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…Chapter 1…

Year 2047:

I walked out of the feeding room, lightly patting my mouth with a small piece of cloth. I walked down the large castle halls towards my room.

On my way, I passed Alec. He smiled and slowed his pace, obviously stopping to chat with me. I stopped and looked down at him, smiling the most whole-hearted smile I could conjure up. I hadn't smiled for real in a long time.

"Hey, Isabella. I was just going to the feeding room, do you want to come?" Alec asked kindly.

"No thanks, I just came from there," I replied honestly.

He slowly began walking in the direction he'd been going. "Hope you saved some for me!" he yelled over his shoulder.

I began walking towards my room again. I giggled and shook my head at what Alec had said. Of course I'd saved some for him. I loved that kid.

When I got to my room I shut the door behind me and quietly tiptoed towards my bed. I collapsed on the bed, breathing in the heavenly scent of fabric softener. I'd convinced Aro to have our things cleaned at least once a month, so the castle wouldn't seem so…old. And of course he gave in immediately as he always had. He practically considered me his own daughter—only I felt more like his own property…with some freedom…sometimes.

I ran my hand over the bed sheets, the rich butterscotch color always comforted—and pained—me although I'd always try not to think about why.

I lay on my bed all night. I always did this when I had nothing to do—pretend to sleep. No one really knew why. I did, of course—and everybody heard me when I did.

At night, I liked to let the few memories I had of my human life drift through my mind. This always ended badly of course. I'd put my soft pillow over my face and dry sob for the rest of the night, wishing I could sleep the night away, just to forget about the pain—but of course I couldn't.

Tonight, was one of the worst nights I'd had in decades. The one memory that I'd tried to lock up for as long as possible finally escaped. And once I'd remembered it I couldn't stop myself from letting it go on…

Year 2007:

My lip trembled, trying to hold back traitor tears, as I looked up at Edward. He looked sad but I was sure he wouldn't suffer too much this time.

"Edward," I whispered. "Please don't. You promised."

"Bella, you should know that sometimes I have to break promises," he whispered, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. I grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand away from my face unwillingly, but knowing that it was what I needed to do.

"Please, don't do that. You're only going to make it harder," I said. He pulled his hand to his side but kept his eyes on my face, which was now tear-stained. Those damn tears! Why couldn't they stay in when I told them to!

"Isn't there another way?" I asked.

He shook his head. "This is it, Bella. This is the only way. I'm doing this for you, I'm going away for you."

I sniffled and bit my lower lip. Edward was leaving…again. Even when he promised that he wouldn't go, even when he said he'd suffered when he was away. I was almost sure he wouldn't this time.

I looked up at him, making my eyes look as wide and innocent as they'd go. "Will you come back?"

He bit his lip and thought hard. "I don't know, Bella,"—His eyes darted all over my room—"I'll try…but if worse comes to worse…" he paused for a second, obviously struggling with his words. "If worse comes to worse, Bella, please promise me you'll forget about me. I know it won't be easy but you have to try. Move on, Bella. Please promise me you'll try to do that…for me. Even if means seeing…that Jacob kid…or Newton…just…as long as you're happy,"—he grabbed my hand with both of his but I quickly pulled away—"please, promise me you'll try to move on and be as happy as possible."

I hardly had to think about that. "No," I said firmly.

"Wha—" he began to say but I interrupted.

"No. I'm not promising you anything, especially not that."

"I guess you're angry," he said.

"No, Edward, I'm just peachy," I said as sarcastically as I could but my tears betrayed me. It was hard to look mad when I was so…hurt.

He urgently looked over his shoulder, out my bedroom window.

"I'm guessing you've got to go," I said.

He looked at me apologetically. He leaned in and kissed my wet cheek, knowing that kissing the lips would be blowing this out of proportion. "I'm sorry and…don't forget that I'll love you for eternity…no matter what." And then he was gone. All I caught through my blurred vision was a flash of bronze hair go through my window.

I didn't bother going to see him run away. I didn't want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

And I knew he wouldn't be coming back. But I waited…I waited every single day after that, holding on to the last teensy bit of hope I had. But he never came and realization that he would never come finally sunk in one day…but that's another memory for another night.

Back to 2047:

I finally managed to pull myself out of my torturous memories. I chocked down some sobs by holding my breath.

I swung my legs off the bed and walked across my spacious room. I loved my room; it was really the only place I had that was mine. The walls were made of the same stone that most of the castle was and the ceilings were high. All my furniture was made of a light colored wood and it complimented well against the tan castle stones. A large black area rug in the middle of the room finished it all off. This was the only space in the entire castle that was truly mine. A place where I could stop pretended and be—dare I say—Bella for a while.

My room had no windows overlooking the town but it did have a small skylight in the center of the ceiling. Some nights I'd move my bed to the center of the room and look up at the beautiful night sky; that always seemed to comfort me because I knew—well hoped—that Edward was out there somewhere looking at that same sky. Then I'd remember what he did to me and feel filled with hatred so I'd move my bed back against the wall.

I walked to the center of my room and looked up. It was just about to break dawn. I could see the sky turning from black to gray to purple. I decided to go up to the roof.

I ran out of my room and down the hall. I passed Heidi on the way and smiled, giving her a semi-wave, which she returned. Ever since the beginning of this new life I had, Heidi and I had gotten along well—but that was mostly because she was one of the only girls in the house that was kind of close to my age. She could be a real bitch at times—which reminded me a lot of a certain someone's prissy-sister who never had a liking for me in my human life—but I loved Heidi nonetheless. We practically treated each other like sisters—we practically were sisters.

I ran to the end of the hall and opened the last door without even touching it with one of my many powers. Behind the door was a very narrow, very long spiral staircase—I kept running up the stairs, never losing my rhythm, with no problem. At the top of the stairs was a metal door, which practically smacks you in the face considering how sudden the staircase ends. I pushed the door open and stepped out into the cool morning breeze. I closed the door behind me with my power while I walked to the middle of the rooftop.

This was another place I had mostly to myself. Hardly anyone ever came up here but I love it. None of the humans down below could even have the slightest chance of seeing us, even if it was sunny up here. And since no planes or helicopters or any of that stuff flew over Volterra, there was no risk of exposure. The others still didn't like coming up here though. I never understood why.

I opened my arms out on my sides and spun around. The sun was just peeking over the horizon and the air was cool. I breathed out a sigh of relaxation, trying to forget my old memories. I hated remembering because it seemed I could only remember the hurtful things these days, all my good memories had mostly faded by now. But I wouldn't want to forget them, because that would mean forgetting…him…and even though I felt I should forget about him already, I never wanted to. He obviously wasn't going to come in with shining armor and on a white horse and swoop me up to take me off forever like he 'promised' he'd do—my fairytale came to a painful end a long time ago—but I never stopped hoping, which was a pathetic weakness of mine that I would never let anyone see.

I slowly walked over to the ledge. The town was quiet and no one was out but I still kept my distance from the very ledge—I would have to kill myself, literally, if I exposed us like that.

The sun was coming up quickly so I sat down and enjoyed the disgustingly beautiful view. I watched as my skin slowly began glowing from the slight sunrays that hit me.

A thought then passed through my mind that made me want to gag. Another day of my worthless life...

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