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Frozen Heart

Chapter 1

It's almost 6 years when I gave mikan to the academy training school,for exchange to mikoru's life.I love my sister mikoru so I risk mikan's life for her.mikan is not important to me,she is not my girlfriend or something.she is just an annoying girl that annoy's me with her warm smile,her smile that warm's my heart.aargghh what did I just say?6 years have past and I didn't know where she is,even news,there is no sign of her.

I felt guit in my heart,when I gave her to them.where is she now?is she dead?ohh no?!

no!!she is not dead,but how can I make sure of it?I have to see her,I have to search for her.but how?what did I just do to her?I risk her life for just my happiness,I'm so selfish.but I love my sister so much.


Natsume's pov

northern forest..

I'm in the northern forest thinking for my sister,she is away from me.i don't know where she is.I want to see her.I don't know if she is still alive,but I wish that she is safe.

I sense that someone is coming,I heard his/her footsteps,getting closer to me.i stood up and saw who's with me,it's persona.

"what do you want now?"I said

"I know where your sister is.."he said

"huh?"I said"he knows where my sister is??great!"I thought

"I said I know where your sister is,do you want to know?"

"go on,I'm listening.."

"all I have to tell you for now is,she is safe,wherever she was"


"do you want to see her again?my kuro neko?"


"I have one condition for that"

"what is it?"

"I want to have.."


"mikan sakura"

"what?but why?"

"the academy needs her"


"what now?do you accept?"

"yes,I accept"

"well,good decision,kuro neko"

then persona leaves and I was alone in the dark forest..thinking of what I've done.

is it right to risk her life?well,she is not my girlfriend.she's just an annoying girl.

I decided to go back to my room,when I'm half way to my room,I heard screams,then I turn to see who is it..

I saw mikan with 4 men in black.she is forcing to go with them.she is screaming for help.

I'm just watching them,I have nothing to do,I accepted the condition that persona told me.

she notice me,she is now shouting my name for help.nos she is carried by the man in black.

"natsume!!!!!"she shouted

I just ignore her and turn my back as if I didn't saw her,now she is crying.begging for help.

the man pulled a injection thru his pocket and injected it to mikan.mikan fell to the floor,

she is looking at me,even if I turn my back to her,I saw her,crying.

"nat..su..me.."she said as tears fell from her face,then she was unconscious

the man carried her,and walk to the dark hallway.then,they vanished.

"mikan..I'm sorry.."I wishpered

the next day..

as usual I'm in the sakura tree,thinking of what happened.

everyone is asking where mikan is.

no one knows where mikan is,no one knows what happened to her.but I know,I just keep

it silent.

then I decided to go to the classroom,everyone is quite.i proceed to my seat beside ruka.i kept silent.

"do you know where mikan is?natsume?"ruka said

"hn"I didn't reply

then the teacher came,he is in a serious look.everyone is serious

"class,mikan sakura,will not gonna study here in our academy anymore,she left and go to another academy in italy"he said

the class was in shock.they can't belive what narumi said.I kept my self in silence,like I don't care in what is happening.

"now,we will have our new classmate,please come in"

--end of chapter—

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