AN. I couldn't sleep and this just came to me and yeah that's really about all. This is actually my first ever story written on fanfiction… so yay me!
Summery: Jim and Pam argue… then Pam sees the light.
Spoilers: I guess for the finale.

"Jim I don't see why we can't tell people. I mean I understand why you wanted to keep our relationship a secret when Karen was still here, but she is gone now. I don't get why you won't let me tell anyone. I want my friends to know and be happy for us." Pam quietly yelled at Jim from her desk.

"Pam, I don't think this is the best time to have this conversation… again." Jim says as he nods his head toward the camera.

"Jim I thought with my whole you know confession of my love for you at the beach in front of everyone in this office you understood my whole new honest Pamness."

"I do, really I do, and I just think that maybe you are forgetting about something or maybe a certain…" Jim is cut off by Michael bursting out of his office. Jim not really in the mood to talk to Michael abandons his girlfriend to have to face Michael on her own.

"Pamela I was wondering if you had any messages for me?"

"No Michael, no messages."

"Are you sure, not even any from Jan… my Lover?"

"Yes Michael I'm sure there are no messages for you."

"Well just to let you know she may call some time today. Sometimes Jan just gets a craving for some Michael loven. You know what I mean."

"No Michael I really don't."

"Well… uh… ok then I am just gonna go into my office and work on the very important work I have today."

"Ok Michael." Pam glares at the camera.

Five minutes later a Jim gets an email.
Ok point taken!