling with Odysseus. He tried to forget what had happened, but the events of that dark day haunted him, even as he drifted reluctantly into sleep…


He was alone. Beginning to panic, Patroclus ran down the dark hallway, looking around and desperately calling out for his parents. But they were nowhere to be seen, much to the young boy's horror.

Finally, he found them, standing alone in a dark room. Patroclus smiled, beginning to run toward them. But he stopped when someone stepped out of the shadows, sword held high. He screamed when he saw the dark eyes of the man as he mercilessly slaughtered his parents, the two people he loved most in the world. Then, he gasped when the man's eyes landed on him, almost seeing inside of his mind, and he began to back out of the room.

Suddenly, strong arms grabbed him roughly from behind, dragging him away into the shadows. "Let me go!" Patroclus shouted fearfully as he saw the glimmer of a sword in the moonlight. "Let me go!"


"Let me go!"

"Patroclus, it is only I. You are safe. No one is going to hurt you now."

"No! Let me go!"

Achilles sighed. When he had returned from hunting, he found that Patroclus had drifted off into a light sleep. Now, he seemed to be having a nightmare. He had gently grabbed the child's shoulders to try to wake him, but he was terrified of him. He realized that his young cousin must have thought that he was some unseen danger, one that was going to hurt him…

After a few minutes of thrashing around and trying to escape from his grasp, Patroclus quickly opened his eyes, breathing hard. He calmed down slightly when he saw Achilles, but that didn't stop the flow of tears coming from his eyes.

"Are you all right?" Achilles asked with worry, fearful that he may have hurt himself.

"Fine." Patroclus answered quietly, slowly sitting up as he wiped his tears away. "It was only a dream…"

"It must have been terrible." Achilles remarked. "Was it about what happened to your parents?"

Patroclus was silent, more tears filling his eyes when he heard the question. He sighed, wiping them away. "I do not wish to speak of it."

Achilles sighed, but then he smiled slightly. "All right. I understand that it must be hard for you to speak of." he replied. "I managed to catch some things for dinner for us to have, but I have to cook it still. You can have some if you like, there is plenty. Come on out if you feel up to it."

The young boy nodded and watched as Achilles stood up and left the tent. He heard the sound of a fire starting, and soon, he was able to smell the scent of cooking meat. Patroclus stood up and slowly wandered to the entrance of the tent, silently looking out at what his cousin was doing.

Achilles was sitting behind the fire he had created, the light of the flames mingling with the light of the setting sun as it reflected off his face. The meat from the animals that he had caught was hanging over it, slowly changing from a deep pink to a light brown. As the young boy watched him, he began to think that living with this man might not be such a terrible thing. Maybe, just maybe, he would be safe.


In the forest near the hill where they were staying, a pair of dark eyes watched them from the shadows. "One may have escaped from us, but he will not be able to escape for long." a man muttered, turning to look back at the soldiers that were with him.

One of them stepped forward. "What shall we do, Teleus?" he asked.

The man smirked. "We will wait until the moment is right, and then we will make our move." the solder named Teleus answered. "Then, everyone from that godforsaken village… will be dead."

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