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This is a oneshot, and isn't of the best quality, being my first Naruto fic, and it being late at night. But I hope you enjoy it no-less. Reviews greatly appreciated!

Now on with the fic!

- Zae


It was the usual, cold, early summer night in Suna. Up in the Kazekage's Palace, on the second floor, a teenage boy was attempting to drift into dreamland.

Kankuro was his name.

His ashy brown hair was mussed and helter-scelter upon the pillow...His calm, sleepy face bore no paint at this time of night.

Kankuro's room always felt cozy and warm when it was most needed, like on nights like these...so inviting an homey. He was not quite asleep, yet not fully awake; kind of like that coma-like stupor you often get during a particularly boring class. Burying his face in his pillow, he tried to make himself comfortable for about the twentieth time that night...It proved to be quite difficult tonight.

Just as he had gotten himself in a moderately comfortable spot, he heard a light rap on his door, followed by a creak that pierced the silence. His breath caught in his throat: Gaara. Only he would be up at this ungodly hour. Had he angered his younger sibling in any way?...He couldn't recall anything; but then again, Gaara doesn't really need a reason to hurt someone. He just does.

Kankuro chanced to lift his head from his pillow, raising himself with both arms, facing the doorway. He couldn't see anything for a moment, but as his eyes adjusted to the dim moonlight, he could pick out the pale, thin figure of his younger brother; his eyes luminous in contrast to the black circles around them.

Kankuro decided to break the silence, his voice somewhat shaky and hoarse,


But before he could finish his sentence, Gaara's voice rung out in a quiet, eery way,

"My room's too cold. Can I sleep in here?"

Kankuro's eyes widened in suprise and confusion, and in this state, he chanced to become more bold in his speaking,

"You don't sleep, Gaara." He stated it matter-of-factly, and winced slightly after he realized what he said could win him a throttling. But none such came, instead, Gaara repeated himself.

"Can I?" His eyes seemed to grow wider, and for the briefest of moments, Kankuro could see the small, innocent child that Gaara was years ago, staring up at him from across the room. With a sigh, Kankuro shook his head in a way that suggested he couldn't believe what he was about to say.

"Sure, whatever. I don't really care." He waved his hand in a a dismissive way before flopping back down onto his pillow and pulling the black covers up to his shoulders, making a blatant effort to try to continue his attempt a sleep.

Though his older brother couldn't see it, a ghost of a smile crossed Gaara's features as he walked on silent feet over to the bed. He climbed over the lump that was Kankuro( who was making a great effort at staying still and falling asleep) to the other side of the bed. On his left, was the wall and a window, looking out on the suprisingly clear night, and on his right, was his brother's back. The puppet-nin's sides began to rise and fall more steadily and less forced as the minutes passed, Gaara watching intently at the suprisingly peaceful sight. His back against the head-board and knees drawn up to his chest, Gaara looked from the window, to his now-sleeping brother. In a voice no louder than a whisper, almost inaudible, he spoke,

"Thanks, Kankuro-niichan." It was very rare, if ever, that Gaara ever actually verbally acknowleded that they were siblings, and if he were awake and coherant, Kankuro would be thoroughly taken aback. But since he wasn't, he gave an oh-so-intelligant,

"Mmfffmhm.." And fidgeted in his sleep.