Chi:WHOO!The chapie you've all been waiting for!THE DANCE!HINATA AND SASUKE'S CONFESSION!

Sasuke:HELL YEAH!!


Chi:Wow.You two are cheerful today.

Sasuke and Hinata:YUPPERS!

Chi:Well on with the disclaimer!!

Sasuke and Hinata:CHI DOES NOT OWN NARUTO!!


Sasuke and Hinata:Also beward!We are way out of char in this chapie!YAY!

High School Mischeifs

"YOU LOOK AWESOME!"The three shared a group hug and looked at the clock."Almost time girls!Let's WOW them!"The girls high-fived eachother and ran out of Hinata's bedroom.'Sasuke-kun!Please like my outfit!'

'You better be grateful to all the work I did on myself for you Shika-kun!'

"Naru-kun!!!If you don't like my looks I'll murder you!!!'


"N-neji-niisan?!"Hinata got up at stared down at him while he looked up and his eyes widened."HINATA-SAMA WHAT THE HELL?!!!"

"Jeez even when you're suurprised you called me 'Hinata-sama'.QUIT WITH THE FORMALITY!!!"Hinata put her hands on her hips and pouted at her cousin.Neji's jaw dropped and he looked down at the two girls on his lap."First.GET OFF!And second.What'd you do with my cousin and who's this?"Sakura and Ino got up."This is the new and improved Hinata!"

"Improved?More like killed."


Hanabi peeked in and her jaw almost hit the floor."HINATA-NEECHAN!!!YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!"Neji stared at Hanabi then back at Hinata."You seriously expect me to let you go to the Sophomore Dance in THAT?!!!"Hinata nodded while Neji slapped himself."Go and change Hinata-sama."

"NO WAY IN HELL!"The three yelled.Neji was taken back abit by hearing his cousin yell at him and her friends backing her up but continued."Go.Change.Hinata-sama."

"NO!Listen Neji-niisan!For once in my life I atually feel free and confident!You're supposed to be protecting me!So if there's one thing you can try to to protect me from it's my inconfidence!Haven't you always said I should open up?!"

Neji stared at the girl knowing she was right.He always said she should be more confident."...Fine...but never again!"Hinata smiled and hugged her niisan."THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"She let go and ran out with the girls."Oh wait a sec.NEJI!!!"She ran back in."We need a ride!!"Neji sighed as he began walking toward the door."Coming!"

On the other side of town...


"Yeah.The first match idiot.And even if you did win it'd be 376-54-1.You being last."Shikamaru nodded."Sasuke is always the best at the games and that not even my genious mind could beat him all the time.If this was shouji however..."Shikamaru smirked while Naruto held up his fingers in a cross while Sasuke checked the clock.

"It's almost time."Sasuke stared at the clock.'Only 15 minutes till Hinata sees me at the dance...What will she say?"

"ALRIGHT!LET'S GO SASUKE-TEME!"Naruto grabbed Sasuke and ran out of the house followed by Shikamaru.

'SAKURA-CHAN!Can't wait can't wait!!'

'Ino...wonder what she'll do...

'Hinata...please...wait for me...I...I...'

Sasuke's thought was interupted by a slamming of a door."ALRIGHT!We'll take your car Sasuke!!"

"Uh I had something esle in mind."Sasuke motioned them toward a second garage."Damn.How many of those stupid things do you have?!"

"Five."Shikamaru sighed waiting toward where Sasuke told them to.Sasuke unlocked the garage and pulled up the door.

"HOLY CRAP SASUKE!!"The two stood with widened eyes."How many motorbikes are there?!!"

"It's my father's 'hobbie'.He collects motorbikes.Rare ones.Fast one.Off-road ones.Any you can name he probaly has at least one of them.He allows me to use them.Why do you think you see a motorbike in the school parking lot everyday?"

"YOU'RE THE ONE ON THE MOTORBIKE?!!"Sasuke nodded and got on one of the rarer bikes(A/N:Sorry!I'm no good with car names or bike names!)while Naruto went around staring wide-eyed at all the bikes.Shikamaru chose a fast one knowing Ino loved rollarcoasters and fast racing things and Naruto chose another less faster one but still pretty fast and had good acceleration.He also made sure it didn't poullute the air much knowing Sakura was a 'Enviormental' girl.

Sasuke chose a plain one.At least to Naruto and Shikamaru it looked plain since they didn't know what motorbike it was.But Sasuke knew better.He put on his helmet as did Naruto and Shikamaru and the three rode off one infront of the other.

About 10 minutes later...(A/N:By the way this is a SOPHOMORE dance.Meaning only sophomores are allowed to attend.This explains the absence of Lee,Tenten and Neji.)

"OI!NARUTO!!"Kiba waved from the entrance with Shino.Naruto,Sasuke and Shikamaru parked near one another and hooked their helmets on the bikes and walked over to the two."Oi!You looking sharp Naruto.You trying to impress Sakura?"Naruto hit Kiba on the head blushing slightly."KIBA!"

"Hn.Seems like Kiba dragged you here huh Shino?"Shino nodded as Shikamaru went inside followed by the other four.

A little while after...

"Thank you Neji-nii!Ja ne!"Hinata waved good-bye to her cousin and walked in arm-in-arm with Sakura and Ino.

"HOLY CRAP HINATA!!!"Kiba ran up to her eyes wide and jaw opened all the way."Who knew?!!"Hinata blushed as the lights continued flashing inside the huge gym."H-hinata!!"Sasuke stutered out her name as he walked up to her blushing slightly at the slightly revealing clothes she was wearing."HOLY CRAP SAKURA-CHAN!!!"Naruto ran up to Sakura eye's wide as they could go."Hey Inoooooo way you could be so hot!!"Shikamaru stepped up blushing looking at her legs abit.

"S-s-s-sauke-kun!!"Hinata stuttered out badly while blushing.Sakura blushed and smiled akwardly trying tov hide the blush while Ino jumped onto Shikamaru."SHIKA-KUN!!"

Sakura and Ino pulled Naruto and Shikamaru onto the dance floor and began dancing while Hinata and Sasuke continued staring at eachother."A-ano Sasuke-kun I-"

"W-would you like to dance?!"Sasuke cut in nervously.Hinata's eyes widened as she nodded her emotion changing from surprised to happiness to hyper happy!"SURE!"She yelled and grabed Sasuke by the wrist and pulled him onto the dance flr as she began getting into the groove while Sasuke stared at her.He began moving slightly but was too nervous to do much.He watched Naruto and Shikamaru finally starting to pick up the music.

"Comeon Sasuke!Pick it up!"Hinata laughed and grabbed his arm and danced around with him trying to pick up to her pace."H-hinata!!S-slow down!"

'Dammit Sasuke quit stuttering!!'

'Jeez you're really nervous.I haven't seen you like this since that accident that happened when you were 7!'


Sasuke began picking up to her pace as the song continued.Sakura and Ino were watching from nearby and gave eachother the signal as Sasuke began laughing and smiling with Hinata.Ino twirled around and bumped into Hinata as Sakura shoved Sasuke by 'MISTAKE' and quickly danced back to Naruto.


Sasuke and hinata slammed into eachother but apparently...Sasuke had been pushed abit downward by Sakura and Hinata had just been pushed forward.And as that happened.

Sasuke and Hinata's lips crashed together.

Both broke away blushed madly Sasuke abit less but still very noticable for him.Everybody had turned in time to see the so called 'incident'.Sasuke's fangirls almost fainted onto the dance floor while the boys stared with envious looks.

Sakura and Ino smiled innocently while Naruto grinned and Shikamaru smirked.Sasuke looked at Hinata still blushing and he had his hand slightly over his lips.Hinata turned to lock eyes with Sasuke as she blushed madly her lavender eyes staring straight at the Uchiha.'S-s-sasuke-kun was my first kiss!!'


Sasuke stared into her eyes forgetting everyone who was around.'H-hina-chan...I made lip contact with Hina-chan...'


Sasuke and Hinata continued staring at eachother as a slow song begun."H-huh?O-oh!A-a-ano S-sasuke-kun...d-do y-you w-w-want to d-d-d-d-dance?"Hinata blushed her timid self begining to take over.Sasuke nodded slowly and took her hand.The two stil had their eyes locked as their fingers intertwined with eachother and Sasuke gently place his hand on her lower back blushing abit while Hinata placed her hand on his shoulder."Y-you're a very good dancer S-sasuke-kun."Hinata managed to stutter out.

"T-thanks.You're quite the dancer yourself."Sasuke smiled abit while slow dancing with her.Hinata smiled back stepping abit closer to Sasuke."Hinata...there's something I've been meaning to tell you.You know when you asked if I liked you?Well...I-"

"AND NOW IT'S TIME FOR KARAOKE!!!"Sakura and Ino glared at the man then got an idea.They dragged Hinata and Sasuke onto the stage and put mikes infront of them as they blushed."Sakura!Ino!What are you doing?!"The two whispered in unsion."Getting you two together!"They pulled Naruto and Shikamaru on next to them as they stood in tha backround.The karaoke board went blank as the song started.Hinata swallowed and stepped up to the mike.(A/N:Song has different parts.Goes like this-'Person(s):What they're singing')

Hinata:We were strangers starting out on journey

Never dreaming what we'd have to go through

Now here we are, and I'm suddenly standing

At the beginning with you...

The audience gaped at Hinata's wonderful soft voice.

Sasuke looked at her and smiled stepping up next.

Sasuke:No one told me I was going to find you

Unexpected what you did to my heart

When I lost hope, you were there to remind me

This is the start...

Sakura,Ino,Shikamaru and Naruto smiled and steped up to their own joining in.

All:And life is a road that I wanna keep going

Love is the river I wanna keep flowing

Life is road now and forever wonderful journey

I'll be there when the world stops turning

I'll be there when the storm is through

In the end I wanna be standing

At the beginning with you...

Sakura:We were strangers on a crazy adventure

Naruto:Never dreaming how our dreams would come true

Sakura:Now here we stand unafraid of the future

Naruto:At the beginning with you...

All:And life is a road that I wanna keep going

Love is the river I wanna keep flowing

Life is road now and forever wonderful journey

I'll be there when the world stops turning

I'll be there when the storm is through

In the end I wanna be standing

At the beginning with you...

Ino:Knew there was somebody somewhere

Let me love in the dark

Shikamaru:And I know my dream will live on

I've been waiting so long

All:Nothing's gonna tear us apart!

Boys:And life is a road and I wanna keep going

Love is the river I wanna keep flowing

Girls:Life is road now and forever wonderful journey

I'll be there when the world stops turning

Boys:I'll be there when the storm is through

Girls:In the end I wanna be standing

All:At the beginning with you...


Girls:Life is the road and I wanna keep going

Boys:Love is the river that I wanna keep going on

Girls:Starting out on a journey

All:Life is a road and I wanna keep going

Love is the river I wanna keep flowing

In the end I wanna be standing

At the beginning...

With you...


The song ended and the audience went wild.The six blushed and looked at eachother smiling.







The four smiled as they went off stage hand in hand.The dance soon ended and the pairs went home."Hinata.I'll take yu home if you want."Hinata smiled and nodded."Thank you."

Sasuke passed her a smaller helmet and she put it on.Sasuke lifted her up and put her on the back making her blush abit as he got on."Hold on."He smiled as he felt her arms wrap around his waist clinging tightly to him.He saw Ino and Sakura doing the same with Naruto and Shikamaru.Shikamaru headed out with Ino screaming happily followed by Naruto who went abit slower for the not-as-hyper-girl-as-Ino Sakura.Sasuke waiting for Hinata to adjust and then took off following the others.

"Am I going too fast Hina-chan?"He teased.Hinata giggled."Nope!Infact I think you're going too SLOW!!"Sasuke chuckled and picked up the speed catching up to Naruto and Shikamaru and quickly ppassing them turning the corner sharply receiveing a laugh from the girl who was clinging tightly to him.

He continued on smiling and smirking occasionally while Hinata continued giggling and laughing.He soon stopped infront of the Hyuga estate and escorting her to the door."I had a great time today Ssuke-kun.Thank you.For everything..."She smiled blushing abit.He wondered why.

"I had a great time too Hina-chan.Well.You know what I was trying to say at the dance even though I was cut off?Well...I was trying to say I...I...I-"Hinata cut him off by placing her finer finger on his lips."Shush..I know...I love you too Sasuke-kun..."She gently pressed her lips against his as his eyes widened.He quickly adjusted to it though and slowly moved his hand to her cheek as she blushed.

The two broke away after abit and smiled at eachother."I love you Hina-chan..."

"I love you Sasu-kun..."

Hinata gently let go of his hand and hugged him goodbye as he went back slowly.'Thank you Sasu-kun...For everything...'

"So that's the Uchiha huh?"Neji leaned against the colum next to Hinata.She smiled and nodded her gaze never leaving his back.Sasuke looked back and saw her ith her cousin.He looked at her cousin.Her cousin nodded his approval and Sasuke smiled again.'Hina-chan...Thank you...'

He onto the motobike and left after glancing at Hinata one last time.'I hope you like my present Hina-chan...'

"Hey Hinata-sama.What's that in your hand?"Neji pointed out the small package in her hand."Oh!'From Sasuke...'."She opened the little package to reveal a small charm braclet with one charm-two hearts connected together by another chain."Sasu-kun..."She smiled as she put the small bracelet on.'Thank you Sasu-kun truly...For everything...'

"Oyasumi Sasu-kun..."The wind carried a soft message back to the young Hyuga.

'Oyasumi Hina-chan...'


OMG OMG!!It's the end!!I may make a sequel depending on how many want one!The song is 'At the Beginning' by Donna Lewis!I just want to thank all my loyal reveiwers!THANK YOU ALL OF YOU!!!JA NE!!!