Chapter One
"Pika? Chu!"
Fuchsia City
(Author's note: This story takes place according to Sailor Moon's time right after Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. In Pokemon time, it's Adventures in the Orange Islands, but the characters are not in the Islands. They're in Kanto, the world of the first season. Tracey is on one last expedition. He'll be back though! I do not own the characters of Sailor Moon or Pokemon. Naoko Takeuchi owns Sailor Moon. TOEI ANIMATION and the animator own Pokemon, I do not own it. So don't sue me if you think Mr. Mime is stupid or if you want a whole movie dedicated to the life of Sailor Jupiter. PS- I wrote this story before I found out that Brock was coming back in the Johto season. In fact, I began writing this during the first season! So the facts are REALLY mixed up! Enjoy my story!)
It was a hot, sunny day on the Fuchsia Coastline. 5 figures were visible on a patch of shade: Ash Ketchum, Misty, and Brock. Pikachu and Togepi were playing in a VERY shallow puddle.
"Gosh, feels nice to be back in Kanto!" Misty exclaimed.
"Yeah. The Islands are cool, but there's no place like home! Hey, Ash! Do you mind if I borrow Squirtle for a sec?" asked Brock.
"No, Brock, I don't mind, but what for? Do you want to take a shower, or something?" questioned Ash.
"Nope. Squirtle can use its water gun to clean the food dishes," answered Brock.
"Okay. SQUIRTLE! I CHOOSE YOU!" Ash threw a pokeball out of his hand. Out popped the water Pokemon, Squirtle.
"Squirtle, squirt!" it said willingly.
"Squirtle! Use your water gun to wash those dishes!" Ash called out to Squirtle. It powerfully sprayed water out of its mouth. The dishes were clean!
"Good work, Squirtle! Return! Squirtle turned into a red beam of light and returned to his pokeball.
"I'm starving! Let's eat!" said Misty.
"Togepi!" agreed Togepi.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket was spying on the kids from a nearby hill. Team Rocket was made up of a 16 year-old redhead named Jessie, a 16 year-old boy with lavender hair named James, and Meowth, a smart mouthed cat pokemon. Meowth was the only Pokemon ever recorded that could speak a human language. Team Rocket tries to capture rare and unusual Pokemon. Pikachu was their main target.
"Look, James! Its those little brats!" whispered Jessie.
"They went back to Kanto and we followed and that Poke Nerd, Tracey is away!" replied James.
"Forget, Tracey! There's Pikachu!" snarled Jessie.
"Let's capture it! MEOWTH!" said Meowth. The team jumped down the hill.
Pikachu's ears pricked up. It sensed something.
"Pika?" Pika! Pikachu!" it said warningly.
"Huh? What's wrong, Pikachu? Ash had asked too late. Team Rocket jumped down from out of nowhere.
"Prepare for trouble!" yelled Jessie. Team Rocked had begun to say their motto.
"Make that double!" said James.
"To protect the world from devastation!"
"To unite all peoples within our nation!"
"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
"To extend out reach to the stars above!"
"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"MEOWTH! That's right!" said Meowth.
"Do you ever give up? At least change your little theme song!" Misty yelled. A smirk twitched at the corners of her mouth.
"Yeah! You're too predictable!" Ash chimed.
"How dare you! Team Rocket's motto is sacred and a tradition!" Jessie, James, and Meowth kneeled down on one knee and were looking starry eyed. "Hand over that pikachu, you little twerp!" called Jessie.
"You're not getting Pikachu, Team Lame!" said Ash, "BULBASAUR! I CHOOSE YOU!" out popped Bulbasaur, a grass/seed Pokemon.
"Saur! BULASAUR!" said bulbasaur.
"Go! Arbok!" yelled Jessie.
"Wheezing! GO!" called James.
"Bulbasaur! Razor leaf!" Bulbasaur shot razor-sharp leaves out of its bulb. The leaves cut Arbok, Wheezing, and Meowth. The 3 Team Rocket Pokemon fell down, mixing up in a tangle of heads, tails, arms, and legs.
"Pikachu! Thunder bolt!" Pikachu charged up its electric pouches.
"PiiiiiikaaaaCHUUU!" Pikachu's thunder bolt shot toward Team Rocket.
"Look's like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" screamed the flying Rockets. (I know, I know! Bad puns! Rockets? Blasting off? Humph! You people are hopeless!)
"Yay! Good job, guys! Bulbasaur! Return!" yelled Ash. He gave a peace sign. Pikachu mimicked the move.
Suddenly, there was a strong wind. Ash, Misty, Brock, and the Pokemon held on tight. The sun brightened like never before. Soon, the wind died down. After the dust settled down, the 3 kids could see 10 girls, 3 normal cats, and a guy. 5 girls looked about 16 years-old. One girl was maybe 8, one was probably 20, 2 at around age 19, and one was about 12. The guy looked like a 22 year-old.
Brock was looking at all the pretty girls! One in particular caught his eyes. She was a girl who's hair was a pale golden color and was flowing down to her legs. Some hair was tied up on the back of her head with a large red bow. Her eyes were light blue. Brock's face was as red as a beet. She was looking at him. At HIM!
"Ohhhh! Look at all of the pretty girls! But that one! Ohh! She's so beautiful! I have to meet her!" babbled Brock.
"Alright! That's enough, Lover Boy! Get real!" said Misty. She yanked Brock on the ear and dragged him away.
"Oww! Okay, okay! I'm real! I'm real!"
(Attention! News Flash! Misty does NOT like Brock! She's only doing the ear yanking thing for his own good! Besides, the girl's got bigger fish to fry! We now return you to your regularly schedualed fan-fiction!)
The people walked closer. A tall brunette with green eyes came over to Ash and said,
"Oh! Hi! Are you Ash Ketchum? I'm Lita Malone. I've heard a lot about you and your pikachu. Infact, it was my idea to bring my friends here to Fuchisia City. Were from Tokyo!" the girl gushed on. Ash blushed.
"Pika? Pi! Pikachu!" said Pikachu. Lita bent down until she was face to face with Pikachu.
"Hi there, cutie! You must be Ash's pikachu!" Lita said. She reached out to rub Pikachu on the head.
"NO! Wait, Lita! Don't do that!" yelled Ash. But it was too late. Lita had already placed her hand on Pikachu's head. Pikachu let out a thundershock. Electricity flowed all around Pikachu and Lita. Ash thought that Lita would surely be schorched.
Instead, Lita just looked a bit surprised. She blinked and coughed a little. The electricity didn't burn her or fry her or electrify her the way Ash used to be. She didn't even have a scratch!
"Wow! Pikachu didn't shock you! Are you very used to shocks?" asked an amazed Ash.
"Oh, you could say that. I guess I AM used to electric shocks," replied Lita.