HEY !! sorry …. this isn't sasha (DON'T CURSE ME OUT YET) this is her bestie AGNES !! haha soo I got bored and hacked onto her fanfic account and well I'm on the phone with her while doing this and well im talking her into continuing this fanfic you guys all love soo much (ive never read it myself but apparently its really good LOL) !!

Sooooo this is whats been going on … Sasha totally forgot she wrote at all !! BUT THANKS TO MWAH!! SHE'S GOING TO BE PUTTING UP A NEW CHAPTER BY THE END OF THE SUMMER !! (still on the phone with her " I meant to finish this story 2 summers ago") The reason why you guys still have to wait a couple more weeks is because she has to reread the entire thing … and try to remember what the hell she was going to write !! (great isn't she hahaha )

But other than me convincing her she wants to continue the story for all the amazing fans who don't bash her and THE JONAS BROTHERS !! and whatever else they have to bash about !! haha

But yeah we actually read the comments !! and we totally TOTALLY love LOVE people who comment awesome things !!

We both totally love !!! …. the user I-had-a-Sandwhich-in-my-Head !!! yeah we love you !! your comment was mine and sash's fav !! *haters take note about nice comments* but yeah no more threats please !! theyre annoying and sash sed you guys can go die if you want !! LOL don't you just love her!! Haha but yeah don't really like drop dead cause she once wished this guy to drop dead and he got really sick for 2 weeks and then this other time she sed the same about some other kid and he like broke his leg !! OH AND IF YOU GUYS WERE EARLY READERS AND REMEMBER 10.5 HE DIDN'T DROWN IN A POOL OF SODA BUT HE DID TEAR HIS KNEE AND HAD TO GET SURGERY!! Soooooo ….. yeah try not to piss this chick off bahahahaahahaha !!

But yeah no more threats about the jonas brothers or else she'll "find a way to block all you mother fuckers from the story" lol

Oh yeah Sash is really competitive so if you like leave comments that say I bet you cant finish the story, or I bet it wont be as good as before you'll have a new chapter sooner than expected sooo feel freee to leave comments like that !! (BUT ANY THREATING JONAS COMMENTS AND EVEN I WILL KICK YOUR ASS HAHAHAA !!! JK …not really)

But anyways yeah this note is so that you guys know sash is actually alive and can actually finish the story but WAS just lazy too ! I apologize on her behalf cause she probably wont !! lol

.JONAS ----- sashie's bestie AGNES !! haha and if you haven't figured out im a jonas fan too LOL =P!

P.S. after reading this note to myself I really made sasha to sound like a bitch lol but shes not I promise …… well… only when shes competitive.. even with herself :cough..night at the Roxbury.. cough: but yeah shes awesome !!! and the whole competitive thing works to you guys' advantage soo yeah comments about her not being able to finish !! hahaha (shes gonna kick my ass if there are like a billion comments about that haha …. Oh welll .. I can hold my own haha)