AN: Okay I know it's been done before but… here's a little AU based on the question: "What if it hadn't taken Lorelai and Luke so many years to meet?" What if it was Luke & Lorelai from the very start? Things in italics are internal monologues. Also I wanted Rory to have a part so I made her older when Lorelai leaves home. So Lorelai is about 18 and Rory is almost 2 years old. I have 11 chapters written but I'll load them one at a time so I have time to complete the story without leaving you hanging.

Just in case it wasn't obvious I own nothing and I make like NO money.

"Excuse me, what is the cheapest ticket I can get leaving sometime this hour?"

"Well hun, where do you wanna go?"

"Whatever is cheap and leaving Hartford now."

"Okay well for $15 there's a bus leaving in 10 minutes. It's stopping in Litchfield, Woodbury, and Stars Hollow. You can get off at any stop."

"I'll take it."

"Does my daughter need a ticket?"

The woman at the ticket window glanced down at the toddler holding her mother's leg then into the face of the teenager before her. She smiled a maternal smile "I'll just put a hold on a second seat, I doubt anyone will ask the little angel for ID."

For the first time since leaving her house the girl smiled.

The speakers over head crackled with a distant tinny sound "The 8:15 to Litchfield now boarding at terminal 6"

Lorelai took a deep breath, put the car seat on the chair and started gathering her bags. "Come on, come on, stupid baby stuff, stupid small duffle bag, get out," she muttered at the piece of luggage wedged under the chair.

"Do you need a hand?"

The young girl whirled around to see a boy a few years older than herself, an old green duffle bag slung over his shoulder. He looked pretty tame. "Um, yeah that would be great, I'm supposed to be at terminal 6."

The boy nodded, "Me too, here let me get that." He reached under the seat to pull out the uncooperative luggage and picked up another bag as the girl picked up her child and few other possessions.

The boy started walking towards the terminal and twisted slightly to address his companion "Hey, I'm-" he cut off stunned to see this girl, younger than himself, holding a child…a very little child "-you have a kid."

She snorted in amusement "yup…hey remind me not to leave her on the bus." The boy's wide eyes and gaping expression were worth another snort of amusement. "Come on we're going to miss our ride."

He politely helped her stow her things in the luggage compartment. She gave him a gracious smile, "Thank you". She walked onto the bus and took two empty seats putting the baby down in the widow seat. Her knight in white (and blue) flannel entered the bus shortly after her smiling shyly as he took a seat across the aisle from her.

He feared he was staring. When he first offered his assistance it was just his father's voice in his head lecturing, "Now son, you can't just walk past and leave a lady struggling". When she actually turned around all he saw was a VERY young girl with a baby. So now that he'd actually LOOKED at her he was almost certain he was staring…she was beautiful. So, to distract from the staring, "So, where are you going?"

She looked up from where she was staring at her sleeping child. "Um..well I'm not sure. The woman who sold me the ticket said there were three stops. I was thinking maybe Star's Hollow. It sounds like the name of an estate in a Jane Austen novel. I picked the bus based on price and departure time. So I might as well pick the stop with the same logic."

The boy watched her ramble on "Oh uh, well that's where I'm going."


"Yeah, that's where I live, I mean have lived my whole life."

"Is it as fanciful as it sounds?"

"It's full of crazies…so I guess that's fanciful, or whatever."

"Well do you think there might be anywhere I could get a job?"

It briefly crossed his mind to offer her a job at his father's store but she didn't seem like the type. "Um well I think Mia's looking for a girl."

"I know the teenager with a kid thing might be deceiving but I don't actually have any trick-turning experience."

"Aw jeez," the boy replied, ears turning red. "She owns the Independence Inn right in town. One of her maids got married last month and moved to Pennsylvania."

"I could be a maid, I've certainly seen enough of them the past 16 years," she muttered quietly.


"Hmm, nothing. I'll have to look into that."

They rode in silence for a while. The boy glanced curiously across the aisle as the girl rocked her child quietly back to sleep. The bus slowed down to stop at the terminal in Litchfield. The boy waited to see if the mystery girl would change her mind and get off here instead. She stayed seated. Woodbury was next…still no movement. Finally Stars Hollow came into view. Not having a terminal, the bus stopped right in the center of town, next to a gazebo and across the street from a hardware store. The driver called last stop and the passengers began to file off the bus.

The boy held back to let the young mother pass. As they walked around to collect their luggage she turned to give him a questioning glance, "So where is this Independence 'non-brothel' Inn that might be hiring?"

"Okay well you take a left here and walk down to…it might be easier to just walk you."

Another gracious smile, "That would be nice. By the way I'm Lorelai. Lorelai Gilmore, and this small person is my daughter Rory short for Lorelai." She rearranged her things to allow her to stick out her hand.

"Oh, yeah. I'm Luke. Danes. Nice to meet you." They clasped hands briefly as she shifted her carrier and followed him off towards her new life.

The boy kept looking ahead readjusting their baggage. Lorelai, What a beautiful name.