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High School Mischeifs

The young 15 year old walked silently next to her overprotective cousin holding her schoolbag infront of her as her long blue uniform skirt waved from side to side and her long raven hair swishing about.She looked around the large hallways wondering if she would ever get used to life here.Her family had just moved to Japan and lived in a small town located near the coast of Japan and she now went to Konoha High School Academy. She continued down the hall a small blush betraying her whenever anyone glanced in her direction.

"Um..Neji-Niisan, I my way i-if you want."She stuttered some of her words. A habit that sometimes got in the way. He glanced at her making her nervous.

"If you would like Hinata-sama."

He left her side and walked to his locker which was far from her own considering that he was a year older than she was. She continued down the halls making her way to her locker.'W-wow...There are lots of people here...'She quickened her pace and turned the corner.In an instant she felt her hit someone hard and fall back onto the hard floor scattering her things.

She quickly pulled her skirt down. "G-gomen N-nasai!I-I wasn't p-paying a-t-tention to w-where I was going!" The young boy sat up and shook it off. He looked at her lavender eyes with his dark emotionless orbs. "It's alright. Nothing bad happened."Hinata couldn't tell if he had any emotion against his voice but she quickly picked up her things and got back up.

"G-gomen Nasai again."Her blush had become intense and she gained a peculiar look from the boy."U-um...I'm Hyuga Hinata.Who would you be?"The boy got up and stared at her."Uchiha Sasuke."He replied with the same emotionless tone."K-konnichiwa Uchiha-san.Gomen Nasai but I got to get to my locker.Ja ne!"

He watched the young girl run off with the blush still burning.'Hyuga Hinata...and she called me Uchiha-san?Sure sounds better than what my fangirls call me.'

He walked off toward the direction she ran off realizing that she was in the same grade as himself.'Those eyes...odd...I've never seen them before...'He continued toward his locker noticing that Hinata was close by talking with some girl with buns in her hair who looked a year older than her."Oi!Sasuke!"

He turned to see the annoying blonde haired idiot that became one of his best friends."What do you want Naruto?"The blonde ran over and tripped."Gyaah!!"

He fell onto the tiled floor face first and rolled forward landing on his tush."Yow!Sasuke!Why didn't you save me?!"Sasuke glared at the boy then sighed."Just get up before I have to walk over your face to get to class dobe."The blonde got up and looked over."Hey!You notice your new lockermate?!"

Sasuke turned and saw the girl he bumped into before at the locker right next to his."Oh!Um.D-did I do something w-wrong?"The two stared at her for abit then Naruto spoke up again."Hey!I'm Uzumaki Naruto!Who would you be?!"

She stared at the hyperactive boy then answered with her usual stutter."I-I'm Hyuga Hinata.N-nice to m-meet you Uzumaki-san."

Naruto cocked an eyebrow.'She just called me Uzumaki-san?'

He stared at her then replied."Well.It's nice to meet you too Hinata-chan!And you can call me Naruto by the way!"She nodded and proceeded on her quest to open her locker while Sasuke got his books and left for class followed by Naruto."Hey.You think she's cute,huh?"Sasuke shot him a glare then proceeded down the hallway.'I have no feelings for this girl.She's just another nuisance like the rest.She'll soon be swooning over me like everyone esle.'He continued to class.

She struggled with her locker trying desperatly to get it open.'I'm gonna be late!'She tugged hard on the door and it flew open knocking her back."Kya!!"

She closed her eyes waiting for the pain.It never came.She opened her eyes to find herself in the arms of the boy she had bumped into."U-uchiha-san!"

As he pulled her back up she blushed furiously.'H-he saved me!'She turned to the boy."A-arigatou Uchiha-san!"She looked away avoiding his peircing gaze."Please just call me Sasuke.And it's no problem.I went to get the books I forgot. "He stared at her as she looked away."O-oh!Um...Arigatou again f-for saving me."He nodded and she went back to her locker to put away her books and get the one's she needed.

"U-um...I have math with Asuma-sensi this period..."Sasuke nodded."I have him don't want to be late."Hinata nodded and quickly got her books then stood up."Um...where is math class?"Sasuke looked at her.

"Newbie huh?I'll show you.Hurry up."He started down the hallway followed by Hinata.'Interesting girl...she still hasn't fallen for me...'

To be continued...

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