Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh was just about to fall asleep one night when she heard a faint knock on her apartment door.

"Now, who could that be?" She wondered, walking across the room and opening the door. Behind it stood a shaking Olivia Benson. She was badly bruised, and a waterfall of tears were escaping her eyes.

"Livia, what happened?" Jordan asked gently, pulling her old friend inside.

"I'm in town on a case, and our suspect raped me. I tried to fight him, Jordan, but he-he overpowered me."

"What happened, Liv?" she asked, taking her hands.

"Well, Elliot and I were chasing him, but we got separated, and as I was running to catch up to him because I thought the perp was in front of us, I felt somebody put their hand over my mouth. I bit the fingers hard and kept struggling. I reached for my gun and screamed for Elliot to help me. Before he could, our suspect, Ian Delgado, dragged me into an alley and forced himself on me."

"How could you tell it was him, Liv?" Jordan asked.

"I was looking into his eyes just before he started. He matches all the photos we have." She reached for her phone and dialed Elliot.


"El, can you come to Jordan's? I'm in trouble. Delgado forced himself on me."

"Oh. Liv, I'm so sorry. I'll be right over."

She hung up and leaned into Jordan, who held her as more tears fell. Jordan had been the ME for Manhattan SVU before Warner came on. She knew the whole squad well, and she knew that if anyone could bring Olivia out of this nightmare, it would be Elliot.