Well, I never thought I would be writing a Code Geass fanfic, much less it be over Kallen. This is just a simple one shot idea that popped in my head. I thought it would be a cute and funny little story so even though it has been ages since I have written anything I figured this would be a good little challenge and hopefully it will get me back in the mood to writing my fanfics again.

Author: Ongaku
Genre: Humor
Pairing: Slight Kallen and Lelouch
Summary: After a nights rest, Kallen wakes up with a dilemma.

Disclaimer - I do not own Code Geass. (of course)

His Face, Her Dilemma

(Part One)

Kallen Stadtfeld was never going to be able to look at Lelouch's face the same way again.

It all started as another normal day for Kallen. She has been wondering all day long what Zero's next plan was going to be, but what filled her mind the most was what the man looked like underneath his helmet.

She had always wondered that, especially since she really admired Zero to the point of being a bit infatuated with him. She hoped to god he wasn't some ugly old man, but somehow she felt that possibility was very slim, even if it was just her hormones persuading her to think that way.

The school day seemed to drag on. She always got so restless on the days she had nothing to do and was forced to attend class. Sometimes she thought that faking her weakness was more tiring than fighting the enemy because at least then she would have something big to focus on instead of her stupid strange thoughts about Zero, or even worse, depressing thoughts about her brother and if they lost.

The only person who knew of her faking the weakness was Lelouch but that wasn't much of a comfort. It wasn't like she was good friends with him and she felt that his attitude towards certain things were infuriating. After slapping him in a moment of anger she kept her distance. That was one of her excuses anyway. She also thought it was better for her to stay away from him in case he ever caught on to why she would fake being weak or ask her questions. She knew the only reason he didn't ask her questions already was because he wasn't a nosey person and he didn't really seem like the person to care about other people's problems, but she still couldn't risk it.

By the time the sun was setting Kallen was exhausted and ready for bed and because she had done all her thinking all day long it didn't take her long to fall asleep.

To bad that sleep wasn't a dreamless one.

Kallen was fighting in her dream. She wasn't sure what she was fighting or even why but for some reason she didn't stop to think about it. In the background of all the noise she could hear Zero giving her personal orders.

Then somehow she was in a dark room with Zero standing in front of her giving her strange orders. This time they were very personal. He was commanding her to take off her clothes slowly and she did so, shaking with nerves. Once she was fully naked, Zero made his way up to her and put his gloved hand on her breast.

Kallen gasped in shock and reached out to take off his helmet, but just as she was about to pull it off his hand grabbed her wrists to stop her.

"But why," Kallen asked, feeling a bit dejected.

He said nothing but only released one of her wrists to bring his finger up to her mouth to shush her.

Then he let go of the other wrist and pulled her into a tight hug. Kallen's face flushed brightly with the feeling of his cool suit pressed against her naked body.

Slowly he dragged her to the bed in the room and pushed her down onto it. He was hovering above her, not making any movements. Kallen stared at the man hidden behind the helmet wishing she could stare into his eyes instead.

"Please…" she pleaded thinking it was hopeless. "I want to see your eyes." Once again she placed her hands on his helmet preparing to take it off and expecting him to stop her.

But he didn't.

Slowly she took it off, but still couldn't make out his face because of the dark room. Then suddenly she could hear the sound of rain hitting a window she didn't even know existed until now. Then a flash of light came with a clash of thunder and Kallen saw it. The face she always wanted to see and as a result she screamed.

"NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Kallen shot up from her bed. Once she realized it was all just a dream she took some deep breaths and started to think it over and what it could have possibly meant.

"I feel so dirty" she mumbled to herself when she remembered that her dream was leading to sex.

That wasn't her biggest problem though. The part that had made her wake up in a scream is what had her worried.

It was all because it had to be his face! Lelouch Lamperouge, of all people, had to be the face behind that helmet and Kallen could not figure out why.

First she thought it was just because he had been in the corner of her mind lately, being the only person at school her knew she wasn't really weak, plus he was the biggest threat in finding out her true identity.

She was going to stick with that idea and move on but then her stupid mind made up other possibilities.

Maybe she wanted Zero to be Lelouch or worse, maybe she actually liked Lelouch and didn't even realize it.

She hoped that those were both wrong and that she was just being a horny teenager, but for some reason she couldn't shake the ideas off.

It was too bad that it was going to be another school day for her but she couldn't decide what would be worse. Going to school and having to avoid Lelouch's face or going to the secret base and having to avoid Zero's… er… helmet.

Kallen laughed slightly at the way her mind was thinking and decided that going to school was probably the easier thing after a dream like that, especially since it would be easier to stay away from Lelouch then it would be from Zero.

At least, that is what she thought.

Kallen was sitting at her desk wondering what to do for the next 10 minutes. She had gotten to school a lot earlier than she had planned and knew that no one was going to show up for awhile.

She began to dose off when she sensed that someone was leaning over her.

"Why did you come so early if you were just going to sleep?"

The voice was filled with a heavy sarcasm and she would have gotten annoyed by the remark if it wasn't the last voice she wanted to hear.

She looked up, planning to glare dagger at him when she came face to face with Lelouch, their noses almost touching.

Lelouch quickly backed away showing obvious signs that it was a big accident, but Kallen almost died right there. She could feel her face burning with red.

"Hey, are you sick?" Lelouch asked in what sounded like he might actually be worried, but she knew better than that. He was just a gentleman; at least that is what everyone told her.

Kallen averted her eyes away from him and tried to calm down. Her heart was beating so fast and she began to feel really embarrassed by the thoughts of her dream crossing her mind at that moment. "I. I. I'm fine." She managed to stutter out.

She knew he was probably giving her a skeptical look but didn't dare to find out in case she ended up with a nose bleed next.

"Well, okay then." Lelouch was about to head to his desk when he stopped in his tracks and turned back to her. "Oh yeah, your drooling by the way."

Kallen shot out of her seat and quickly wiped at her mouth.

That is when she noticed Lelouch was laughing and she felt her face go pale. He was just making fun of her. All of a sudden she started to feel light headed and she wondered if it was because of her lack of sleep and the mixed emotions she was going through.

Lelouch was already done laughing by the time he noticed Kallen was swaying back and forth. He rushed over to catch her before she fell to the ground and hit her head on the desk.

"Hey. Hey!"

Kallen could hear someone calling her and patting her face softly. She stirred and opened her eyelids slowly. Once again she was face to face with Lelouch and she just couldn't take it.

"NOOO!!" She yelled as she pushed him away from her and then turned to see that the whole class was now there.

They burst out in laughter at once. Kallen took this time to look at Lelouch's confused face but then quickly looked down at the floor.

She could hear Rivalz cracking jokes at Lelouch, asking him what he did to her and so on so forth. It wasn't helping her situation at all. She racked her brain for an explanation as to why she did that but nothing was coming up. She knew the true reason and she was never very good at lying.

Yes, it was true.

Kallen Stadtfeld was never going to be able to look at Lelouch's face the same way again.

Well, that was fun. I wasn't really a Kallen and Lelouch fan when I first wrote this, but now I'm a big fan. I bet you couldn't see that coming 'heavy sarcasm hehe'.